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Dark Assassins Book One
by Valerie Ullmer
Genre: Paranormal Romance
There are two words that described Kai.
Remote and Deadly.
And until six months ago, he was fine with that description. But when the vampire assassin spots a curvaceous woman, a human no less, who would come to fill his thoughts, he would gladly shake his persona for a moment in time with her. Instead, he kept his distance, watching out for her and learning more about her every time their paths crossed. But he had yet to speak to her. When a turn of events thrusts her into his solitary life, he must decide whether to complete his assignment, or protect her.
Olivia Sabin had dedicated her life to her work; finding a cure for cancer. She had hidden behind the mask of a scientist who cares little about anything beyond her laboratory, and for a long while she believed it herself. But when a mysterious man came to frequent the diner she visited nightly, her awareness of him devastated her concentration, and she came to look forward to the glimpses of him, however brief.
When she stumbles upon a horrific experiment at work, she knows he’s the only one she can turn to. She’s willing to sacrifice everything in order to protect him and others of his kind from the same fate. But first, she needs to find a way to get him to hear her explanation.
***Paranormal Romance featuring HOT Vampires and Shifters. Contains explicit sex scenes and each book in the series ends with a HEA.***
Dark Assassins Book Two
A wolf- shifter and his powerful human.
Reaper had expected it to be an easy assignment. Break into a biotech facility with minimum security and rescue a group of immortals who were subject to deadly experiments and eliminate those who might try to fight back. But the moment he walked into the glass prison and spotted a human woman being held with the immortals, his mission changed.
She became his mission.
Before Reaper had a chance to explain that he was there to help her, she blinded him and the rest of his team and slipped away. Although she had escaped him, a protectiveness that he’d never felt washed over him, and he became determined to find her.
Ara has always depended on herself, but there was something about the shifter that made her want to trust him. She recognized him as someone who was capable of protecting her as well as understanding her secrets without turning her away, but before she could allow herself to trust him, she ran.
But with no resources and running out of ideas about how to protect herself, will she be able to lower her defenses and allow the shifter to help her?
***Paranormal Romance featuring HOT Shifters and Vampires. Contains explicit sex scenes and each book in the series ends with a HEA.***
A Dark Assassins World Novella
Immortals have been a part of Seth’s world since he barged into Kai’s life at the age of twelve. And having a group of shifter and vampire assassins he considered family, he thought that he’d seen it all and that nothing would surprise him. But the one night he met Aubrey changed his world, and he’d never been so happy to be wrong.
Aubrey was used to seclusion, even before she had been turned into a vampire. She’d never dreamed of a life outside her tiny little world, but that was until she met Seth. Before she could understand her reactions, she ran from him. But she couldn’t stay away. The more she gets to know him, the stronger the connection between them solidifies.
When Seth tells Aubrey that he is her mate, will she take a chance and keep him forever?
***Paranormal Romance featuring HOT Shifters and Vampires. Contains explicit sex scenes and each book in the series ends with a HEA.***
Dark Assassins Book Three
Half- human, half-shifter.
Xander has secretly yearned for a mate for most of his immortal existence, and yet after three of his friends found exactly what he’s always wanted, he’d come to believe that he’d missed his chance at happiness.
Until he heard her voice.
Frost is a wildlife biologist and tracker and she has been assigned, despite her adamant protests, to lead mercenaries into the mountains of Snowfall, Colorado for the sole purpose of killing immortal shifters. In order to protect those who have no idea the kind of danger they are in, she agrees. As she leads the armed men on a wild chase around the snow-covered pines, she could sense that she was running out of time.
Until she heard his voice.
Xander understands exactly who Frost is the moment he hears her thoughts. With the help of Kane and Gunnar, they eliminate those in her group as they try to keep her safe. But during the fight, she is hurt and all of his protective instincts flare to life. As Xander learns more about her, he realizes that Frost might be the key to the creation of the immortals, both vampire and shifter.
But when she becomes a target from those who want to destroy the Dark Company and Xander’s family, how far will he go to save her?
***Paranormal Romance featuring HOT Vampires and Shifters. Contains explicit sex scenes and each book in the series ends with a HEA.***
Dark Assassins Book Four
Jade never wanted a mate. She loved being an assassin and she had a family in her fellow assassins, their mates, and little Silas. She truly had everything she needed. But when Ghost assigned her to track the same immortals who tried to kill Xander’s family, she couldn’t refuse.
But the complication arises when Ghost requests she partner with Noah, a human and ex-special forces soldier. Jade has never worked with a human before, much less one that hated her from the moment he laid eyes on her. But she was a professional and if she could play a part in destroying the immortals who threatened her family, she could accept the human. If only she knew how to fight her attraction to him.
All Noah Hale wanted was to kill the immortals who lured his best friend and fellow ex-Navy SEAL to his death. He had no desire to be teamed with a beautiful tracker who mesmerized him the moment she turned her emerald eyes his way. But in order to stop other soldiers from pursuing the same fate, he needed to swallow his pride and work with a group of immortals he didn’t trust.
As Jade and Noah track the group of shifters through the mountains of Colorado, the danger lurking around every corner threatens everything they both hold close. Will they be able to find a way through, together?
***Paranormal Romance featuring HOT Vampires and Shifters. Contains explicit sex scenes and each book in the series ends with a HEA.***
Dark Assassins Book Five
Half- vampire and half-shifter.
The one definitive belief panther-shifter Hunter and the other immortals understood about shifters and vampires; vampire venom is deadly to shifters and vice versa. But Hunter never worried about testing the theory because he never wondered if he had a mate, even after a few of his family had found their own. As he and two others stumble upon and eliminate several rogue shifters, part of a larger group determined to kill each of the assassins, Hunter also stumbles upon the one woman destined to be his. There’s only one problem. She’s part vampire.
All alone in the world.
Despite everything, Neri made a life for herself after she escaped from a facility using her as a test subject. She has no past, no family, and no connections to the world as far as she can remember. She stays to herself and finds a routine, telling herself she isn’t lonely. But everything changes when she spots Hunter and her first true memory revealed. He was there the day someone injected her with an experimental drug and changed into this cold being.
As Neri and Hunter navigate their newfound relationship, their journey becomes even more complicated when they learn Neri’s venom is deadly to shifters. But with help from the other immortals, Hunter and Neri reveal her past and realize the extent of the threat Dark Company has been dealing with for years.
But can their relationship survive with so much stacked against them?
***Paranormal Romance featuring HOT Vampires and Shifters. Contains explicit sex scenes and each book in the series ends with a HEA.***
Valerie resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband and their dog, Maddie.
While she had been interested in writing a romance novel for years, it wasn’t until she wrote her first book that she really became hooked, and now she can’t stop. She has notebooks full of ideas, and she plans to write most of them in the years to come.
When she’s not writing or learning about the craft of writing, she can be found surfing the internet way too much, watching Investigation Discovery and thinking that her neighbors are up to no good, and finding new ways to get her husband to laugh.

That was the moment he spotted her from the corner of his eye.
Her mass of cascading dark, curly hair bounced against the burgundy mid-length
trench coat wrapped tightly around her to ward off the chill of the late September
night. But with her head tilted down, he was unable to see her face. Even from the
distance of over two hundred yards, he could hear her mumbling to herself. As hard
as he listened, he couldn’t quite make out the words. The coat did nothing to cover
her curves hidden underneath, and he found himself enthralled by the sway of her
hips. His gaze traveled down her curvy body, and his groin tightened with every step
she took.
Before he could contemplate his actions, he leapt from the deck and flew down the
mountain, stopping when he stood, hidden in the darkness, a few feet from her. He
forced himself to widen the distance between them, and started trailing her.
Experience and his enhanced senses kept him out of sight from her and the others
who ventured out on the cold night. He soon found that she was so absorbed in
whatever happened to be on her mind that he could have stood right in front of her,
and she would’ve ignored him and kept walking.
He trailed her as she closed in on the diner on the corner, learning that the small
eatery was her destination on most nights. She chose that moment to brush her long
hair out of her face. With that tiny movement, her fragrance of lemongrass and green
apple drifted back toward him. A low snarl erupted from his throat as his body
stiffened in shock; the unexpected reaction to her scent was so fierce, he was torn
between his instant desire for her and self-preservation. The sound he hadn’t
managed to smother must’ve reached her, because her head turned toward him and
her brows drew down in confusion. A split second before her eyes landed on where
he stood, he stepped back, pissed at his infinitesimal loss of control. A silent sigh of
relief passed his lips as she shook her head, not able to spot in him the dark, and
continued on her way.
In his over two hundred year existence, he’d never been attracted to a human. Blood
was the one reason that he interacted with humans, and even that could be taken
from a donor without him having him drink from the source. But as he tried to pass
off a reason he reacted to her in such an elemental way, he continued to follow her,
finding himself outside the door that read Blue Plate Diner. Obscured by the door,
his eyes tracked movement as the waitress greeted her as if they were old
friends. For a reason he couldn’t fathom, he felt a surge of jealousy. He was still a
stranger to this captivating human, and she intrigued him.
Without quite knowing why he had followed her, he opened the door and walked into
the chrome and tiled cafe, taking the time to pull up the hood of his sweatshirt. He
scanned the place and settled for a booth at the back of the restaurant, where he
could watch her without being detected.
By the time he’d sat down and scanned for any possible dangers, she had pulled out

a laptop along with a sheaf of papers filled with formulas he couldn’t
decipher. Between typing and writing in the margins of the already filled pages, the
concentration on her work was total.
He found himself mesmerized by the play of emotions on her face as she worked. A
smile for when she figured out a problem, or a frown when something didn’t quite fit,
and everything in between. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. When she bit her lip
in concentration, it took all of his control to keep his distance from her. He found that
he had to grip the table to keep himself still, when all he wanted to do was devour
The spell was broken when the waitress had placed a club sandwich with a side of
fries on the free space next to her elbow. He forced himself to relax, but kept his
eyes on her when she reached for the sandwich absently and ate without really
paying attention to anything else but the work in front of her.
After several hours, her hand covered a small yawn. She glanced at her watch, and
he felt the side of his mouth tilt as she rolled her eyes. Thanking the waitress, she
reached for two tens in her pocket and dropped them on the table before she packed
up and left.
From that night on, he made a point to arrive at the diner minutes after she was
seated, and spent hours scanning her face as he watched her work. And every night,
he slid into the shadows as she walked home to her small cottage, with its bright
white siding with cornflower blue shutters that matched her perfectly. Each night, he
waited until she was safely inside with the door locked, before he made his way back
to his home on the mountain.
His attraction also came with a somewhat unwanted reaction. Protectiveness. He
estimated her height at under five and a half feet tall, and although she walked
everywhere in their relatively safe little town—to her job at Standard Biotech and her
home, several blocks from the diner—he had to tamp down

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