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By A.L. Simpson
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Meet Kyle, a sexy, level-headed cowboy who also happens to be gay.
Luke is a police officer who was once the
school football jock.
He’s also gay.
After fifteen years apart, these men are set to meet again,
but all is not as it seems.
Wires cross and misunderstanding has Luke running away, but Kyle has
intention of waiting another fifteen years for the man of his dreams.
Will these friends become lovers?
What is it that puts, Wendy, Kyle’s foreman in danger?
Why are the people Kyle cares about keeping Secrets?
I write a
variety of stories including Male/Male, Menage and Shapeshifter.
Each book has a strong focus on story
line with romantic interest building
I explore real life issues from kids on the streets to motorcyle war
and put my own twist on each one.
I hope you take the opportunity to check out my offerings.


I gathered the reins on Grifter, my majestic black gelding and scanned the
horizon one last time before turning toward home. I hoped I’d done enough to prevent
the feral cats and foxes from taking down any more of the cattle. Electrifying the
boundary fence had been costly and time consuming but, I couldn’t keep Dufus in the
barn for the rest of his days and couldn’t risk losing my prized bull. The randy bull
produced high quality calves which sold for a small fortune and it was what kept us
making good money rather than just scraping by.
I galloped my mount across the open paddocks and felt the strength between my
thighs as his muscles rippled and flexed. The horse’s strides were lengthy, he loved to
gallop flat out and he ate up the ground in no time. When I slowed to approach the barn,
I noticed my foreman, Wendy, talking with someone. Someone who caused my groin to
tighten and heart to beat faster. Even with his back to me, I knew who the curly blonde
locks belonged to.
His shoulders were much broader than the last time I’d seen him, his hair longer
and it lifted in the slight breeze. The jeans he wore were molded over one helluva sexy
Wendy waved when she saw me approach and the man spun around to face me.
My heart missed a few beats when he smiled, pressure mounted behind the zipper of
the jeans as my cock thickened with interest.
“Luke Kelly.” I barely whispered the words. It had been fifteen years since I’d last
seen the man who’d haunted my dreams for more than half of my life. He’d gone off to
university in the big smoke to study law and his family had moved away shortly after.
I’d assumed Luke would be working in his father’s legal practice in Brisbane. So, what
was he doing here? It wasn’t as if we’d ever been friends.
Wendy took the reins I held out and I dismounted. Luke took two long strides
toward me, his hand outstretched. I knew it was a mistake the moment our fingers
touched. A shudder cannoned through me and I fought to keep my composure as we
“Kyle Walker, been a long time.”
“Luke Kelly. It has been a long time. I guess you’re working with your father,
how’s the legal business going? What brings you back here to Clearlea?” More
specifically, my ranch.
“Didn’t much like the business of being a lawyer so I joined the police force,
worked out of the Gold Coast. I tired of being in the city though, missed being here in the
country. I got a promotion to Detective Senior Sargent and requested a transfer here to
take charge of your town.”
“Congratulations, but why my place?”
“I heard your dad left the property to you and wanted to come by and say hi. I
know we weren’t friends or anything in school but, I always admired your ability to
ignore those around you and get on with what you wanted to do.”
“It wasn’t hard to melt into the background when you’re a country geek
surrounded by football studs and cheerleaders.”

“We never purposely ignored you, we….”
I waved my hand in the air. “Long time ago, Luke, water under the bridge. You
still haven’t answered me though, I find it hard to believe you only came out here to say
hello. Was there something you needed?” Me? Please say me. Get your fucking head on
the right way, Walker. Football Player. Cop. Straight!
I caught the glance he shot in Wendy’s direction and it hit me. Straight guy
remember and Wendy is one gorgeous woman. One very single, straight, gorgeous
“Oh, sorry, you’re here to see Wendy, I’ll leave you to it.”
I stepped away but was stopped in my tracks when Luke’s large hand gripped
the top of my arm.
“No, it’s you I need to speak with. I kind of need a favor.”


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  1. James Robert says:

    Congrats on the tour and I appreciate the excerpt and the great giveaway as well. Love the tours, I get to find books and share with my sisters the ones I know they would enjoy reading and they both love to read. Thank you!