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Summer Fun on a Budget – Luv Saving Money

Summer Fun on a Budget

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Summer Fun on a Budget


Kids can have hours of fun outside with the simplest things.  I love seeing my kids play outside the same way I did as a kid.  Running through a sprinkler and water gun battles are fun, active, and budget friendly entertainment for the summer

Spinning Sprinkler

70032 Spinning Sprinkler With Plastic Base, Zinc Arms & Tips And Add-On Capability

spinning sprinkler

Our yard is a steady hill.  Seriously there is not one flat spot in our yard.  Pools and slip n’ slides end up not working out so well for us.  But sprinklers, that we can do.  We’ve tried out a lot of sprinklers through the years but we’ve found a plain old lawn sprinkler like the one pictured here works the best, endures the longest, and is most cost effective.

Super Soaker Nerf Electrostorm

Super Soaker Nerf Electrostorm

Water gun battles, who can’t resist. I would put out a small baby pool or a bucket of water so the kids had an easier time filling they’re guns when they were little.  My oldest one now helps fill the water guns with the garden hose.  My boys will spend an hour at least on a hot day just soaking each other.

I remember having Super Soaker brand water guns growing up.  It seems Nerf now has the Super Soakers.  I bought my boys some of these and they are high quality water guns that really work

Super Soaker Nerf Electrostorm – $10.85, 4.84 shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

Kids Bug Catcher Box Sets

Adventure Kids Bug Catcher Box Set

bug catching kit

Bug catching kits.  I remember spending many a summer day out catching bugs.  I think I used a butterfly net and a clean peanut butter jar to catch mine.  You can do that but you can also find reasonable bug catching kits now like the one pictured.

Ladder Golf Ball Game Set 39″”H X 22″”W (SET)

Have you played ladder ball before.  My uncle brought his set to a few family picnics and it’s really a lot of fun.  Not much to it, just about anyone can play.  This is a nice family activity or perfect to have around for outdoor parties and picnics.

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