Making Baby Comfortable on Road Trips

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Continuing my series with travel posts, I’ve written a lot about what to do for you and the bigger kids but what about baby?  My kids did many car trips with me. I used to live in South Carolina and would sometimes drive the 10 hour drive with just me and 2 little ones in the car.  Believe it or not it wasn’t as bad as you might think.  Keeping baby comfortable and fed is the important thing.

It’s important for the driver to be comfortable.  The driver needs to be able to concentrate while driving.  Whether it’s you or someone else driving, a screaming baby can really be a distraction to the road.  Of course we know when baby’s crying they’re trying to tell us something.  Here’s some tips and things to consider to help baby be comfortable in the car.

1. Before starting your trip make sure baby is in a clean dry diaper, has a full belly, and is in comfortable clothes.  Tight or rough clothing make baby uncomfortable after so long.

2.  Pack plenty of bottles or baby food and drinks for your baby.  These are things they don’t often sell at quick stops or rest areas.  If they do, prepare to pay higher prices. I personally liked the formula powder when I wasn’t breastfeeding because you could mix it when you needed it and didn’t have to worry about it going bad in the car.

3.  Plan for more stops with baby.  Baby needs to stretch too.  Your baby might also want the comfort of your arms to ensure him/her.  If you’re breastfeeding you may need to stop more often to feed.

4. Consider the temperature in the car.  You may feel comfortable with the air conditioner blasting in the car but baby may not.  If you want to have the air conditioner turned up be sure to take a blanket for baby.  Make sure the air conditioner vents are pointed directly at baby.  You can feel baby’s skin too.  If they feel warm and are cranky or seems flushed you can turn the air conditioner up or open a window if it’s not too hot out.

5.  Baby’s that are more alert and rear-facing might enjoy the car seat mirrors or car seat toys to keep them entertained.  If you have other children in the car they can help you keep an eye on baby and even entertain them.  I personally love the car seat mirrors for rear-facing car seats.  When I’m driving it lets me see baby and babies love the shiny surface of the mirror.

6.  Pack plenty of diapers, wipes, and a few changes of clothes.  Check baby’s diaper at every stop.  It’s easy to relax when baby’s sleeping.  I know my boys would sleep for hours in the car on our trips but it’s still important to stop every few hours and check them to prevent diaper rash and discomfort.  You don’t want anything leaking through and onto their car seat either…Yuck!

7.  For the older babies and toddlers that can be front facing, there are all kinds of neat things for car seats like cup and snack trays, car seat toys, and things that go on the back of the seat that’s in front of them to keep them entertained.  Having a few toddler tunes in the car can keep them happy too.


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What tips do you have for traveling with baby?  You can read my post on to get more tips on prepping for a car trip for the whole family.

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