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Keep the spirit of Chrismas this season when you consider donations – Luv Saving Money

Keep the spirit of Chrismas this season when you consider donations

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I know, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet Ang, why are you talking about Christmas?  Well I saw a few threads today on different sites regarding toy donations for children.  Mostly in reference to charities like Angel Tree and adopt-a-family type of donations.

It seems some people have mixed feelings about a child’s wish on these types of things.  Before you get all riled up and complain about a wish on an angel tree or want to put a child or family down for something they listed consider this.

The statement “They’re asking for Xbox games and Wii games so they obviously have a game system. I don’t even have a game system.  I don’t thin they really need help”

Consider this:  Maybe they do have a game system but did you consider how they may have got it? Perhaps the children really wanted one so they worked all year cutting grass, shoveling snow, raking leaves for people around town, pulled their money together and bought it.  That would show work ethics and goal oriented behavior.

Another example, a coworker told me they had adopted a family from their school.  The didn’t know what to get each person individually so they decided to get a Wii and some games that the whole family could play.  It was a donation.

Perhaps a neighbor or friend knew they weren’t well off, when they decided to upgrade from the ps2 to the ps3 they gave the old game system to them.

The statement:  “I only stick to the needs, I think it’s selfish for them to ask for things like LEGO sets and electronics that are expensive”

Consider this: They’re children.  A lot of children want what other kids have.  Should they only be asking for coats and socks and never take the chance that, perhaps Santa might bring them a toy this year?  Does your own child only ask for clothes and practical things?  These children have no hope of obtaining these items in other ways and they wish on the generosity of strangers.

The statement: “I think there should be an age limit.  Why are teenagers on the tree?

Consider this:  Most likely the teenager’s brother(s) and/or sister(s) is on the tree too.  While a 14 year old may have a better understanding of finances and reality more so than say a 5 year old is it fair for them to sit there on Christmas and watch their siblings open gifts while they have nothing?

These are just a few that I’ve been seeing.  If you can’t afford to buy those things for donation (which I know I can’t) then don’t buy them, there are some that do OR consider just giving a cash donation in the amount you can afford to the charity.  I’ve been told that any wishes left on the angel tree for instance the charity takes donated money and buy things for whoever didn’t get picked.  You could help out that way.

It’s Christmas, try to keep the spirit of Christmas, be kind to your fellow man.  Set the judging aside for a while.  Realize that Christmas is a magical time for most children, children have hopes and wishes.  They probably have no other legitimate way of getting the toy they really want.  That make a wish and hang it on a tree hoping their santa clause will find them. Consider why you’re thinking about donating.  Is it more to make yourself feel good or to help someone in need?

Donate for the right reasons, try to keep an open mind and think about what you’re own children would wish for.  I’m not saying you should break the bank to donate but there are lots of ways if you want to donate to do what is affordable to you and still help in the best way.

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Author: Angie

Mom, blogger, social media influencer, healthcare worker

One thought on “Keep the spirit of Chrismas this season when you consider donations”

  1. Angie this post really opened up my eyes a bit. I realize that I tend to be a little too judgmental at times. I’m like you, I can’t really afford to buy for these kids but if someone can and they can buy them an Xbox game that is great. I donate and help where I can though but I’d love to be able to provide for other families and I appreciate the people who can.

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