Making Chocolates With Your Valentine with GLEE Candy Kits

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Time together is a precious commodity for us.  We’re always so busy. The boys’ with football, archery, soccer, lifting. My hubby working full-time, me working part-time, running my blog, and running kids to all above mentioned activities. When we have a day together …I mean actually together when I don’t have to drop a kid off somewhere or attend a meeting I like to take full advantage.

I could easily just buy my kids a small box of chocolates and say Happy Valentines day but it’s so much more fun to make chocolates together as a family. Everyone can make chocolates the way they want adding marshmallows or peanut butter or just plain old milk chocolate.  It’s time away from the TV screens and video games. It’s a way to get creative.  GLEE candy kits make it super easy to do this.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, they also have make your own gummy candy kits, and make your own gum its.  ALL the kits and all candy they sell on is all natural. Each kit comes with almost everything you need to make the candy you’ve chosen.


Another thing I like about GLEE candy kits is that they’re also educational.  They give info on where the candy comes from. The chocolate kit, for instance, has 2 cacao beans and information about cacao in the box.  It even tells you to taste them.  I don’t want to ruin it for you but the cacao bean does not taste like a chocolate bar lol.

The kids enjoy baking and cooking as a family.  I have to give each one jobs and we take turns. This one dumps something in, this one stirs, this on dumps the next thing in, etc.

After getting everything mixed and cooled to the right temperature it was time to put them in the chocolate wrappers and add our favorite things to it. We kept some plain, some just had peanut butter, others had marshmallows and pecans. We mixed it up.  It made a decent amount of chocolates. We’re a family of 6 and each of us got to have a couple pieces.

It didn’t take long for them to harden in the fridge then they were ready to enjoy. The chocolate was smooth and sweet.  The kit had easy to follow directions. Most the steps (aside from heating the chocolates) were easy enough so even the little ones could participate.

GLEE candy kits are only $13.95 per kit but I have a coupon for you for 15% off everything at Use code: LUVSAVING until 4/30/17

GLEE gum also has lots of flavors of natural gum which make nice Valentine treat handouts for school and natural Gum Pops too!


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