DIY Travel Bingo Board Theme Ideas

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With the summer travel season coming up, many people will be taking family trips.  Keeping your kids entertained in the car is not always an easy task.  I wrote a series of post for free or cheap DIY ideas to keep the kids entertained on a road trip. I recently wrote a post for Caitlin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on how to make a DIY travel bingo board.  There are plenty of places to find printable and to buy ready-made commercially produced travel bingo boards but it’s really not very hard to make your own.  This allows you to create and personalize them just for your family.

This is an example of a general travel bingo board I made.

travel bingo board



If you want to personalize it a little more here are some ideas:

1.  Destination board — If you’re headed to the lake you might come across trucks towing boats, lakes, ducks or geese, campers or RVs, etc.  you can add those into the theme of your board. If you’re taking a trip to Florida for example you could put things in like palm trees, mickey ears, citrus groves, etc.

2.  Vehicle board — If you’re driving you’ll definitely see other drivers on the highways at least.  You could add pics of trucks, cars, vans, SUVs, semi-trucks, motorcycles, etc in different colors.

3.  Sign board –  You could do one strictly on road signs: Stop sign, Yield sign, Exit sign, mile markers, dead end, etc.

4.  Places board – you could make a board on places you might see along the way: McDonald’s, rest stops, gas stations (you can be specific with national chains) malls, grocery stores, hospitals, farms, etc.  You can either just type the name or find clipart online.

5. Number board — Think about the numbers you might see along the way with speed limit signs, mile markers, numbers on billboards, exit numbers, etc.  It might be better to use more common speed numbers like: 35, 65, 25  and exit or marker numbers like 1, 2, or 3.  800 might be a good number to use as many businesses use an 800 number on their billboards when a number is included.

6.  Color board — for little ones it might just be easier for them to identify colors.  Putting a red square on there they can check that off if they see a red stop sign. Yellow square when they see the McDonald’s arches they may recognize yellow, Green square perhaps for exit signs or even grass, and so on.  You could throw some odd colors in there to make it a little more challenging like pink, if they see a person with a pink shirt or pink shoes it could count.

Can you think of more themes for boards?  Be sure to check out my DIY on Caitlin Chrysler’s website found here: to see how to make your own board.

Please stop over to see my guest post.  Maybe even learn how to make your own travel bingo boards for your next car trip.


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