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Awakening Cocijo by Thomas Juarez Genre: Metaphysical Fiction

Chaotic skies reveal untold prophecies. A storm rises. Can a boy quell the fury of a god?Join the Zapotec on a journey through time and across generations. Referring to themselves as the cloud people, their fierce warriors conquered and ruled the Oaxaca for centuries. Witness rites, rituals and incantations aimed at appeasing the divine in an attempt to gain favor; favor that would grant them greatness. So, where did it all go wrong? Why would such powerful gods allow their disciples to be conquered? These answers and more would be offered many centuries later by their descendants. Descendants of a civilization whose glory can only be revived by the awakening of the most powerful deity in Zapotec lore: Cocijo, the god of lightening and rain. Goodreads * Amazon

Thomas (Tom) Juarez is a retired United States Army soldier with about twenty-one years of active federal service. Hailing from Wetumpka, Alabama, Tom currently enjoys his military retirement with his wife in Sterling, Oklahoma. Tumblr * Facebook * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Beedxe’ felt as if his bones were bending. Crushing pain overwhelmed his
jaws where he felt large canines forming in the front of his mouth,
tormented in their need rip and tear flesh. His molars became enlarged,
jagged and sharp. Eyes became fiercely dominant, while whiskers erupted
through his cheeks.

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