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Winner for the NFL Steeler Logo Bandz — Pam drew lucky number 1

Pam said…

I follow. I like the Dallas Cowboys.

Winner for the eos—evolution of smooth products giveaway—eco friendly and frugal
I subscribe to the RSS feed!

Lucky number 15 on that one

Got2b Smooth Operator winnerKim lucky number 50 for this one.

The comments on this one were all kinds of crazy. I had to write them down and number because the comments were saying there were 80 but in reality there were only 74 because there were irrelevant comments posted on the giveaway that i had to delete but blogger was still counting them as a comment.  That will be my next DIY tuturial I look up…numbered comments.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Curious George Exhibit and Upcoming Review.

My family and I are not going on a “vacation” this year. We’re saving money to get a practical family car next month. I really wanted to do something fun and different as a family though. What would be exciting and not cost an arm and a leg? I started thinking of Pittsburgh, PA. So much to offer but we don’t take advantage of the opportunities as much as I’d like to. My main thought was “Well, we haven’t been to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh yet”.  Since I’ve never been there I went to the website to see what they have to offer my family.

The options and activities that the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh   offer are almost overwhelming.  I had no idea it would be so exciting.  The exhibits sound like so much fun.  I’m going to try to contain myself here and not let my inner child get out of hand…BUT…

1. They have a Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood exhibit.  You can swing on his porch swing, you can try on a sweater and sneakers when you go in just like Mr. Roger’s did, climb aboard the neighborhood trolley, visit the castle and put on a puppet show, and lots, lots more. See for yourself here: More info on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Exhibit 

2.  The Nursery—This exhibit is for the babies and toddlers in your family.  Like “baby play”  for non-mobile infants and children like tummy time activites, and creeping and crawling activities.  Then there’s the “Art bridge and Texture path” for sensory development (the Occupational Therapy Assistant in me says “yay Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh!) and more activies in The Nursery: The Nursery Exhibit

More exhibits like the Garage and Workshop, Waterplay, and more:  Even more exhibits

Then there’s the current Temporary Exhibit:  Curious George: Let’s Get Curious that includes things like:
1.  Apartment Building:  where you can use pulleys to move Curious George throughout the apartment building
2. Construction Site: where you…I mean your kids… can design a building in the construction trailer then get to work building it
3.  Sidewalk Produce Sale: where kids can be the customer or salesperson and weigh, sort and count produce.

There are even more activities including Meet Curious George LIVE every Wed. at 11:30 am and every Sat. at 2 pm until October 2, 2010.

To see more activities and for even more information on the Curious George: Let’s Get Curious exhibit visit this site: you can sign up for emails here to get special offers, tips, and discounts.

  Text “GEORGE” to 77007 to receive special offers and discounts via text message


While the exhibits sound like a full day of fun already, there’s even more at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh also offers classes for kids like: Tot Time for children ages 18 mo to 3 yrs with hands on activities, songs, and more using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. There’s also Woodworking Classes, Prototype day and more in this category as well.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh also offers workshops and camp ins, Birthday parties, Games, and more.

I contacted the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  My family and I will be visiting Aug. 14 with a pass they are providing to see the museum for ourselves and provide a review for you…my readers!  So be on the look out for my review in August

Children’s Place Monster Sale 50% select styles

I LOVE The Children Place. I think they have great prices and nice clothes anyway but I especially love it when they have sales. They have their Monster Sale going on with 50% select styles.
Look for the “Monster Sale” banner towards the bottom of the main page.  They have sunglasses for kids for $1.50, $2 flip flops, jean shorts for $7.25 (for big boys) and more.

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Upcoming review of CSN Stores

I know some of you have seen information lately about I decided to check them out. Looking through I saw an array of products. Just about anything you might be looking for, for you home like lights for instance.  My husband and I are always looking for cost effective ways to improve our home,  lights are an easy and cost effective way to increase the look and warmth of the inside or outside  of your home. When adding outdoor lights it can also increase the safety of the outside of your home.  Walkways are more visible.  You’re able to see who’s is coming toward your house.  Your children can play in the backyard just a little longer with a good flood light.  Set the ambiance of your outdoor pond or garden with accent lights. There’s a lot of things that adding lighting to your home can do.  They don’t have to be expensive to serve the purpose.

                                                                Kichler accent spotlights

My husband and I were talking about wall sconces in our foyer.  I think these ones from
are beautiful and inexpensive.

                                                                               Coventry 1 light wall sconce pewter

These are only a couple examples of’s great lighting selection. has over 200+ stores to choose from.  If your looking for say, toys for your child’s upcoming birthday, they have that.

Maybe your looking at meeting your fitness goals and want to look at exercise equipment. Yea, they have that too.  

Me I’m in the market for a new 2 quart saucepan.  I used the only 1 I had to make candles now I can’t use it to cook in. Though, it’s going to be tough choosing since we also need an exhaust fan in our bathroom and this one is just too cute in the  lights section.

Stop in to   
or any of the other 200+ stores that has to offer.  You’re sure to find what you were looking for.  Or maybe something will find you.  

Have you added lighting somewhere inside or outside of your home? How did it change the look and quality of the space?

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Create a signature for your blog for free

The Frugal Free Gal has a great tutorial on how to make a free blog signature. I’m still gonna mess around with mine and see which style I like best but you can see an example at the bottom of this post. If you want to create your own you can go to her post:

It took me all of 3 minutes to do. thanks!

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