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Murder? Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 3 by Christer Tholin Genre: Mystery Crime Thriller

Christina’s idyllic existence with her husband Patrik comes to an abrupt end when Patrik suddenly vanishes from their suburban home in Stockholm. Christina is precipitated into a hellishly desperate and anguished search for Patrik – which after six weeks turns up nary a trace of him. At her wits end, she contacts local sleuths Lars and Elin, who, after a brief investigation, reach the conclusion that Patrik simply decided to abandon his cushy existence to embark on a new life –without Christina. Lars and Elin ultimately trace Patrik’s movements to the wooded wilds of northern Sweden, but too late – he’s found dead. The police rule his death an accident, but Christina thinks otherwise – and so she asks Lars and Elin to do a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding Patrik’s demise. Was his death really accidental, or was foul play involved? And was the mysterious Natalia somehow implicated? Unfortunately, none of the countless leads that Lars and Elin follow up gets them any closer to solving the mystery of Patrik’s death. But then they get a startling break that results in Christina having to make a tricky and extremely consequential decision that plunges our three protagonists into a life or death struggle. MURDER? is the third, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series. If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will love Christer Tholin’s sleuth series. **Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Goodreads * Amazon Secrets? Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 2

“Dammit! She’d made a huge mistake. She’d never make it out of here – they were going to kill her.” In the crime novella SECRETS?, fledgling private investigator Elin Bohlander takes on what looks like an easy assignment — at first: to determine if her client’s boyfriend is having an affair with another woman. To do this, Elin follows him to a secluded cabin in the woods, where she soon discovers that what’s actually transpiring is stranger than anyone thought. Having ventured too far, she’s stumbled upon a hornet’s nest and put her life at risk. But it’s too late. Can Elin win the unequal fight against a gang of brutal child molesters? SECRETS? is the second, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series. In the previous novel VANISHED?, Elin and her colleague Lars solve their first case together. If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will love Christer Tholin’s sleuth series. **Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Goodreads * Amazon

Vanished? Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 1

“He could only hope he’d get out of here in one piece.” To come to terms with his recent divorce, Martin, an attorney in Berlin, plans a peaceful vacation – two weeks in a Swedish summer house seem to be the solution. It won’t be peaceful, however, and those two weeks will change his life forever. He takes a liking to Liv, a Swedish woman whom he meets in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, they don’t get to have their first date – Liv disappears under mysterious circumstances. Martin begins his search but soon realizes he can’t find Liv in a foreign country by himself. He hires two private investigators, and their discoveries make everything seem even stranger. The complexities in this suspenseful criminal case lead to a hunt across Sweden. Martin comes close to finding answers, but his search lands him in very real danger, eventually leading to the first deaths. Soon he‘s wondering if he can get Liv and himself out of this situation alive. **Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Goodreads * Amazon

Christer Tholin grew up in the North of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. Today, he lives together with his family in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works as a management consultant. Already for ages he has been a great fan of crime stories and therefore, had the desire to write his own crime story with the characters acting in Sweden. This crime-fiction is now available under the title “Vanished?”. The crime novel starts at a slower pace – like Martin’s holidays, but the tension goes up more and more. It comes to a number of surprising turns giving new impulses to the story. Apart from that, the lovely country Sweden is described with the view of a foreigner. Website * Facebook * Amazon * Goodreads $20 Amazon

Excerpt “Vanished?” by Christer Tholin
They left the house and ran to the driveway. There they heard the sound of an engine rapidly approaching.
“Damn, somebody’s coming. Quick, into the woods!”
They rushed behind the house and into the trees, where before them was a narrow path. Martin tried to
keep his voice muted: “We’ll cut through the woods to my car. Follow me!”
He followed the wooded pathway for a short stretch, then veered to the right through the trees. It was
muddy and difficult to negotiate; that meant they weren’t going to make headway very quickly. “We have
to try not to make any noise.”
Liv nodded.
They moved slowly around the house. The vehicle had now arrived; it was the black pickup.
“Shit.” Martin cursed. Liv held on firmly to his shirtsleeve. “Shouldn’t we try to escape through the
woods instead?”
“Do you know your way around here?”
“No.” Liv looked around. “How far is it to my summerhouse?”
“Liv, we’re in Dalarna, really close to your husband’s summerhouse.”
“What?” Liv opened her eyes wider and pressed her hands to her mouth.
Martin looked at her: “To my car?”
She nodded.
They kept moving cautiously through the woods, able to hear the driver getting out and going up to the
house. It couldn’t be much longer until he noticed that Liv’s things were missing; then he would go into
the cellar and…
Gradually they put more distance behind them and approached the driveway. Martin looked back and
believed they could now leave their cover without risk. It went faster on the driveway; Martin’s shoulder
ached with every step, but now was the time to keep his teeth clenched. Just as he unlocked the car, he
heard a sound from the house. The man had come out the door and roared something that Martin didn’t
understand. Liv looked at him with horror. As fast as they could, they climbed into the car. Martin started
it; unfortunately, he still had to turn it around, and there was very little space to do so. Twice he backed
up until he could finally drive off. At that very moment, the engine of the pickup revved behind them. He
looked in the rear-view mirror; the truck was already approaching them. He hit the gas. The car reacted
and lurched forward with a jerk. Martin drove as fast as he could; Liv was frightened; she held on to the
armrest and looked around from back to front.
“Faster! Please!”
“I’m trying to.”
Martin pushed the pedal harder. The main road lay in front of them – he knew he wouldn’t make the
curve at that speed. Even so he kept driving at the same velocity; a brief glance revealed the pickup
directly behind them. The engine was loud, and the black steel fenders in front of the hood were coming
dangerously close. At the intersection to the main road, Martin braked slightly, hoping to make it onto the
dirt road without
landing in the ditch. Gripping the steering wheel with all his strength, the Audi swung around, and it
looked like they would make it. But the pickup had other plans. It didn’t intend to make the curve. The
driver swerved slightly to the right and rammed the Audi from the side just as they reached the bend. The
Audi’s rear end slung around towards the woods. Liv screamed, both airbags deployed and Martin braked
with everything in his power. The car came to a stop diagonally across the road.
Before Martin recovered his seven senses, the door was swung open, and he was staring down the barrel
of a rifle. The man roared something in Swedish. Martin didn’t understand a word, but it was clear,
nonetheless, what the man wanted. Martin got out and raised his arms. Behind him, Liv crawled out of the
car. She said something to the man, who tersely roared back, and Liv fell silent. The man wore a green
parka with a high turned-up collar. Other than that he wore a baseball cap. Because of this, little of his
face was visible. Dishevelled dark hair and a large, somewhat red nose. With the rifle, the man motioned
them to the pickup. He opened the hatch over the bed and said something. Liv scrambled in; Martin
behind her. They had to lie down, then the hatch was closed tightly. Liv felt for his hand and held onto it
firmly. The bed smelled like cement and leaves. It was cold.
Completely dark.
The pickup started up, turned around and drove off.
A few minutes later, the hatch was opened again, the man directed them into the house, down the stairs

and into the cellar. He motioned them to sit on the bed and looked around the room. The rifle was still
pointing at them. The man cursed, kicked the table so that it flew over the threshold of the doorway, then
he left the room. A key turned in the lock.
Martin and Liv looked at each other. Liv bent her head and laid it on Martin’s shoulder. She was crying.
Martin put his arm around her.
He could think of nothing to comfort her. The situation was quite hopeless.

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