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Visit to Snapology in South Hills Pittsburgh – Luv Saving Money

Visit to Snapology in South Hills Pittsburgh

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**I had the opportunity to review Snapology in South Hills Pittsburgh through the US Family Guide  The visit was my compensation.  Any opinions expressed are my own**

Snapology South Hills building

As a mom who had never been to any Snapology site before.  I did some reading before I went.  It’s a good idea to check the hours to see when they’re open.  We decided to go on Monday January 20 since the weather wasn’t too bad that day and the kids had off of school.  Mondays this particular site is open 10 am until 2 pm.  Tuesday 5:30-7:30 pm, well it’s different hours each day.  Checking out their website makes it easier to plan your trip.

Snapology has a lot of different opportunities for your children.  They host birthday parties, they have cool camps like the LEGO Minecraft camps, combat robot rumble tournament, and lots more.  My 10 yr old son is a LEGO fanatic and he told me he would have loved to do the LEGO Minecraft camp as he is also a Minecraft gamer as well.

We had a little trouble finding the building itself.  I called ahead to confirm hours, address, and get any tips from them as far as if we should bring anything.  There wasn’t.  She just told us to make sure we wear socks because there was a room with an interactive game on the floor that the kids would take their shoes off in.  She also told us that the GPS would tell us we were there when we weren’t quite there.  She told us to make sure we turned onto Highland Park Rd.   Just for anyone else trying to find it you turn left onto Highland Park Rd. from Washington Rd.  You’re turning left into the mall area.  There is a small plaza on your left. Stay in the left lane.  It’s the tan building with the striped awning that I have in the picture above.  I ended up not finding it right away but I called them and the girl was very sweet and stayed on the phone with me until I found it.  I don’t know a lot of places that will do that!

Snapology in the South Hills is located on the 2nd floor.  Go in the entrance I have pictured above. You can take the steps or the elevator to the 2nd floor.  When you get there is’s a very big open room.  You can see LEGO…well lots of LEGO stuff as well as other building materials.  The kids were anxious to get in there and check everything out. They registered us making sure they took info for each kid so they could make sure everyone left together as well.

Blog 001

Bright colors and obvious stations were placed throughout the big room.  There were a couple of other rooms for the classes and camps.  There was also the room with the game on the floor I mentioned earlier.

Blog 006

The area closest to the registration desk is a toddler section that has LEGO Duplo tables and bricks on the floor.  There were soft cubes for parents to sit on in this area.  There were small baskets with more Duplos in them.   There were other small activities nestled in other ares.  I didn’t do a good job of getting it in this hot but there is a red base on the wall in the back with a trough attached. It had letter bricks in it that the kids could attach to the base and spell words or whatever they like.

Blog 007

This was right next to the toddler section.  These large pieces were foam.  There was a ball you could use to make a ball maze of sorts with ramps and tunnels.  My youngest son tried this out.  Actually on my instagram you’ll see my daughter enjoyed playing around with some of these pieces too.

There were things there for each age, skill level, and motor abilities.  My oldest boys are 11 and 10 yrs old. They had fun with a number of things throughout.

Blog 004 Blog 009

The race track was pretty cool.  It was actually a little bigger than what this picture makes it seem.  My boys had fun racing other kids that were at Snapology as well.  They also enjoyed the K’nex coaster that’s pictured in the top pic here.

Blog 008

My daughter is 10 months old.  I initially wasn’t sure how much there was going to be for her to do safely.  We found plenty. This wall in the picture above is metal and has lots of magnets on it.  I sat with her on the floor and she enjoyed pulling the magnets off the wall.  Some  of them moved and spun and she was very interested in those.  She also found a big pile of foam LEGO bricks on the floor as well.

Blog 005

She did also find the small regular LEGO bricks on the floor as she explored so yes, you definitely have to keep an eye on the small ones while you’re there.  They actually have a sign up that if your child is under 5 you must be present with them. If your children are over 5 they actually have a drop off and pick up service.  So let’s say you want to head over to that mall I mentioned you could register your kids, drop them off, go shopping by yourself and come back and pick them up.  You wouldn’t even have to feel guilty because your kids would be having a blast there and there is a pick up and drop off process as I mentioned earlier in this post.  If I had one of  these closer  I could see me using that service when I have a dentist appt. or if I wanted to get some Christmas shopping done around the holidays!

Blog 002

There were other things other than LEGO bricks.  Like this wall race track, the other race track I mentioned, and the room with the game I pictured below.

Blog 003This was my youngest son’s favorite feature.  The game on the floor is projected and changes every so many minutes.  They only allow up to 4 kids in at a time.  In the game pictured my son was playing a sort of whack-a-mole game by stepping on the mice as they popped out of the cheese.  There are lots of games that cycle through though including a bubble popping game and a game where they stop on animated cockroaches…yuck!

Another instagram pic because this one shows the baby getting into the game too.  This particular one was a hockey game and he had to try too kick the puck into the goal.

If you live near the South Hills Pittsburgh, this Snapology site would be a great activity to break up some of the winter cabin fever.  Hands on, encourages creativity, mechanical reasoning, gross and fine motor activities, something for every age.

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You can check out my instagram for a few more pics from our visit to Snapology in the South Hills Pittsburgh :

**Review completed as part of the US Family Guide blogger program.**

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