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Macy’s Black Friday Sale + a Black Friday Coupon Code!! – Luv Saving Money

Macy’s Black Friday Sale + a Black Friday Coupon Code!!

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So you know I already posted about Macy’s Black Friday ad but today I have a coupon code for 20% off that can be used on Black Friday sale items!  Macy’s Black Friday sale now means even more savings! And did you see the FREE after rebate deals on the first page for those brave enough to go in-store!
I’m eyeballing this Crux Nonstick copper 5 piece baking set.  I need some new baking sheets for my holiday baking this year.  This set looks awesome and if I can use the additional 20% off coupon too, that would be huge savings!
Tons of items on sale: small appliances, clothes, toys, gift set, fragrances and more.

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