Pedi-Derm Bum Paste Review

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**I received the below mentioned product in order to complete a review.  No other compensation has been received.  Any opinions expressed are my own**

Being a mom of 4 and a blogger, I’ve tried quite a few diaper creams since the early days of me being a mom.  I’ve learned what kinds of creams work(ed) well for my kids and which ones don’t.  I’ve learned that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better and I’ve learned that expensive brands can sometimes be a better value depending on the product.

I had the opportunity to try Letourneau’s Pharmacy Pedi-Derm Bum Paste. With  my 15 month old daughter in diapers and her sensitive skin, she seems to get diaper rash more times than I care to admit. So I said yes to the opportunity.



The Pedi-Derm Bum Paste comes in a 4 oz container with a twist off lid.  It uses an age old recipe that’s “tried and true” according to the video on the website. It has a 30 day money back guarantee.  It’s compounded in Andover, MA.

Opening the container was easy with the twist off lid and ridges along the lids that made it easier to grip.  Once opened you see a thick white paste.  I pressed my finger tip in to get some out of the container.



For my kids, I’ve found that thicker pastes like this seem to work well because it creates a more effective barrier for moisture.  Just a tip though, I’ve also found it’s not just moisture or the irritants in urine and feces that cause the diaper rash.  My daughter was getting terrible diaper rash almost weekly for a while.  We didn’t know why.  We stayed on top of changing her diapers, we applied diaper creams at each change, we let her crawl around without a diaper for a while to let the air get to it, made sure to use unscented wipes, gave her a bath each night.  We ended up figuring out it was the diapers.  For whatever reason, we could not use Pampers brand diapers with her.  We started using LUVS and the diaper rash incidents reduced dramatically.  The diaper creams thought helped to heal the damage already done.  Thick creams like this , I believe, helped her skin from getting much worse than it was until we figured out the cause.

The Pedi-Derm Bum Paste is a great example of a good barrier cream.  Perfect to put on for overnights, diaper rash that’s already present, or as a preventative with each diaper change.  My daughter had a light diaper rash on her bum so I started applying this almost as soon as I got it. It worked well to heal her mild diaper rash.  Then after a week or so my daughter acquired a diaper rash that was more moderate.  I applied this and after only 2 days it was almost completely gone.  The only thing  about this product is the price.  It sells for $19.99 a jar.  Yes it is a good diaper rash paste but the price tag puts it out of reach for those of us on a budget.  I’ll tell you this though, I have about 5 different diaper rash creams sitting around the house.  This is the first one I go for if I want to heal it in a hurry.

You can find Pedi-Derm Bum Paste on:


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**Product received for review, regardless I only complete honest reviews**

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  1. We had the same issues with pampers. My son is now 2 and only wears diapers at night but we still have issues as well. I will have to order this cause he gets so bad that all he wants to do is lay with legs up naked. Ugh I hate seeing like that as well

  2. This sounds like a great product and thank you for your review.

  3. Sounds like a great product but as you mentioned the price tag is a bit steep. When I was little my mom could only use Luvs on me as the others broke me out horribly bad. Great review and thanks for sharing

  4. (Pedi-Derm Bum Paste Review) I can remember my children having some pretty awful diaper rashes when they were babies. Sometimes it was hard to find a product that helped to start healing it. This one sounds great!

  5. Maryann D. says

    I do wish I had this when my kids were young. It seems like they have better products now, they had such sensitive skin as babies.