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Review and Giveaway: Soapsoundz Hand Soaps and Sanitizers–CLOSED

I work in a hospital. There are signs up everywhere about washing hands. There are hand sanitizer foams outside patient rooms. It’s drilled into us as direct patient care workers, wash your hands! This is all for a good reason. Not just hospital workers but everyone. Washing your hands is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent from spreading germs and getting sick.

I have to remind my kids to wash their hands in the bathroom. They sneeze into their hands, either wash or use hand sanitizer. Children, especially now that most schools are back in session, come in contact with lot of other kids. How many kids touch the restroom stall handle? Maybe more importantly, how many kids actually wash their hands if someone isn’t standing right over them? Maybe best not to dwell on that. With the start of school I’m a little more diligent about cleaning and sanitizing the door knobs, the flush handle on the toilet, and the knobs on the faucet. But how do I get my kids to wash their hands and wash them properly? Soap Soundz comes along!

hygiene heroes 3 pack

Soap Soundz has hand soaps and sanitizers that appeal to your children. There are also Soap Soundz for the seasons (Halloween, Christmas, etc). So what makes Soap Soundz so unique from other hand soaps and sanitizers? When you pump the hand soaps it plays a song or recording for 20 seconds. That’s the amount of time that you should wash your hands. Did you know that? Yep it’s true. 20 seconds, warm water, and friction. (I know, it’s drilled into me remember?)

Soap Soundz come in different scents as well. My boys and I were looking over the varieties. The boys were all about trying the Hygiene Heroes soaps. You can listen to the sounds they make online: Click here to listen to check it out

I was interested in trying some of the holiday soaps. They come in great scents like: apple cinnamon, sugar cookie, and winterberry to name a few. They have soaps for Halloween and Valentine’s day too! 

Some seasonal Soap Soundz

We got to try the Soap Soundz hand soaps in Seasons Winterberry and Sugar Cookies, Hygiene Heroes Lord Viral (scent Meteor Melon) and Captain Clean hands (in Rocket Rasberry).  We also received the Hand Sanitizer.  It makes really cool robot/computer like sounds when you press the pump like “Dispensing sanitizer solution” .  It says 4 different phrases.  The scent of these products are great too.

As an added Mom bonus I could hear if my kids were actually washing their hands or not if I was outside of the bathroom.

Check out the website.  There is a fun and informative E-brochure on Soap Soundz site as well.

There’s an old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”  So true.  This is an easy and fun way to help prevent colds and flu.

Review Summary:  Soap Soundz is reasonably priced and offers benefits that other hand soaps and sanitizers just don’t.  It’s a great reminder for all of us just how long we really should be washing our hands.  The customer services is friendly.  Shipping was fast and accurate.  I would say yes definitely get this to use in your house for back to school and flu season. 

Soap Soundz is offering THREE FFCandM readers a three pack of Soap Soundz! 
Mandatory Entry:  Follow Soap Sound on twitter: @SoapSoundz
Mandatory entry must be complete before any bonus entries will count. please remember to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.  
Bonus Entries:  Please leave a comment for each entry completed.  If then entry has a +1 after it leave one comment.  A +2 leave 2 comments for that entry and so on. 

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3 winner will be chosen using  Giveaway ends Sept. 20, 2010 at 10 PM EST.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond to winner email.  If no response in that time, a new winner will be chosen.

***I recieved the hand soaps and sanitizer mentioned in the review above at no cost in order for me to complete this review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.***


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Every Man Jack Review and Giveaway–CLOSED

Ok guys, this one is for you (or ladies who are interested in this for a certain guy in their lives). My husband actually introduced me to this brand. He had ordered a shaving cream from Every Man Jack. He was so impressed with the product, the customer service, the prices, every thing about Every Man Jack. When he ordered the shave cream, not only did he get what he ordered but he also got a body bar to try as well as a handwritten note with his ordering thanking him for his order. How cool is this company?!

I didn’t know about their great prices until my husband told me to check out their website. I was impressed: You can get a nice sized “16.9 oz bottle of body wash” for $6.00 and there are different scents like citrus scrub, cedarwood, signature mint and spiced pepper: Every Man Jack Body Washes 
They also offer body bars and body scrubs at great prices.

That’s not all though, Every Man Jack has tons of products of all you guys.  And they smell….well I’ll just say I REALLY like the scents. My favorite is the cedarwood (from a woman’s perspective)  but they’re all good.  Every Man Jack has body products, hair products, lotions, facial cleansers and scrubs, sun protectants, after shave products, shaving cream, kits and lots more.  Check it out for yourself:

Every Man Jack has several kits which are all great values. For example, The Fresh Grad Signature Mint kit for only $15 that includes: body wash, face wash, shave gel, face lotion, and a toiletry bag. Holy cow that’s a good deal!

As if these deals weren’t enough to make you change grooming products, right now if you spend $25 on their site you get a free 2 in 1 citrus shampoo too.

So I know all I’ve been talking about was Every Man Jack’s nice variety of products and their prices that make affordable for most budgets. Let’s talk about how well Every Man Jack products work.  My husband has officially replaced his regular shaving cream with Every Man Jack shaving cream.  He liked it so much he bought some for his dad (my father-in-law). My father-in-law tells me his skin usually gets irritated with shaving but with the Every Man Jack shaving cream he hasn’t had much irritation.

Did I mention that I really like the scent of the Every Man Jack products as well…yea I did?…Oh ok sorry.

Every Man Jack being the cool company that they are sent me a very generous package.My husband could try more Every Man Jack products so that I may do a more informed review of their line. 

My husband received the Every Man Jack pre-shave Face Wash and pre-shave face scrub.

These tubes are in generous sizes  5 FL oz.  My husband received them in the Signature Mint scent from Every Man Jack.  The mint scent is a crisp scent which seems strong when in use but only subtle once you’re done washing your face. My husband isn’t like me to ramble on about a products. I asked him: “What did you think about the face wash and face scrub?”  His reply “It worked good, it cleaned my face”. I had to ask more questions. “What did you think of the texture?  Did you notice a difference in your face after using this compared to your previous facewashes?”  He then elaborated some and said that it did feel like a deeper clean and he did feel like he noticed less blackheads with the scrub.

The next product was the Every Man Jack Body Wash in Citrus Scrub. Again, a generous size product with 16.9 Fl oz for a nice price.

When my husband used the body wash there was an obvious citrus scent.  Along with the citrus scent was a hint of guy…i don’t know like cologne maybe. It was pleasant. Initially the scent was stronger.  After showering however it was a subtle scent that lingered on his skin.

So I asked my husband, “What did you think of the body wash honey?” his response ” It’s good it cleaned my body ”  Babe, you’re killing me here.  Care to elaborate?  “Did it lather well or not?”   he says “yes”  I asked him, as a guy, “Do you like the scent?”  his response “yea I like it”

He already uses the shaving gel from Every Man Jack.  His favorite product.  As I mentioned above, like it so much he got it for his dad as part of a present.  He also received Every Man Jack Shave Cream.

I asked him what he thought about this product (wincing a little waiting for I like it it’s good) he laughs knowing that’s what I’m expecting.  He says, “It works well.  I put it on my face and let it soak in a minute. It’s a very smooth shave”  Ah, thanks honey!  This cream is fragrance free. 

With my husband the bottom line is, he just wants it to work, he wants to smell like a guy, and he doesn’t want it to cost a fortune.  That’s some of the reasons why he keeps going back to Every Man Jack.  He is also very impressed with their customer service. 

Review Summary:  Every Man Jack should be on every guys list.  The prices are great, the customer service is some of the best that my husband and I have experienced, fast shipping, good quality products, made for guys. 

We got a bunch more stuff.  Some that my husband can’t use, for example, the Every Man Jack Pomade and Fiber Cream.  Why? Well because he shaves his head


So I’d hate to see these great products go to waste.  I’m going to give 1 of my readers a set of Every Man Jack products courtesy of Every Man Jack’s great package they sent me.  1 reader will receive the following products:

The winner will receive a set that includes:
* 1 Every Man Jack 2.65 oz Pomade
* 1 Every Man Jack 2.65 oz Fiber Cream
* 1 Every Man Jack 3.4 fl oz cooling gel post-shave
* 1 Ever Man Jack 4.2 fl oz face lotion
* 1 Every Man Jack .15 oz lip balm
* 1 Brown Every Man Jack carrying case

Mandatory Entry:  Visit Every Man Jack and tell me a product and scent you (or your significant other) would like to try (or what you would like them to try)

**Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.  This must be completed first before any bonus entries will count**

Bonus Entries:  any or all can be completed after mandatory.  If you see +1 after the entry method leave one comment for that task +2 leave two comments etc.

1. “like” Every Man Jack on Facebook and tell them you heard about them from (+3)

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”  I entered to win Every Man Jack products from @angiewith3 9/4 ” (+2)

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***I received these Every Man Jack products at no cost to complete a proper review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  I was under no obligation to give a positive review.  Any opinions expressed are my own (or my husbands “yea I’m clean”)


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CSN Stores giveaway–CLOSED

I’m glad I found CSN stores. I love to window shop and of course buy when there’s something I really want. My husband and I have been slowly making improvements to our house since we bought it. First it was the wiring, then waterproofed the basement, then insulation, then we gutted the attic. Why did we gut the attic? Our plan is to turn it into a Master Bedroom. I go up there now and it doesn’t look like much just some open walls with new insulation. I sometimes dream about what I’d like it to look like. What kind of windows will we put in, what colors do I want the walls, etc.

I was browsing through CSN Stores and decided to check out their bedroom furniture setsWhat fun it is to think how things will fit into the room.  What I’d love to have.  What will fit into our budget.  I tend to lean towards contemporary looks.  And if it has more than one function (for instance a head board that also has storage shelves).

I kinda like these set:

Ashley Furniture Kendi Queen Panel Bedroom Set in Dark Brown

I like that it has the shelves on the head board and I kinda like the color.  It’s contemporary looking to me.  Or then there’s this one:

Atlantic Furniture Bordeaux Storage Platform Bedroom Set in Antique Walnut

I like the Atlantic Furniture Bedroom Set because again of the contemporary look but also the storage drawers under the bed.   A gal can never have enough clothes storage, right?  But while we’re talking about drawers underneath look at the storage space on this one:

Wildon Home Applewood Bookcase Storage 3 piece Bedroom set

Actually this one would probably be the most compact and comfortable for the room.  But while I’m dreaming, If money was of no object and space was not an issue, I like this set:

AICO Monte Carlo Poster Canopy 5 piece set in Silver Snow

There’s just something about a large canopy bed with elegant posts that says “princess” to me.  Or maybe Queen.  Queen of the household?


I love working with CSN Stores.  This time they are offering one of my readers a $40 gift certificate!   Open to US and CAN  Canadian readers please be aware that there may be international shipping charges. 

Mandatory Entry:   Browse the Bedroom Furniture Sets at CSN Stores and tell me in a comment, which one you would like if money and space weren’t a factor.
***Must be completed before any bonus entries can count****

Bonus Entries:  Leave a comment for each one completed.  If it has a +1 after the entry leave 1 comment.  +2 leave 2 comments for that same entry and so on.

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  ” I entered to win a $40 @CSNStores gc from @angiewith3  9/1 #giveaway “

(+1) can tweet once per day

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9. Like FFCandM on facebook (+1)

1 winner will be chosen Sept 1, 2010 at 10 PM EST using  Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email.  If winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.

***I did not receive any product or monetary compensation for this post.  Giveaway is being sponsored by CSN Stores. Any opinions expressed are my own***


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The Wild Side review and giveaway: part of "A Bonanzle Bonanzle"–CLOSED

I’ve always admired photographers. I’ve found myself wondering how they get the picture at just the right moment. How long do photographers wait to get “the shot”? Particularly when dealing with mother nature.

The Wild Side Bonanzle Booth is full of pictures like this. Gorgeous photos of sunsets, deer, flowers and much more.   The prices are extremely reasonable.  (As I would have it on Free Stuff, Fun Sites, Contests, and More). Liz of The Wild Side offers two different ways to have your pictures delivered.  You can order them and she will matte them with a professional look.  Or mail them unmatted. 

Here are the matted ones I received:

I know this is not a good picture on my part.  I wanted you to see the matte mostly.  They came shipped with a clear sleeve to protect the pictures.  Personally, I think they look nice enough to hang like this. You can, of course put them in a frame of your choice. 

I took the sleeves off and took a picture of each one in a better light so hopefully you can see more detail.  It bothers me some that this blogger here is taking novice home picture of a truly beautiful photography.  But this is the best I can do:

I chose deer pictures.  My oldest son has a camouflage themed room.  Originally supposed to be military camo but slowly he is drifting over to hunting.  So this helped him with his choice of decor.

I was also sent a picture via email from The Wild side.  I used it as a desktop background.  My boys love it.

The photography in The Wild Side Bonanzle Booth is a great place to start to look for a great picture for that space in your home.  Choose one for a desktop background like I did.  Use them for projects or to add to a scrapbook theme.

Liz of The Wild Side Bonanzle Booth is offering  a choice of either 5 emailed photos or 2 matted/unmatted photos of the winners choice  to THREE of my readers! This giveaway is open Internationally with the exceptions for Mexico, Cuba, and Iran.
Mandatory Entry:  Visit The Wild Side and leave a comment stating which picture is your favorite and why.  Don’t forget to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.   
Bonus Entries:  Leave a comment for each entry.  If it says +1 leave one comment for that entry. +2 leave two comments for that entry and so on.

1.  Register with (+5)  it’s FREE and leave your Bonanzle handle 

2.  Leave a comment in the chat box on The Wild Side telling Liz you’re visiting from Free Stuff, Fun Sites, Contests, and More (+3)

3.  Follow FFCandM with google friend connect, Networked blogs, by email, and/or by RSS feed.  Leave a comment letting me know you did so.  Email MUST be confirmed to count.  (+1 for each)  All are in right hand column.

4.  Enter any of my other giveaways and let me know in a comment which ones you entered.  Leave a seperate comment for each one entered (+1) for each.

5.  Tweet the following giveaway message on twitter:  “I entered to win my choice of photos from The Wild side and @angiewith3 8/30 3 winners #giveaway”  (+2)
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6. Leave the following message on your facebook status:  “I entered to win my choice of photos from The Wild Side and Free Stuff, Fun Sites, Contests, and More 3 winners!  8/30” 
**be sure to leave the link to your facebook status.  follow instructions for tweet status link if you’re not sure how. It works the same way***

3 winners will be selected on Aug. 30, 2010 at 10 PM EST.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond to winner notification email.  If no response in that time frame, a new winner will be chosen.  Winners will be chosen randomly via

**I received an emailed photo and 2 matted photos at no cost to me to enable me to complete a review.  I received no monetary compensation for this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own**

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Another Way to Save—Low Entry Giveaways

I know this method is not a guarantee.  I wouldn’t COUNT on a low entry giveaway to get you something you really want but I’ve saved myself a lot of money like this.  Ten Talents blog introduced me to the lovely world of low entry blog giveaways.  Now I’m addicted.

Well it’s true that you’re probably not going to find…say…a Dyson Vacuum in  low entry giveaway, BUT you can save yourself some money on groceries, health and beauty items, small toys that are great for reward systems for the kids (or the holidays will be here before you know it and will make great stocking stuffers or prizes at a kids birthday party).

I’d like to share with you what I’ve won on low entry giveaways in the LAST MONTH.  The purpose of this is to prove a point.

1.  3 coupons for FREE Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrees
2.  1 coupon for a FREE ANY Gorton’s Seafood Item (and you know some of that stuff is expensive like coconut shrimp, Tilapia, etc)
3.  2 coupons for FREE 6 packs of Aquafina flavor splash + 6 lip glosses
4.  1 Bottle of Fiber Gummies
5.  $50 Card Direct gift code (for personalized greeting cards great for thank you’s, advertise my blog whatever)
6.  2 Teething Bling necklaces (I really wanted to try these and saved myself some money)
7.  2 boxes of Mom’s Best Cereal
8.  An eatsmart kitchen scale (I needed a kitchen scale and again saved myself some money)
9.  $25 gc to Walmart  (who couldn’t use that??)
10.  A Nature Sounds CD  (it was an item of my choice from Twin Sister Productions that’s what I chose)
11. Affordable Scarves gc ( I was able to buy myself to lovely scarves for the upcoming winter with this one)
12.  A coupon for FREE Breyers Ice Cream (um yum!)

That’s just the ones I can remember.  I really don’t spend all day on the computer ( I work every morning and have 3 boys so that couldn’t happen even if I wanted it to)   Now I honestly don’t know what all that adds up to since I don’t know the retail value of some of the actual products i won but I think it would be safe to say at least $100 in savings. 

I just entered a giveaway today to win 2 coke tshirts and 25 mycokereward points.  And 5 OTHER winners will also get 25 mycokereward points.  There was only 5 entries including mine.  Ends tomorrow.

There’s the link, go for it.

So how do you go about finding a Low Entry blog giveaway?  It’s really not that hard.  Here is a list of ways to find them.

1. (My favorite)  Ten Talents blog.  She does a Low entry lowdown EVERY DAY!  I recommend following that blog. 

2.  On twitter there’s a little search bar on the right side.  Type in “low entries” and hit the search.  You will find tweets with bloggers asking for entries (I’m usually there).  That’s how I found out about the coke one.  You can also try variations of the search and you sometimes get more.  Try searching:  Very low entries, Super low entries, low entry, no entries, etc.

3.  Thrifty Things Low Entry giveaway linky.  For giveaways with 75 entries or less.

4.  You can also do searches for low entry blog giveaways on google/blingo/yahoo/etc but this is more unreliable because you’ll usually get a bunch of unrelated stuff too.

5.  Low Entry Giveaways on Mom bloggers giveaways are supposed to be with under 100 entries but some people sneak in a regular one too so you’ll have to check.   

6.  Low entry giveaways ending soon on Tight Wad in Utah

When you enter low entry giveaways it not only gives you the best chances of winning something but it also helps out the blogger.  Bloggers want your entries in their giveaways.

So go ahead, start entering and start saving some money. 

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