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Wishes, She Roars A Dark and Twisted Aladdin Retelling by Angela Kulig and Angela Sanders Genre: YA Fantasy Publisher: Green Envy Press Publication Date: November 1, 2019

Princess Cyra isn’t cursed, and she doesn’t need Aladdin’s wishes to save her kingdom. People are starving in Henjanan but in the palace on the mountain, otherworldly parties continue almost every night. In the middle of the crowd, where colorful veiled ladies dance with young lords and whisper lies and secrets, sits a sultan with a devil on his shoulder—The Grand Vizier—who does far worse than lie, cheat, and kill. Absent from most of these parties is Princess Cyra al-Budur, who seeks to root out the evil inside her country by whatever means necessary—even if it means never marrying or finding love, even if it means donning claws and fur, even if it means giving up everything she has. She doesn’t dare fail. In the middle of a monsoon, with the world raging around her, a chance meeting with the handsome son of wealthy merchants leaves Cyra attempting to outwit a kind soul. Aladdin refuses to believe she doesn’t need to be saved and tries to prevent the inevitable fallout of wishes three. Never After Tales is a series of standalone novels, that can be enjoyed in any order! Goodreads * Amazon

Angela Kulig is an American gypsy, and former pirate. She has been from sea to shining sea–and though she is currently trapped in the desert against her will, she escapes everyday in the form of many books. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Angela Sanders is an International Bestselling author of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. She’s a multi-genre author who also writes psychological thrillers and murder mysteries, her debut novel being, NEVER AGAIN. As a retired Navy Chief, wife, and mother, Angela lives in Kentucky where she enjoys writing, editing, reading, or all three. Her son is the key to her heart; he has the writing bug, wanting to be like his mommy when he grows up. She began her writing journey, first in the political world, and then left it all behind to explore the more fantastical world of fiction. With the help and support of several authors pushing her along, she published her first book in June 2017 and has been writing since–twelve books later, and many more to come. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads * Tumblr * Newsletter

$25 Amazon, Aladdin Lamp, Magic Spell Candle – 1 winner each Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Angie

I'm a wife and a a mom of 4: 3 boys and a girl. I also have 3 fur babies, cats named Soleil, Luna, and a Savannah cat name Malkia. I work part-time outside my home as a COTA/L at a local hospital. I cover Johnstown, Altoona, and Pittsburgh areas. I love to do reviews and host giveaways for my readers. Contact me: angwith4 at gmail dot com if you would like a review.


  1. this cover is intriguing

  2. Jamie Lentz says

    The font for the title of the cover suggests that the book should be a fun read and have a sense of humor!

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  6. Sounds like a wonderful book, love the cover.

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  8. I love the big cat and the title looks like a great read. Very good and interesting cover that draws me into it.