What We Won Wednesday—2nd week

I started this last week and got a few responses.

T”What We Won Wednesday” is a place to share our wins for the past week. It doesn’t have to be just blog giveaways it could be: a scratch off ticket win, a basket party win, a national sweepstakes, twitter party or whatever you’d like to tell us about. If you can remember where you won it too,that would be great.

There are several purposes to this post

1. To encourage others
2. To share in the joy with our fellow readers and bloggers
3. To show that people really do win

So Congratulations every body. I hope you all have wins to share!

My wins since last Wed:

1.  Coca Cola Prize Pack from www.TheMamaZone.com

2.  Origlamix organic mineral makeup from multiplemama.com (been wanting to try this and got to pick 3 colors!)

3.  YoBaby prize pack from http://thelittlehedgehog.blogspot.com/

4.  5 tickler tags with key ring http://thislilpiglet.blogspot.com

5.  $20 Ecomom gc from http://lovelyritaann.com/  (been wanting to try products from ecomom!)

6.  Coupon for a free pack of reese’s peanut butter cups from a sweeps on the reese’s site about a month ago

 7.  Wow Wow Wubbzy goes to school DVD from http://weightingforperfection.blogspot.com/

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Good deal on personalized url stickers for your car

I had been looking around pricing URL decals to put on my car for my blog. Some places were rather pricey. Others seemed so big. I didn’t want to turn my car into a moving billboard I just wanted something simple that someone might see sitting behind me in traffic.

I found Rogers Stuff on Bonanzle. He does personalized URL vinyl decals.

He has simple ones for only $3.49.  It says it’s for Bonanzle booth but he will do them for any web address.  I had him do my custom URL for my blog www.luvsavingmoney.info

This is the back of my car.  Tried to take the pic so my license plate wasn’t in the photo.  I put the decal on crooked.

He can do them in Black

Or White

Both colors are only $3.49 ea.  This is not a typical review.  I just know that there are other people like me looking for a cheap way to advertise and I found a great way.  I’ve already had about 3 people ask me “What’s luvsavinmoney?”  So i hand them my business card with my blog url and say “it’s my blog about saving money.  I also do reviews and giveaways!” lol

Anywho, just thought I’d share for anyone else looking.

Oh almost forgot.  He also has “fancier” ones if you really wanted something bigger or wanted to add a logo or something  You can see those here:  Website Domain URL those are $40  but like I said the ones for $3.49 he can make whatever url you wanna use just it’s not as flashy

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Review Eden Fantasys: The Craving **Intended for those 18 yrs or older**


I was browsing through the Eden Fantasys website with my husband.  I asked him.  “If were were to get something from this website, what would interest you?”  We looked over the wide variety of adult products. My husband suggested we get an Adult DVD to watch together.  I have to admit I was a little hesitant when he said that.  Then he said “You pick it out, whatever you want.” 

Oh boy, I was a little flustered.  I don’t know anything about Adult DVDs.  What makes a “good” one?  What would I be able to tolerate watching? What do I know I definitely don’t want to see?  I looked over some dvds. I’d ask my husband, “what would you think of this one?”  He’d say ” I don’t care whatever”.  Grrr, little help here honey I’m floundering. 

I fell on one called “The Craving” with Jessica Drake.  It was supposed to be a collection of fairy tales that were…well…twisted.  The cover at least was not blatantly pornographic.  It sounded like it could be interesting. I’m willing to try new things in the bedroom.  Maybe the dvd would give us some ideas. 

We watched “The Craving” together.  There were X rated twists on fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, the Pied Piper, and others. 

From my understanding Adult films are notorious for less than Oscar caliber acting (that’s an understatement) and with “The Craving” it didn’t seem to be an exception to what I had heard.  Here’s my complaint too…a little off subject….you can tell these types of movies are meant for guys.  The women are half decent looking but the guys…um…less than.  What’s up with that?!

Ok anyway, if you are like me (a novice to the watching adult film world) and your significant other suggests an Adult film this may be a good one to start with.  There is at least a story line.  It seems to be a tamer X rated dvd (no weird freaky fetishes or anything like that).  Eden Fantasys ships discreetly as well so you don’t have to worry about that.

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Every Man Jack Review and Giveaway–CLOSED

Ok guys, this one is for you (or ladies who are interested in this for a certain guy in their lives). My husband actually introduced me to this brand. He had ordered a shaving cream from Every Man Jack. He was so impressed with the product, the customer service, the prices, every thing about Every Man Jack. When he ordered the shave cream, not only did he get what he ordered but he also got a body bar to try as well as a handwritten note with his ordering thanking him for his order. How cool is this company?!

I didn’t know about their great prices until my husband told me to check out their website. I was impressed: You can get a nice sized “16.9 oz bottle of body wash” for $6.00 and there are different scents like citrus scrub, cedarwood, signature mint and spiced pepper: Every Man Jack Body Washes 
They also offer body bars and body scrubs at great prices.

That’s not all though, Every Man Jack has tons of products of all you guys.  And they smell….well I’ll just say I REALLY like the scents. My favorite is the cedarwood (from a woman’s perspective)  but they’re all good.  Every Man Jack has body products, hair products, lotions, facial cleansers and scrubs, sun protectants, after shave products, shaving cream, kits and lots more.  Check it out for yourself:

Every Man Jack has several kits which are all great values. For example, The Fresh Grad Signature Mint kit for only $15 that includes: body wash, face wash, shave gel, face lotion, and a toiletry bag. Holy cow that’s a good deal!

As if these deals weren’t enough to make you change grooming products, right now if you spend $25 on their site you get a free 2 in 1 citrus shampoo too.

So I know all I’ve been talking about was Every Man Jack’s nice variety of products and their prices that make affordable for most budgets. Let’s talk about how well Every Man Jack products work.  My husband has officially replaced his regular shaving cream with Every Man Jack shaving cream.  He liked it so much he bought some for his dad (my father-in-law). My father-in-law tells me his skin usually gets irritated with shaving but with the Every Man Jack shaving cream he hasn’t had much irritation.

Did I mention that I really like the scent of the Every Man Jack products as well…yea I did?…Oh ok sorry.

Every Man Jack being the cool company that they are sent me a very generous package.My husband could try more Every Man Jack products so that I may do a more informed review of their line. 

My husband received the Every Man Jack pre-shave Face Wash and pre-shave face scrub.

These tubes are in generous sizes  5 FL oz.  My husband received them in the Signature Mint scent from Every Man Jack.  The mint scent is a crisp scent which seems strong when in use but only subtle once you’re done washing your face. My husband isn’t like me to ramble on about a products. I asked him: “What did you think about the face wash and face scrub?”  His reply “It worked good, it cleaned my face”. I had to ask more questions. “What did you think of the texture?  Did you notice a difference in your face after using this compared to your previous facewashes?”  He then elaborated some and said that it did feel like a deeper clean and he did feel like he noticed less blackheads with the scrub.

The next product was the Every Man Jack Body Wash in Citrus Scrub. Again, a generous size product with 16.9 Fl oz for a nice price.

When my husband used the body wash there was an obvious citrus scent.  Along with the citrus scent was a hint of guy…i don’t know like cologne maybe. It was pleasant. Initially the scent was stronger.  After showering however it was a subtle scent that lingered on his skin.

So I asked my husband, “What did you think of the body wash honey?” his response ” It’s good it cleaned my body ”  Babe, you’re killing me here.  Care to elaborate?  “Did it lather well or not?”   he says “yes”  I asked him, as a guy, “Do you like the scent?”  his response “yea I like it”

He already uses the shaving gel from Every Man Jack.  His favorite product.  As I mentioned above, like it so much he got it for his dad as part of a present.  He also received Every Man Jack Shave Cream.

I asked him what he thought about this product (wincing a little waiting for I like it it’s good) he laughs knowing that’s what I’m expecting.  He says, “It works well.  I put it on my face and let it soak in a minute. It’s a very smooth shave”  Ah, thanks honey!  This cream is fragrance free. 

With my husband the bottom line is, he just wants it to work, he wants to smell like a guy, and he doesn’t want it to cost a fortune.  That’s some of the reasons why he keeps going back to Every Man Jack.  He is also very impressed with their customer service. 

Review Summary:  Every Man Jack should be on every guys list.  The prices are great, the customer service is some of the best that my husband and I have experienced, fast shipping, good quality products, made for guys. 

We got a bunch more stuff.  Some that my husband can’t use, for example, the Every Man Jack Pomade and Fiber Cream.  Why? Well because he shaves his head


So I’d hate to see these great products go to waste.  I’m going to give 1 of my readers a set of Every Man Jack products courtesy of Every Man Jack’s great package they sent me.  1 reader will receive the following products:

The winner will receive a set that includes:
* 1 Every Man Jack 2.65 oz Pomade
* 1 Every Man Jack 2.65 oz Fiber Cream
* 1 Every Man Jack 3.4 fl oz cooling gel post-shave
* 1 Ever Man Jack 4.2 fl oz face lotion
* 1 Every Man Jack .15 oz lip balm
* 1 Brown Every Man Jack carrying case

Mandatory Entry:  Visit Every Man Jack and tell me a product and scent you (or your significant other) would like to try (or what you would like them to try)

**Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.  This must be completed first before any bonus entries will count**

Bonus Entries:  any or all can be completed after mandatory.  If you see +1 after the entry method leave one comment for that task +2 leave two comments etc.

1. “like” Every Man Jack on Facebook and tell them you heard about them from www.luvsavingmoney.info (+3)

2.  Tweet this message:
”  I entered to win Every Man Jack products from @angiewith3 http://bit.ly/EMJrev 9/4 ” (+2)

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***I received these Every Man Jack products at no cost to complete a proper review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  I was under no obligation to give a positive review.  Any opinions expressed are my own (or my husbands “yea I’m clean”)


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