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The Breach Book Tour & Giveaway – Luv Saving Money

The Breach Book Tour & Giveaway

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The Breach: Devon The Guardian Series Book One by C M Bethell Genre: Romantic Suspense, Light Paranormal

A suspenseful narrative of good and evil wrapped in parallel worlds with a unique love story, strong friendships, and glimpses of family ties with twists and turns…is the bonding legend of the Anam Cara real? “Devon Conchobar, a Celtic Guardian of Odin, a parallel world to Earth, carries a dark secret which now confronts him as he endeavors, with the help of his Guardian brothers, to prevent another portal breach that could destroy everything and everyone he loves, including strong willed Keira Cathbadh, with whom he experiences what could be the legendary bonding of the Anam Cara. Was it real, or his imagination? Keira Cathbadh, lost her mother and father the majority of her Clan, in a portal breach on Odin. Devastated, she became the defacto leader of a small band of survivors, guiding them to a new life on Earth. Her determination to keep them safe and record their historical library leads her to an unexpected encounter with the one man who can help her face a new enemy and possibly open her heart. But will Keira be able to forgive Devon’s secret? Or resist the bond of the Anam Cara? Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo

C. M. Bethell is an avid traveler and voracious reader of multiple genres with interests in Celtic myths, shapeshifters, vampires, parallel worlds, Guardians and immortals. Her current series is based on Anam Cara lore with a touch of romantic suspense and a little paranormal thrown into the mix. Bethell enters a new journey as a writer and invites you to come – Enter My World… Website * Facebook * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Odin, homeland of the Guardians
“Mother, you can foresee this is best for our clans.” Devon Conchobar bent
forward, braced his elbows on his knees, and turned toward Danann.
“Devon, mo mac.” She cupped his cheek and pushed an errant strand of hair
behind his ear. “And you understand why our people would resist. Our Gods and
Goddess’ created Odin eons ago as a haven, to save us from the Romans, to save our
beliefs, our heritage. I miss you when you are on the alternate side, but this is home. The
communities have dug deep roots. A few individuals might depart. Brave souls like you
Guardians, but most would decline.”
“I know our history mother.” He rose, paced towards the fiery glow radiating
from the massive fireplace warming the aged stone walls and floor. As a lad, he spent
many a night curled on this worn wool rug seeking warmth. His gaze roamed the dim
room, the comfortable old furniture, his father’s favorite leather armchair.
An old-fashioned tapestry had him pause. It portrayed a skirmish between two
ancient clans. In the gloom, his lips twitched. Our ancestors sure enjoyed a good battle.
His straight hair long and loose from the leather strip fell over his shoulders. He
bent, grabbed the queue from the floor, and ran the thin piece through his fingers. “But
how much longer do you believe we can contain Odin’s existence with the modern
advances of science on Earth? The veil between our worlds is thin. Consider how far the
humans have come since Copernicus and Galileo. One misstep cloaking Odin during a
shuttle launch or…” His gut twisted, icy shivers slipped down his spine. Trouble is
coming. I feel it in my soul. “If that happens, we’re all screwed.”
“All right, I will consult the Runes and meditate on your words, but do not
become too hopeful. We Celts are a stubborn lot.”
He snorted. “I’m well aware!”

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Author: Angie

I'm a wife and a a mom of 4: 3 boys and a girl. I also have 3 fur babies, cats named Soleil, Luna, and a Savannah cat name Malkia. I work part-time outside my home as a COTA/L at a local hospital. I cover Johnstown, Altoona, and Pittsburgh areas. I love to do reviews and host giveaways for my readers. Contact me: angwith4 at gmail dot com if you would like a review.

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