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Isaac Comett: My Life as a Shard Knight
by R.T. Driver
Genre: YA SciFi Fantasy
It’s 2003,
and the coldest of seasons has arrived, filled with monsters,
robots and dead beat dads.
Isaac believed his only job was to blow off homework, play video games
get a date with his crush, the cunning local delinquent June Farnell;
not defend his hometown from vicious space pirates!
On one Fall afternoon, he and his friends are attacked by aliens seeking
the Memorite Shards; crystals that grant the user superpowers. His
comfortable life with his mom and younger brother is gone, and he’s
forced to fight a secret war against the merciless Cyborg, Straum.
Even when they gain the shard’s protection, more questions about
their unyielding attackers arise, and their only source for answers
is another shady alien, and fellow Memorite user, Chenzo.
Lying to his mom and swinging a sword become Isaac’s new life as he,
and the others train to become Shard Knights; defenders of the
Memorite. Unfortunately for him, he’s the team’s weakest link, and
surviving the one year bonding period to the crystal seems less
likely with each battle. And what’s worse, his estranged father Zack
is back in town after a year long hiatus, ready to “set things
Will Isaac defeat Straum’s army of mechanical warriors, save his family
and live long enough to put on his graduation cap, or will Comett
burn out like so many others before him?

Join Isaac, June, the slick talking Austin, his brainy beauty girlfriend

Emma, and the comic-book obsessed Fiora in this epic sci-fi rumble
and see what being a hero is REALLY all about!

-Realistic characters of different races and backgrounds that deal with
true to
life issues, such as school drama, dating, divorced parents and neglect.
-No lengthy, needless descriptions make for a satisfying read.
-Immersive, over-the-top action influenced by video games, anime, and
fiction movies while seasoned with emotional encounters throughout.
Feel like a part of a super hero team!
-Edited for quality and easy navigation!
First Release Testimonials
“A Good Mashup of Anime and Sci-Fi Story Telling” –
Flipino Fuego
“Looking Forward to More!” – Ms. Chea
“The pace is perfect, the reading is very comfortable, and the material
appropriate for all ages. Although this book is geared
towards…young adults, I…couldn’t put it down! I definitely
recommend this suspenseful book to everyone who enjoys a good read.”
-Mrs. Wygant

Isaac Comett: Interstellar Warrior

Isaac, June, Austin and the others are halfway through their bonding period

with the powerful Memorite Crystals, but their adventure is far from over.

Fighting Androids and Seekers has become second nature to the team,
but their
unity is put to the test when personal feelings from a bad breakup
get in the way of being heroes. With graduation only weeks away,
their parents growing suspicious of their activities, and two of the
warriors ready to rip each other’s heads off, it seems like things
couldn’t get worse…
But they do.
Isaac and the others depart for the world of Rudesia to Recall the
remaining Shards. There’s no rest for the tired friends, as not only
do they have a rich, stuck-up Count on their tails, but complications
from a new, less welcome addition to their group.
The chance for an early freedom and end to the Memorite War has come!
Will Isaac’s emotional wounds heal in time, or will they lead to a
deathblow for the Shard Knights?
-Picks up after My Life as a Shard Knight
-Inspired by Video Games, Anime and Manga
-Crazy sci-fi action throughout!
-Addresses issues of change, what makes a healthy relationship, and the
consequences of greed and violence
-Includes pages of concept art and character designs!

R.T. (Robert Treat) Driver was born in New Haven, CT in 1990, and grew up

in the city of Milford with his hard-working mother and “too
smart for his own good” brother. Throughout his teenage years he
researched and flip flopped between dozens of ideal jobs. He
eventually went to a Porter & Chester Institute for Electronics

in 2009 where he learned the wonders of debt. After working as a
Program Manager in a circuit board plant for years, he chose self
employment to have more time for his wife and personal pursuits.

Ever since his exposure to Japanese Animation and author Christopher
Wooding’s Broken Sky, R.T. created many unused manuscripts that were
better off not seeing the light of day. The first project he released
was Isaac Comett: My Life as a Shard Knight in 2014, then re-released
the series after heavy edits in 2017.
R.T. Currently lives in Branford, CT with his supportive wife and her
of stuffed animals.
Scene: After visiting the art fair and buying matching crystal necklaces, Isaac and his are
at home in their apartment complex, when they are interrupted by a loud sound.
A loud smash like a someone tossing a bowling ball from a fifty story window grabbed
our ears. We turned to the apartment to our right to see a cloud of dust escape through the broken
windows. After it settled, I could have sworn that I heard something that sounded like a cross
between a cat and a snake release a gurgling hiss.
Emma yelped at the interruption and had to hold onto her sister so she didn’t fall off the
wooden planks. “What was that?”
“I guess those stories about this place being ghetto are true.” said Austin. “Sounds like
someone did a real nice job on these new houses.”
They laughed off the scare, but I turned my head back and peered into the unlit home.
Things fell apart all the time there, but nothing as earth shattering as that. “You guys don’t think
that was a little too weird?” I asked. “Didn’t you hear that strange sound?”
Austin and Emma looked at each other. “I didn’t hear anything, dude.”
Fiora crawled off her stoop. “Was it like an animal?”
“I don’t know what it was. If it was an animal, it was a dying one.”
She went to mush. “What if it’s a poor stray kitty pinned under a broken board?”
“If it is it’s probably dead now, dude.”
Emma socked him in the arm. “Don’t be so heartless!”
“Austin, what if something really did get hurt in there? I think we should take a look.” I
Fiora put her hands on her hips and nodded in approval. “Very good, Fuzzy! You’re
staying in character even outside the game to preserve the story’s flow. I’m proud of you.””Uh, right.”
Austin and I lead the way through the freshly painted door and onto the unit’s back porch.
The wood we stood on still smelled like a home improvement store; stuffy and metallic. There
were even price tags still on the boards.
“Watch out for nails.” said Emma.
“Yes Mom.” said Austin.
The girls were behind us as we put our faces against the saw-dust ridden glass door and
looked inside. The unfurnished space had nothing but tarps and tools laying around everywhere.
A few replacement windows had fallen from against the wall, but most unsettling was the pile of
spilled white paint. The small milky river flowed along the smooth hard wood, then disappeared
into a massive hole in the dining room floor.
“What the heck made that?” I asked.
Fiora pushed me aside and looked in. “Awesome.”
“Not awesome.” said Emma. “If something was stuck down there, it’s probably too buried
for us to grab it.”
Austin looked at the sad sisters, then back to me. “Is it unlocked?” he asked.
I grabbed the handle of the sliding door and pulled it.
“Darn.” he said.
I was met with the acrid smell of paint when I stepped inside. It was so strong that it
made me feel a little queasy, and the bits of dust still in the air from the destruction didn’t do my
lungs any favors. I toughed it out though as I led the group to the edge of the hole. Below us
looked like a black abyss that went on for eternity.

“Anyone got a light?” I asked.
Emma tried the switch on the wall, but noticed the cheap electric chandelier, a staple of
every apartment unit, hadn’t been installed yet. Fiora squinted through her glasses as Austin
hunched over close to the hole, then backed off at the first creek the boards made. Through it all,
I could feel the stone on my neck grow warmer.
“Someone throw something down there.” said Austin.
“What if you hurt the kitty?” said Fiora.
I sighed and picked up a paintbrush. “We don’t even know if there’s really anything down
there. Maybe we can get a reaction if it’s still alive.”
“Just don’t hurt the kitty.”
Sure I talked a good game, but I was reluctant to throw the brush down there. The stone
pulsed more and more as I wound up, as if it were telling me to stop. If I had brought it up with
my friends I figured they would have thought I was crazy. My eyes looked over to Emma
though, and noticed her hand over her chest, in the same spot where my shard hung. A little bit
of sweat was over her brow, too.
“Just do it.” said Austin. He took the brush from my hand and threw it.
After a silent pause that felt like an eternity, we heard a gentle thud. Austin seemed
satisfied, but if I knew anything from chucking things at my younger brother, it wasn’t the sound
of an object landing on something, but someone. A slow gurgle sounded that filled the empty
apartment and sent tingles down my spine.
“I heard it that time, dude.”
Fiora knelt down closer, but Emma had tugged at my shoulder. Her other hand hadn’t left
her chest. “Isaac, I think we need to go. Right away.”
I looked back at the pit. The stone on my chest burned. “Yeah, I think you’re right.”
Another gurgle, this one more human-like in sound echoed from under us. I only had the

guts to turn around for a second, but when I did I saw two big white ovals looking back at me.
They weren’t a dog’s, cat’s or anything I had ever seen before.
“Go guys, go!” I shouted.
We quickly moved to the back door, but I tripped when a fist shot up through the
hardwood. It fished around for my ankle, but the shoveled-sized hand gave up and forced its way
through another spot. Everything was a nightmarish blur as Fiora and Austin helped me up and
we darted out the door.
An otherworldly cry came from the apartment, like the tortured voices of a man and
woman yelling in unison. We looked from outside as the mirrors shook and wooden planks broke
through the glass door. The thing that pulled itself out of the floor and jumped into the backyard
was freaky beyond all reason.
Its wide white eyes, in contrast against its black and purple rubbery skin, had just as
much stopping power in the sun as they did in the dark. It’s elongated, football shaped head
zipped its focus from the trees, to the woodpile, then to each of us. Its sharp movements made
the long black, tubular tendrils on its back bounce around. It’s search eventually settled on Emma
and I. It straightened its back and became taller than anyone I’d ever seen.
“What is that thing?!” yelled Austin.
Emma trembled and hid behind Austin. I could see Fiora shake as she stood by my side,
but her jaw was locked tight and her teeth were barred more like a cornered animal than helpless
prey. I wanted to grab a stick or call for help, but I couldn’t get my muscles to move.
The mouthless face let out a heavy exhale before it’s invisible mouth spoke. “Memorite. Give to


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