HueTrition Live Events in English & Spanish + a $25 Gift Card Giveaway

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HueTrition is a fun, easy way to get your kids (and yourself) eating healthier. With these live events it’s engaging too. There is so much to learn about nutrition but many of us do not have the time to find the answers to our questions. That is why I think you are going to love HueTrition Live! It is like having your own personal nutrition expert and chef online!


HueTrition Live is a live online space where you can contact experts, attend health and wellness support groups, see healthy culinary events with our Chefs, take online classes and reach your goals all in one!

FREE Downloadable HuePets app:

HueTrition’s™ debut program, this fun mobile app turns daily healthy eating into a game for young children and their families. Image-Recognition Technology enables kids to “feed” photos of their real-life food to an adorable digital pet, encouraging a well-balanced diet from an early age.  Download it here:

Culinary Classes

Have access to ongoing culinary classes with our chef as well ability to have a conversation live with other people our chef and experts that want to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!


HueTrition E-Book – “Healthy & Colorful Eating Made Fun”

Our HueTrition E-Book called “Healthy & Colorful Eating Made Fun” written by the CEO & Founder! This book has been featured on Times Square in NYC and is worth $9.99, but free with your HueTrition Live subscription!

Infographic Brochure

Add their Infographic brochure to your fridge or office! It details all the benefits of each color of fruits and veggies!

Free Access To  HueTrition Live Events

Get FREE access to all the HueTrition Live Events! Their events often feature experts tackling health and wellness topics you want to know! All you’ll need for this subscription is a computer with a webcam or phone with a camera feature, and access to the internet. You can have access to all of this for less than $10 a month and you can cancel at any time!  HueTrition wants to invite you to join them at their Live Event, Spice It Up! on March 7 at 12pm EST, They will be sharing about all kinds of healthy tips via real-time video to video with our HueChef! Food as Medicine in action! Spices are a great way to add flavor without the calories!
They will answer questions during live events or via email through our site. Your own personal chef from the convenience of your computer or mobile. Sign-up at: Https://

Subscribe to their HueTube Channel for healthy tips and more! 

Giveaway Details:

Sponsored by: HueTrition

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1 Winner – $25 Gift Card of your choice

Open to US Residents

Dates – Ends March 5, 2019 1159pm EST


FREE Parent’s Choice Baby Formula

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5 Baby Items I Wasted My Money On

I remember having a nice sized baby shower for my first child.  I was so excited.  As I read every parenting magazine I could get my hands on, talked to other moms, saw neat gadgets other people had I formulated my list of baby needs and wants in my head.  When it came time to create a baby shower registry, I went crazy.  Some things off the bat I realized were a waste of money. Other things I thought were great for a couple months then realized I’d never use it again.    With each child new things came out and I tried them.  By baby number 4 I pretty much knew what worked for my kids and my house and what didn’t.

5 baby items I wasted money on


These are, of course, my opinion. I have friends and family that when I’d say I really didn’t like something they talked about how it was great and vice versa.  Keep in mind some things may work better for you depending on your home size, baby, etc.

1.  The wipe warmer – In my opinion the biggest waste of baby registry space I had on my list.  As a new mom, of course I wanted my baby to be comfortable. I mean, would I want to be wiped with a cold wipe unexpectedly?  I got one for my baby shower.  I put the wipes in and added a little water like it said to.  Plugged it in.  Nice and warm.  Then you have to remember to put a little water in it each day.  You know what happens when you forget?  Your overwhelmed, new mommy, sleep deprived brain will forget.  Your wipes will dry out and won’t be good for anything. I threw out more wipes then I care to admit. Know what happens if you put too much water in it?  You end up with slopping wet wipes that didn’t seem to work as well.

2.  The plastic bag dispenser for dirty diapers–  Ok there’s this cool looking little clip that clips right onto your diaper back. It’s a plastic bag dispenser so that when you change baby’s diaper on the go you can put the dirty diaper in a bag and dispose of it.  I thought it was great at first. Then I’d run out of bags and forget to refill it. You had to pay like $3-$4 for the refills and I thought to myself “I’m paying for plastic bags” So instead I’d just tuck a few plastic grocery bags into my diaper bag and use those.  FREE, reuses, and it became a habit to stick a couple in the diaper bag when I was packing extra diapers.

plastic diaper bag dispenser

3.  The pacifier medicine dispenser – I saw them with kids #2 but never bought one.  With kids #3 I decided eh, I don’t have to buy much this time, I’ll give it a try.  Most of my kids loved their pacifiers. I thought this would be great to get medicine in them when it really counted.  Um no.  I think I tried it 2 times and gave up.  The first time, my son rejected it. He was more interested in checking out the liquid in the pacifier.  The next time he sucked on it for a minute then pulled it out and threw it.  Much easy just to drop the medicine in with the dosing dropper in my opinion.

pacifier medicine dispenser


4.  Special baby food storage containers – I didn’t try making my own baby food until child #3.  I just had to have these specific baby food containers because they had to be the best for baby food right?  Yea there’s nothing wrong with them but do you know what else works just as well?  Those small condiment tupperware containers.  You can even get glass ones if you don’t want to use plastic. Then you can reuse them in the future for food storage or packing lunches.  Sure the special baby food ones are cute with giraffes and smiley faces on them but try sending one of those with your teenager in his lunch for his veggie dip.

5.  Plastic adhesive stove guard – Once my babies were mobile, they explored as babies do.  My one son in particular was very interested in what i was doing on the stove.  One of my fears would be that I’d turn  my back for a second and he’d have a hold of a handle of a hot pot on the stove and pull it down.  So I got this stove guard that seemed like it would be a good idea.  Baby proofing things is always a good idea.  The stove especially. This particular guard however didn’t work worth a spit after about a month or so.  It adhered to the stove with double sided adhesive tape.  The base to adhere it was only about an inch or so wide and stuck right to the stove surface.  The larger plastic portion angle forward.  As I said, it worked for about a month then I realized each time I used the front burners it would warm the adhesive and it would come loose.  I’d stick it back down when I was done cooking and it would be ok until the next time I used the stove. Also if oil or grease splattered and got under the guard it also loosedned the adhesive.  Eventually it lost it’s stickiness all together and wasn’t good for anything.  Sure I could have bought more adhesive but what’s the point.  There are other ones that seem like the would be better.

plastic stove guard


Have a Teen? Check Out Toyota’s FREE Teen Driver Safety Clinics

I am a member of the Stiletto Media Blogger Network. This is a sponsored post written for #TeenDrive365 and the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. For more information on the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic, please visit

My oldest son is only 12 but already talking about looking forward to driving.  If I can be perfectly honest, the idea makes me nervous.  I know it’s a step in growing up and my son gaining his independence but so many things can happen in a car, right?!  I have one cousin that just recently started driving last year and another one that will be driving within the next year or two.  There are several things different from when I started driving.  I mean, texting and driving was pretty much unheard of when I started driving.  Heck, I’m not even sure if I knew what a text was when I was 16.  (I know that dates me but..)

toyota lets go places logo




Toyota dealerships are  offering FREE Teen Driver Safety Clinics.  They are 2.5 hour sessions of non-driving but interactive sessions.  These clinics will go beyond the basics and educate you and your teen on Defensive Driving “universal truths” and best practices, car operations safety features and basic maintenance fundamentals, Dangerous Driving Distractions and How to Avoid Them, and more.  There’s also info for parents on effective driving communication and coaching.

toyota teen driver simulator


When I think back on learning to drive….you know what…scratch that…when I think about the last almost 20 years I’ve been driving it wasn’t until last year that someone told me that there is a helpful little sticker on the inside of my drivers door to tell me how many psi’s to inflate my tires too.  I seriously did not know that.  I would go through the drivers manual of my car and get frustrated every time I had to try to find it.  I’d even ask people and they’d say “oh it should be in your drivers manual”.  You know when I found out? Last year I was driving to work on a weekend.  I got about half way to work and lost control of my car.  When I finally got my car to where I could pull over somewhere safely I got out to try to figure out what the heck happened.  I realized my back drivers tire was completely flat.  I was about to pump it up at a gas station and a nice truck driver, obviously seeing the perplexed look on my face as I’m looking through my manual, comes over to me and locates the sticker on my door for me.  Seriously! Why didn’t someone show me that 19 years ago!?  Please show this to your kids.  They’ll need to know for safety and in emergencies like mine.

Check out this short video too of the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinics:



If  you are interested in attending this FREE and valuable session with your teen and are in the New York or New Jersey area you can register at a local Toyota dealership here:

Please feel free to share this post with someone you know who could benefit from this.

Tell me one thing you wish you knew before you started driving