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Holiday of the Heart
by Angel Wolfe
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author Morgan Paige has had more than her share of ups and downs; but can a

long-term affair turn into something more, or will the flame smolder
only to be fanned by a new love?

After a horrendous Valentine’s Day nightmare, and a hot and steamy
Morgan and Ricky part ways only to have Ricky show up several months
later asking her to wait for him. The problem is, Morgan has already
been waiting for years. How much is too much? Will their romance
survive yet another separation or will someone new fill the aching
hole in her heart?

Angel Wolfe was born in Muscatine, Iowa and learned to read by the age of

three. When she was five, she moved with her family to northwest New
Mexico where by the time she reached the age of eleven, she began
reading romance novels pilfered from her mother.

In high school, Angel often sat with the textbook open and a romance
novel sitting inside it. After high school, she began writing stories
in notebooks because she didn’t own a typewriter.
Later, Angel neared completion of her first novel, Damaged Hearts but
couldn’t bring herself to end it (until recently!) Since that time,
she has written four short stories, a contemporary holiday novella, a
historical romance novel, a contemporary novel ,and is nearing
completion on a paranormal romance novel.
When she’s not writing or curled up with a book or watching college
football, Angel loves to go to local dirt tracks and watch racing.
One of her greatest dreams is to find herself listed on the New York
Times bestsellers list.
Angel still lives in New Mexico with her husband, her son, and her dog, a
little Muppet with teeth, otherwise known as Rusty.

Shimmying back out of the outhouse, Morgan looked cautiously towards her truck and then to
the cabin, trying to weigh her options before taking off in a mad dash for the door at the front of
the cabin.  A deep growl was the only warning she got as a huge wolf launched itself out of
Lying there for quite some time, Ricky eventually was able to clear his mind enough to let the
soft sound of Morgan’s slumber lull him to sleep too. Clutching her tight, he mumbled, “I love
you so much. I don’t want to ever lose you.”
Upon arriving at the airport, he paid the driver and walked stoically to the terminal. Checking
that the flight was on time, he took a seat pulling a hidden book from his carry-on. Allowing
himself a brief smile at the picture on the inside cover, he began to read her latest book – the one
about him.
Unable to help himself, his slick soapy hands slipped up between her legs cleansing her most
intimate area, paying careful attention to each reaction she offered. As he looked upward, water
streaming from his hair, her smoldering gaze transfixed him. Rinsing his hands, he gently
nudged her legs apart. The lingering scent of sweet pea tantalized his senses.
Folding everything neatly into the bag, she noticed a small square box on the comforter up
between the pillows. Picking up the box she flipped open the lid, gasping in awe she admired the
small gold ring that housed a miniature wolf howling at the moon. Unchecked tears fell from her
eyes as she turned to where Ricky stood in the doorway.
His large hands took the glass from her and set it on the cabinet before settling on her shoulders.
Gently, he turned her to face him. “It’s ok Morgan. Come here.” He gathered her into his arms
and pulled her snug against his chest. Holding her tight, he soothingly stroked her back. Tears
she didn’t know she released ran unchecked down her face to soak his shirtfront. “You know
you’re going to have to call him; it’s only fair.”
“That’s right, you’re a writer.” He smiled, genuinely impressed. “I’m the local handyman
otherwise known as the electrician. If you need to get wired, I’m your man!”Morgan squirmed and screamed out as he tickle-tortured her to submission. Finally, he captured
her hands and secured them above her head, holding them in one of his own large hands. Taking
the wet towel, he touched her nose and slowly, painstakingly trailed it down to her neck and into
the valley between her heaving breasts.


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  1. The photo of the house is cheerful and welcoming – adding the title gives me a rekindling of the past. Looks like a good read.

  2. I don’t love that the cover has such a real looking picture. I think it would look more professional if it was sepia toned

  3. I don’t like the design of the cover to be completely honest – there’s too much black. I could helpm design your next cover, hit me up.

  4. The cover is far too simple for me because it is lacking in any artistic quality. I have no question for the author.

  5. This cover draws you in just by the look of the home on the cover. Makes me want to pick it up just to see what it is about. Great job.

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