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Greenwald’s Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner – Luv Saving Money

Greenwald’s Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner

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I received the below mentioned product in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I have 4 kids, kids make messes.  Maybe you’re thinking “Thanks for that Captain Obvious” The messes my kids make on a daily basis would be enough to justify hiring a maid and keeping her busy for 8 hours straight.  But I can’t afford a maid so instead it’s just me doing the best I can.  The worst ones are the ones that I don’t see right away, the ones that maybe leaked down the side of a table and are now a hard crust. Or the accumulation of sticky hand prints at the bottom of the fridge that at first didn’t look too bad but are now a big chore because weeks of hand prints built up over time.

For the most part I use chemical free cleaners like vinegar and water or essential oil solutions.  BUT, there are those messes where I really need to bring in the big guns.  I’m talking about cleaners like Greenwald’s Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner.

Greenwalds all purpose cleaner


I received Greenwald’s Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner kit to review. The kit comes with a reusable bottle and 6 refills. Each refill makes a 32 oz bottle of the Citrus all-purpose cleaner.  Looking at it on Amazon it has a price tag of $19.99.  Before receiving my kit I thought that was pretty high but when I realized the whole kit makes 6 full 32 oz bottles of all-purpose cleaner then it’s really a good deal.

I do have a love hate relationship with this product.  First let me tell you the loves:

–Easy to refill, just pop one of the pouches into the bottle (no need to open the packet) add water and shake.  Ready to go.

–Spray bottle works great.

–Nice citrus scent

–Definitely gets the job done.  My kids constantly muck up our dining room table.  I took before and after pics of the table and I was able to clean everything off with a few sprays and minimal elbow grease.

Greenwald all purpose before

Greenwald all purpose after


Now the for the not-so-much love.  This is definitely not a cleaning product you want within reach of your kids.  Easy to pump and spray. Reading the label I feel like I should have it a locked in a safety box when not in use with phrases like: “Harmful if swallowed” , “Causes skin irritation”, “Avoid excess handling” “do not eat, drink, or smoke when using this product”, honestly there’s more.

The packets you are not to open and drop directly in the bottle.  The pouch dissolves in the water.  The packets would definitely be something my 2 year old would be interested. Bright colors, nice scent, etc.  Almost look like small freeze pops.  I keep mine in a cupboard in my basement that’s at my head level.  My kids will  not be able to help clean with this product.

Greenwalds all purpose packets


Summary: works well, good bargain for an purpose cleaner, not safe for kids.  You can find Greenwald’s Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner Kit on Amazon:


If you like, you can check out my YouTube video review as well:

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  1. That sounds like a powerful cleaner, effective yet potentially dangerous to little ones. I only have one teenager at home so I wouldn’t have a problem using this product. I’d love to try it out on my kitchen counters.

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