Here’s Why You May Want to Consider Shopping Early This Holiday Season

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2021 has been different in a lot of ways than other years. The pandemic has caused a lot of issues. Not only are we dealing with a pandemic itself but a domino effect of other issues including delayed shipping, availability of parts, labor shortages, price increases, and more.

You’ve probably seen in the news things like automotive makers not putting out as many new vehicles due to computer chip shortages. Guy I just saw that parents are having issues getting Lunchables and juice boxes. My local Giant Eagle had signs up for a while about having issues getting Lunchables in.

I’m a long time Amazon Prime member and I’ve noticed they’re really pushing shipping days and choosing delayed shipping by offering benefits if you do. Less and less items seem to have 2 day shipping available. And even when I order two day shipping sometimes it’s taking longer.

So what do Lunchables and new cars have to do with holiday shopping? Well the same issues are applying to the toy industry. Labor shortages and delayed shipping will affect the amount of products on the shelves, how soon and if they can restock, and how long it takes for you to get the toys you order online. Some of the same supply issues are also affecting the toys industry in regard to parts and materials.

For this reason I will be do my Holiday Guide Posts early this year. My suggestion, if you see the toy your child wants I would buy it early. This is the suggestion Toy Insiders is giving to make sure you get the gifts you want to give this year.

I’m not gonna lie, I already started my holiday shopping.

Author: Angie

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