I met Larry Foote of the Steelers thanks to Klout and NFL Extra Points card

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A few weeks ago one of my twitter friends let me know there was a Klout Perk available for the Steelers. She knew I was a fan.  If you are not familiar with Klout, you can go to Klout.com to find out more.

I applied for the Klout perk and it said I was receiving a Steelers hat and terrible towel.  Which I thought that was pretty cool right there.  This Klout Perk was sponsored by the NFL Extra Points credit card.  It said if you shared your perk and enough people claimed their’s that I’d get a Steelers Perk Upgrade.  I really didn’t know what the upgrade would be.  I though maybe a jersey or an autographed picture or something which still would have been cool.  Well, I get my email saying I qualified for the Steelers Perk Upgrade which happened to be lunch with the Steelers!  More specifically one active Steelers player but I didn’t know who.

I was allowed to take one guest.  I wanted to take my husband but he’s a Ravens fan so that didn’t work out to well.  It was a Tuesday at lunch time so a lot of my friends and family had to work.  I was lucky enough to get the day off of work.  I finally just decided I’d take my youngest son.

Our luncheon took place in the North Club which is normally where the season ticket holders get to hangout.   The set up was very nice and very Steeler

When we entered they gave everyone a Steeler’s yearbook with full color photos.  We also got a raffle ticket and they said they were going to draw prizes.  They had a nice food set up buffet style.

All the staff was so nice and everyone was so nice to my son.  Even though the invite said in big letters “CHILDREN ALLOWED” my son was the only young child there, maybe even the only child there.  I couldn’t believe it.  They brought out the speaker.  It was Larry Foote Defenesive lineman for the Steelers.  The representative from Klout was there and actually gave us some interesting info.  He said the Steelers have the #1 female fan base among all the teams in the NFL!  I was excited about that.  They said most of the NFL teams have a 46% – 54% ratio with the higher portion being the guys.  He said with the Steelers it’s the exact opposite.  After they were done speaking we had a chance to actually meet Larry Foote and he signed autographs for us.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement the gentleman from NFL Perks Card passed around an actual Super Bowl ring from Super Bowl 43 I believe it was.  We got to try it on and everything.

Then they had the raffle drawing.  My son was super excited that he won a Steelers Terrible Towel.  They allowed us to take out time and eat as much as we wanted and we got to go out where the season ticket holders sit.  There was so many nice people there.  Once lady offered to take a picture of my son and I with the field in the background.

We had such a good time.  The staff was wonderful.  This was an experience I know I’ll remember and I hope my son will remember too.

*** I received the above mentioned opportunity through Klout.com at no cost. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  The Perk was sponsored by the NFL Extra Points card.***

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesom time. Go glad you got to be a part of this wonderful perk and take your little guy along.

  2. They later extended this perk to Ohio but I was too late to even claim the towel and hat. My son would have thought that was cool. : )