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I received the below mentioned product in order to complete in order to complete this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

Expecting parents do a lot to prepare for the arrival of a little one.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the 5th, there’s always some needs: diapers, clothes, things to help them learn and grow, feeding items, etc.  As a mom of 4 myself, I remember my big baby shower for my first child then the sprinkles that different coworkers threw for me for the others.  I never expected them but always thought it was very thoughtful of them.

One thing I learned is there are certain things it seems we can never get enough of.

  • disposable diapers for those that use disposable
  • clothes – between diaper explosions, spit up messes, and extra clothes in the diaper bag it seems I never had enough clothes.  Bigger clothes especially from 6 months to 12 months.
  • Books — this one was not necessarily immediately evident.  When I’d start reading books to them nightly I started growing tired of some of the same titles.  It was always nice to have a new book to throw in the mix.
  • Formula if formula feeding or nursing pads and freezer storage bags if breast feeding.
  • Storage containers for things like: baby grooming tools, open diapers, toys, baby oral care items, bath tub toys, etc.

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IncrediBundles.com can help you give a gift they’ll appreciate. They let you give the gift of diapers that keeps on giving like the year of diapers bundle, or the gift of reading that can effect a child’s interest in reading for a life time. A year of baby books would certainly give mom and dad plenty to read to their little ones developing mind. You can also create a custom bundle to personalize your gift just for their growing family.

I was given a budget of $50 to try IncrediBundles for myself.  I initially wasn’t sure how far I’d get with a $50 budget but it turns out, I was able to put together a nice bundle for $50.

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In my bundle I chose to add the special Incredibundles storage box.  It’s quite sturdy. I’ve found with my 2 year old that out of site is sometimes out of mind.  If I put things in boxes with lids she’s not as apt to pull certain things off shelves.  Plus it would make a really nice gift box if when giving IncrediBundles as a gift. I also chose 2 regular books and one bathtub book.  My daughter just loves the Touch and Feel Wild Animals book.  It’s really neat how each page has some tactile sensations for them to help learn about the animals.  I got an egg shaker because what baby or toddler doesn’t like to make noise?  The egg shaker is just the perfect size for her little hands too.  Lastly I chose the Aquatopia Safety bath time audible thermometer for my kit.  My daughter loves her baths. I’ve been accused of taking really hot showers myself.  When I draw a bath for my youngest son, he’ll sometimes tell me it feels too hot so I’ll have to add more cold water.  Not sure what is wrong with me that I don’t feel the same thing they do but this thermometer has definitely helped.  Just kerplunk this cute turtle thermometer in the tub.  Within seconds it gives you an accurate reading of the bath water temp.  It beeps if water is too hot or too cold and gives you a temperature reading.

If you’re expecting, you can also create a baby registry on IncrediBundles.com.


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