Confession: I Own A Piece Of Land In The Poconos But I’ve Never Seen It

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Several year ago…I don’t know maybe 7 years ago, (I’d have to check the paperwork) I participated in a sweepstakes to win a piece of land. It was fairly low entries and there were several pieces of land to choose from. I figured I’d never win but if I did I’d pick one I’d think I could sell.

I participated in a twitter party for LandCentral and I was announced as the grand prize winner. I freakin’ won the piece of land!

** note my twitter handle was @angiewith3 then. That was before baby #4 came around and I decided to change it to something more geared to my blog, IE @LuvSavingMoney **

So I was given a few choices none of which were prime-time land (which I could only assume is why the were giving it away). One was 2 acres of desert land in California. Another was a small area in some swamp-type land in Florida, …I can’t remember the others but my choice ended up being a small piece of land in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. See, I live in Pennsylvania so I figured it would be easier tax-wise and for the selling process.

I had to sign a few e-docs with LandCentral and before long I had the deed and a bunch of information in the mail. So I immediately tried to sell it. I started trying to contact realtors in that general area. The one guy I talked to said they didn’t find a piece of land in the Poconos in my name. At that point I thought I was in some weird scam. Then about a month or two after that I got a bill from the tax person for that county for my piece of land and it was in someone else’s name. I thought, what is going on?!

So I call the tax lady She kindly explains to me that the bill would be in the other person’s name until I paid the taxes. I paid the taxes and then the tax bills started coming in my name.

I was a little timid still so I held off on trying to sell it for a while. Each year I got the tax bill for the land and each year I paid it. I finally decided I was going to try selling it again. I live about 4 hours from the Poconos so emailing is the best option for me. I’ve yet to get someone to get in-touch with me via email to help me sell my land.

So here I am 7 years later still paying on land in the Poconos that I’ve never seen, will never use, and who knows if I’ll ever sell. lol So that’s my weird confession.

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