Coolest Skeleton Decorations for Halloween

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No it’s not too early to talk about Halloween decor. If anyone tells you that stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. I’m always looking for halloween ideas. I have a thing for skeleton decorations and zombie decorations in particular.

Oriental Trading has a huge selection of skeleton decor. They put out some new ones there and they are definitely going to be added to my closet..(hee hee get it, skeletons in the closet) Ok sorry, moving on. I’m ready to hand over my wallet because I have a notion to set up several different Halloween scenes in my yard.

Check out the 10 Coolest skeleton decorations for Halloween.

Mermaid Skeleton

So for this one I’m thinking it would be cool to set up a pirate chest with this and some skeleton rats and stuff around it.

Unicorn Skeleton

So we have some trees and bushes up front and I’m thinking it would be cool to hang fairy lights, have this guy peeping out of the bushes, and maybe put my zombie gnomes throughout the garden too.

Skeleton Dragon

So we have this weird, kind of hill or whatever you want to call it at the end of our driveway. There used to be trees there that were cut down before we ever moved in so there’s tree stumps there too. It’s close to the road but higher than the cars. I think it would be cool to sit this guy up there with one of those fire flicker lights.

Cobra Skeleton

So this guy would be cool to put at the bottom of the steps near our side garden, I’m thinking.

Skeleton Dog

We have a side entrance to our house that most people tend to use. I think he needs to stand guard at that door. Maybe there’s a pile of bones beside him.

Skeleton Iguana

I really don’t have ideas for this one. I just don’t know why I shouldn’t by a skeleton iguana. How cool is this thing? Maybe it goes in the downstairs bathroom lol.

Skeleton Frog

That little side garden I mentioned where the skeleton cobra might be hiding. Yea he’s going to go in that garden. If I had a little pond he’d go there but I don’t.

Skeleton Crocodile

If I had a pond, lake, or water fixture this would go there. If you have a pool or pond and don’t get one of these, we can’t be friends.

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