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Kellee Maize — Aligned Archetypes Album Review and Giveaway: Go Pittsburgh! 10 winners US—CLOSED – Luv Saving Money

Kellee Maize — Aligned Archetypes Album Review and Giveaway: Go Pittsburgh! 10 winners US—CLOSED

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If I asked you to name a hip-hop artist from Pittsburgh, you might be hard-pressed to come up with a name.  Now, how about a female hip-hop artist.  Even harder, right?

Into the blank, you can insert: Kellee Maize.  If you read through Kellee Maize’s bio you find that she moved to Pittsburgh as a teen.  Went to college at the University of Pittsburgh.  Worked for a Pittsburgh paper and eventually became an Events and Promotions Director.  Along with various personal life struggles she says she found an outlet through writing and music.  She has also founded a socially conscience, female owned and operated company called “Nakturnal” that has turned into a leading marketing and events organization for the area.  There is much more to this story.  Read on here: Kellee’s Bio.   While you’re there, explore her “archetypes” pictured throughout this post.

Now Kellee Maize is the #1 female hip hop artist on in the last month and has been in the top 10 on for 6 months!  Try something for me will ya?  Go to  and google “female rapper”.  See what comes up.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…..

What did you see?  Kellee Maize right, as number 1?  If you didn’t, you didn’t do the search.  That’s ok, I’m happy you trust me 🙂

Kellee Maize’s album Aligned Archetypes is a collection of music influenced with House, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, and more along with her strong female lyrics.  Her spiritualism also spices her music.

You can download the entire album FREE on

Being a Pennsylvania girl and former Pittsburgh dweller myself I’m closing this review with one of my favorite tracks “City of Champions”  For all you proud Pittsburghers and Steeler and Penguins fans. (18+ only please due to some profanity).


I’m so very excited to announce this one.  While you can download the whole album for free on (and I already have) Kellee is giving 10 of my readers their own physical, autographed, copy of Aligned Archetypes along with a cool friendship bracelet.  US 18 years of age or older. 

Mandatory Entry:   Visit Kellee Maize’s website: and tell me either something you learned about Kellee that i didn’t already state in this review OR tell me your favorite song by Kellee Maize. (This must be completed to be entered. Don’t forget to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win).

Bonus Entries:  Leave a separate comment for each entry completed.  If there is a +1 leave one comment for that entry, +2 leave two comments for that entry, and so on.

1.  Download Kellee Maize’s album FREE from Aligned Archetype [Explicit]     (+2)

2.  “like” Kellee Maize on facebook (+1)

3.  follow Kellee Maize on twitter (+1)

4.  Subscribe to Kelle Maize’s Youtube channel (+1)

5.  Blog about this giveaway including a link to this post.  Leave a comment with the link to your post (+5)

6.  Tweet about this giveaway using the RT button above or you can copy and paste this message:

”  Enter to win a autographed copy of @KELLEEMAIZE album Aligned Archtypes from @angiewith3 10 winners US 11/1

Can tweet 2 x per day at least 2 hours apart (+1 for each tweet)

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8.  Leave this message as your status update on facebook (+1) 

Enter to win an autographed copy of @Kellee Maize ‘s  album Aligned Archtypes from Free Stuff, Fun Sites, Contests, and More  10 winners US 11/1

***I downloaded the album for free via and will also be receiving a free physical copy of Kellee Maize’s album.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own.***

10 winners will be chosen using from qualified entries.  Giveaway closes 11/1 and winner will be notified no later than 11/2. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or another winner will be chosen.


Pretty much if you left a comment here you won lol. 

**I did not receive any compensation for this post***

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Author: Angie

I'm a wife and a a mom of 4: 3 boys and a girl. I also have 3 fur babies, cats named Soleil, Luna, and a Savannah cat name Malkia. I work part-time outside my home as a COTA/L at a local hospital. I cover Johnstown, Altoona, and Pittsburgh areas. I love to do reviews and host giveaways for my readers. Contact me: angwith4 at gmail dot com if you would like a review.

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  1. LoL, I will tell you something… YOU DON’T KNOW. Laura Petrilla has a boyfriend named Matt Macri and…… that is my Husbands son.

    Laura is a wonderful photographer, I don’t think she goes anywhere without her camera.

    One thing you didn’t tell us is how BEAUTIFUL Kellee is

  2. She takes AWESOME photos! I love her look on life! Thanks for the opportunity. I didn’t know her until just recently. My teens do though.

    arteachersusan at gmail dot com

  3. I’m a new fan of Kellee. The first time I listened to her songs I they blew me away. She’s the only female rapper I like and she’s the most beautiful as well..She’s a very good gymnast also which is why her dance and movements on her videos were graceful. Oh I love Kellee! Too bad I’m not a US resident.;0(

  4. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks

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