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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box – January Box

This post does contain affiliate links. I will receive a small compensation when orders are placed through my link.

Simply Earth essential oil recipe box is just what you need to build your essential oil collection, introduce yourself to essential oils, or to get new ideas to use essential oils.

I have a subscription to Simply Earth essential oil recipe box. I pay for it myself, this is NOT a sponsored post. I love using essential oils in my daily life. Working in the medical field myself I like to use them as a compliment or in addition to things I’m already doing for myself.

I received my January box with my bonus box and it’s definitely worth every penny and more. I also tested my coupon code and got a $20 gift card to use. I decided to use mine on an essential oil storage box. I’ll receive it in my February box.

When I signed up I got the bonus box with me as well as the free $20 gift card. The brown box featured below is what the regular monthly boxes look like. The blue box is the bonus box.

Each monthly box comes with essential oil recipes cards, 3 – 4 full size essential oils, and ingredients/tools you’ll need to help with some of the recipes. For example, in this box one of the recipes is for a “relaxing textured massage bar” so I received a mold for the bar, beeswax, coconut oil, tapioca, pearls, and the essential oils needed to make the bar. They also provide labels so you can label your items once you’ve made them which I think is pretty cool.

January 2019 Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

The bonus box came with a few carrier oils, extra rollerballs, extra essential oil bottles, and beeswax. Always using rollerballs for something so it definitely helps to have extras!

Simply Earth bonus box

Simply Earth essential oils are 100% pure. Every batch is tested to ensure 100% purity. GC/MS reports are displayed right on the product page for each oil. They don’t do any made up testing that some companies do. You can read more about Simply Earth essential oils here

13% off Simply Earth profits are donated to organizations to help fight human trafficking !

If you decide to subscribe to Simply Earth essential oil recipe box use code: ANGELABEECHANFREE to get your free $20 gift card when you subscribe!

Blue Apron Family Plan Unboxing

I’ve been dying to try Blue Apron for some time. I had so many questions though: Does it really come with EVERYTHING I need to make the recipes? Is the serving sizes really going to be enough for my family? How can they deliver fresh ingredients and have them still be fresh?

I got my first box. I was so excited to open it up. I got the family plan so I was supposed to get enough to make 2 recipes.  When I opened my box it was stuffed full of fresh ingredients.

blue apron family plan unboxing
It’s packed well with dry ice packs and an insulated pack so the food was still cold when I received it.  As I pulled all the ingredients out I was surprised to see the big healthy looking beets, fresh chives, and even a cup of plain greek yogurt needed to make one of the recipes. I did a facebook live unboxing video that you can see here:

Everything is labeled. For the record, the recipe “knick knack” bags that I wasn’t sure what they were in the video contained things like: spices, oils, and sauces.

I really do try to cook a decent meal as often as possible for my family. I get into a rut though with what to make. I feel like I’m making the same things over and over again. When I ask my family what they want it’s usually “I don’t care” or the few family faves they request. Blue Apron is a welcome addition to our family meal planning. No running to the store to get ingredients to make these recipes. No wondering if you have the ingredients to make something. And recipes that might be a bit different than what you’re used. For me that’s more than welcome.

When I was making the recipes I found the only things I needed that weren’t included in the box were: salt, pepper, water, and olive oil. Even the salt and pepper is optional though.

blue apron family plan review

Blue Apron has a deal right now to get $80 off your first 4 boxes.

I received a free box to partner with Blue Apron.  I will also be compensated for referrals. 

Besties Box Coming Soon But I’ll Give You Preview Now

Besties Box is a new and different twist on the subscription box.  While it’s still your monthly subscription box the products inside is what make it different.  You might be thinking “yea ok I’ve heard that before” but seriously.  I’m about to explain.

You know all those direct sale companies or etsy shops you see in your facebook feed, twitter, etc: AVON, Jamberry, Plexxus, Pink Papaya, etc.  Maybe you’ve been tempted to buy but you’re not really sure if you’d like their products or not.  Well this is your chance to try them.  Founder Andrea Nugent being both a customer and direct sales rep for a few companies herself, envisioned a way for customers like herself to try products before she buys and to help get the word out for her direct sales businesses.

besties box hero image

I received a Premium Besties Box to review.  The official launch isn’t until April so this is seriously one of the first looks inside a deluxe Besties Box.  My little purple box came in the mail.  It was seriously jam-packed with samples.

As you can see I had lots of sample.  Full size products, deluxe samples, and samples meant for one or two tries. I received samples from:

  • Pink Papaya
  • Perfectly Posh
  • Jamberry
  • Purely
  • Tyra
  • Paparazzi


Besties box contents watermark

Head over to and subscribe to their newsletter so you know when they officially launch. They also have plans for themed boxes in the future.

You can also find Besties Box on facebook.

Also if you are a direct sales person or an Etsy shop owner that would like to participate with your products, please you the Contact link on the Besties Box site.


1 US Luv Saving Money reader will win

a premium Besties Box similar to what I received once it’s launched.


Besties Box

I received the above mentioned product in order to complete a review. Any opinions expressed are my own. Prize is sponsored by Besties Box.