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The Trail In The Woods Book Tour & Giveaway – Luv Saving Money

The Trail In The Woods Book Tour & Giveaway

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The Trail in the Woods by Stanley C Straub Genre: Science Fiction

Something or someone has encapsulated an entire valley on Earth. The story begins at an abandoned overgrown trail with the scary name of ‘The Devils Tail’. The trail lies a few miles southeast of Portland Oregon. The trail has been around for several years and has many frightening rumors associated with it about why people disappeared while hiking the trail. Two childhood friends get together and chat about the trail. One of the friends, Janet Johnson, an experienced hiker wants to hike the trail and the other Bob Wild is terrified of the trail and doesn’t want to hike it. Bob tells Janet that the reason he is doesn’t want to hike it is because people who hiked the trail never came back. Janet thinks this is silly and just rumors. She finally convinces Bob to reluctantly go with her on the trail. The two of them set out on a thrilling and frightening adventure of a lifetime. What they encounter changes their lives forever. The hike encompasses the interactions of people from two different worlds and the meeting of a Charles Manson type leader who thinks he is God. Goodreads * Amazon

Stanley Straub was a Guided Missile Technician in the Navy and worked as an electrical engineer in the Aerospace Industry. He is a master at crafting technical thrillers that will capture you and thrill you with his stories. Mr. Straub loves writing Science Fiction suspense stories and has been honing his skills by writing spine-tingling stories since he was in grade school. He has his own unique style. If you like reading suspense thrillers, then you will love reading his books. He is the author of three published thrillers, “The Killer Within”, “The Segmented Tail”, and “The Trail in the Woods”. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

I don’t like the looks of that fog,” Bob exclaimed nervously to Janet.
“Don’t be a coward and chicken out on me.”
“I’m not chickening out, just saying I don’t like the looks of that fog,” Bob said as he
opened his car door and stuck his foot out. “Let’s go,” he said, reluctantly.
Janet got out and the two of them walked towards the start of the trail. “That’s weird
looking fog. I wonder what it’s called?”
“People around here call it electrified fog,” he said.
“I’ve never heard of it. That sounds strange. Why do they call it electrified fog?”
“I’m not sure, but people said that their hair stood up and they could feel an electrifying
“I can hardly wait,” Janet said, sounding excited. “Come on let’s go feel the fog.”

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  1. I love the spooky cover. It makes me want to read the book. Thanks for the giveaway!

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