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Rain Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop – Luv Saving Money

Rain Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop

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I’m keeping this one simple. With COVID-19 and stay at home orders I thought maybe people could use an Amazon gift card. Orders something you need, use it to stream a movie or two, whatever you like.

I’m a healthcare worker at a local hospital. We’re one of the few hospitals in my area that have ventilators. I’m still working as of now but since I’m an Occupational Therapy Assistant they’re still figuring things out as to whether we need to see patient’s on isolation for this. I’m thinking eventually we’re going to have to because at least some of those people are going to need to go to rehab and insurances require OT and PT treatment to help with authorization.

I’m hoping you all are doing well. Please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands, maintain social distancing, and we’ll get through this together!


Rain Rain Go Away – $15 Amazon e-gift card

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Author: Angie

I'm a wife and a a mom of 4: 3 boys and a girl. I also have 3 fur babies, cats named Soleil, Luna, and a Savannah cat name Malkia. I work part-time outside my home as a COTA/L at a local hospital. I cover Johnstown, Altoona, and Pittsburgh areas. I love to do reviews and host giveaways for my readers. Contact me: angwith4 at gmail dot com if you would like a review.

95 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop”

  1. I still have to work because I have bills to be paid and unfortunately we are a week to week money in the bank family. I have started a new business venture, which I’m super excited about and has been going well so far.

  2. During Social Isolation I have been busy cooking and organizing my home. I have been ordering on line also.

  3. I think I’m handling social distancing pretty well. I have been watching TV, reading books and going for walks.

  4. I’ve been running errands for our elderly parents and their friends. Plus a lot of baking and making comfort foods.

  5. During social isolation I have been trying to think of more self soothers and distractions.
    Always a big help for me.

  6. Reading, reading and more reading. Almost wish I had a TV. (nah). Talking with friends, Zoom rehearsal with my chorus.
    Thanks for the contest.

  7. We continue with our homeschooling which we have been doing for 11 years now, and we go out shopping and picking up food. Not much different from what we normally do.

  8. Life really hasn’t changed that much for me. I am an old retired lady who lives alone with fur baby. I take fur baby to the park daily (weather permitting), enter sweeps and go to the grocery store once a week, and do a few chores when the spirit moves me. Life goes on. I did have to cut my own hair and am contemplating cutting fur baby’s nails at the risk of being bitten (hey, he’s a chihuahua…how much damage can he do?!)…won’t be the first time or likely the last that I’ve received a “love bite” from the little dude!

  9. I’ve been doing yoga at home, I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone, texting and in televisits with my close friends & family. Binge watched some great series on HBONow and Netflix .

  10. I’m not even going to lie.. I’m entering sweepstakes because I think we’re going to need a lot of supplies and money before this is said and done.

  11. Cleaning, entering giveaways. My father went into the hospital. Babysitting my nephew since I do not know if he will go back to school.

  12. I’ve been cleaning my house, baking, when it’s nice getting out in the yard and getting my flower beds cleaned up and taking walks around the neighborhood.

  13. I’m working from home. Employer was great in quickly providing everything I need to keep doing my job.

  14. I’ve been Spring cleaning, watching movies and TV shows, baking goodies, reading, and playing board games.

  15. I’ve been watching a lot of The King of Queens marathon! Also trying to do things around the house, but that’s not really working haha

  16. I haven’t been doing much different since we stay home anyway. I have enjoyed my youngest daughter being home from college.

  17. Working during the week. Baking, cleaning closets and playing with my dog on the weekends.

  18. I’ve mostly been trying to relax. I got the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which I find very relaxing. I’ve been reading, listening to podcasts, and talking to my mom a lot.

  19. Trying to take it day by day and not let worrying get to me. I’ve enjoyed time with hubby and kids, got to sleep in, cooking for my family much more, time to get chores done and even do a little reading.

  20. We’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning! Today I weeded the entire patio area and cleaned up old fall leaves. My husband cut the grass. Our house is looking good!

  21. I have been playing board games with the family, binge-watching suits with my son on Amazon or doing puzzles, baking.

  22. What have you been doing during social isolation? I am a senior so I already had things to do crafting, reading, internet. I do miss spending time with family and friends but face time is great But I am really to the point I need to go shopping not to buy just to be out and looking feeling free

  23. I have been doing some Spring cleaning as well as reading, watching tv/movies and trying out some new recipes.

  24. I’ve been working from home, and taking advantage of free trials and watching a lot of movies.

  25. I have slept more than usual and watch more television than I normally would.

  26. I have been on relying on TV, IPad, Prayers and Snacks (TIPS) Thanks for the giveaway.πŸ’•πŸ’‹

  27. I’ve been staying home playing marbles on Stream & doing some genealogy research!
    Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  28. I work for the postal service, so things are the same as always for me, except the mail volume is light. The only thing different from usual is that I go hunting for toilet paper or groceries when I get off work most nights.

  29. We have been doing work around the house , but also have been taking it easy.

  30. We cleared out our backyard- it was overgrown and we added a treehouse, swimming pool and a camping section! My kids now have an oasis area to hang out and have plenty to do!

  31. I have been watching movies, cleaning out closets and drawers, cooking, and playing video games.

  32. Lots of helping the kids with their school work, cooking and cleaning. It’s never ending, haha.

  33. I was at first recovering, with a lot of TV. Now getting ready to go back to work.

  34. I have been listening to a lot of music! I’ve also been picking up old hobbies that I haven’t done in a long time, especially arts & crafts.

  35. I’ve been keeping my granddaughters alot because their parents have to work.

  36. I play on the computer, watch TV, work around the house. I do the same things I did before the quarantine.

  37. I have been cooking, watching movies, doing puzzles and hubby and I planted a veggie garden.

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