Vinyl Wall Art Buying Tips

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Interior decorating is one of the biggest trends today.
It is something that people take very seriously.
A lot of the time, painting the wall a single color is just not enough.
They want to make a statement, and make their room stand out.
Using vinyl wall art decals from
is a great way for people to
add their own touch in a space.
One of the reasons why people love using these decals is because it adds
an artistic touch to any room.
It is no wander that the decals are quickly gaining in popularity.
It is easy to use, and makes any room look great.


The sky is the limit when it comes to decals.
People can use pretty much anything that they want to.
It is a great way to add a focal point to any room.
For a lot of people,  wall art stickers are a
lot more than just of decorating a wall space.
It is a chance for decorators
and home owners to express themselves.
For example, you can design your quotes
for your own space.
They can use it to add a personal touch to any room.
It is a modern way to add creativity and personality.


There are different ways to get a hold of these vinyl wall art decals. Different home decorating shops sell them.
There are even different printing shops that can print one for an individual.
This is a great option for those who have a specific design in mind.


There are also different online shops that offer the same service.
These shops have tons of designs that people can choose from,
or they also have the option to submit their own design.
Buying from an online shop means that people
do not have to leave the comfort of their own homes.
This makes the process of choosing and purchasing
so much easier and hassle free.


People always want to make sure that they get their money’s worth
with any item that they purchase.
This is also true when buying  art decals.
There are different shops that sell these items.
This means that each one may be higher quality than others.
It could be tricky to figure out where to get these decals.
There are a few things that people should do to make sure
that they get the best one that they possibly can.
These tips are very easy to do,
and it can change the way that people buy their vinyl wall art.

1. A reputable shop

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It does not matter if a person purchases his decals from
an actual shop or one that is online.
He always has to make sure that the shop is one that
can be trusted and sells high quality items.
People use vinyl  to decorate their homes.
They cannot afford to waste time and money on decals that are
just not what they are looking for.


Before actually buying one, people should always do a bit of research.
This might just seem like extra work for some,
but it will pay off in the end. A lot of shops that sell decals have websites online
that people are free to access at all times.
These websites will contain everything that people need to know about the item
from how to install it to how to maintain it.
An individual can also access to catalog to choose the design that he wants to.


If people want a more objective description of the decals,
they can always visit different online forums.
This is where people go to if they want to write a review about different shops.
Forums are filled with different tips and opinions that people can
use to choose where to buy their vinyl wall art decals.


2. Durability is important.


Vinyl wall art is not designed to be permanent,
but this does not mean that durability is not important.
People have to make sure that they get the decals that will actually last quite long.
Decals can last on a wall for a few months up to a couple of years.
The last thing that people want is for their decals to start
falling off the wall when they are not supposed to.


This is why they should always make sure that the ones that they buy are durable.
They should be able to stick well, and they should not get damaged easily.


There are vinyl arts that are designed to be placed indoors,
and there are others that are made for outdoors.
People have to make sure that they use the right one for the right place.
Decals that are meant for outdoor use should be able to withstand the elements.
Things like sunshine and rain should be no problem for them.


Durability is very important when looking for wall art,
but this is just one of the several things that people should look for to get the best decal
that they possibly can.

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3. Choose a classy design

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The great thing about wall art decals is that it gives people a wide range of designs and styles to choose from.
They absolutely love the sheer variety of it, but this means that there is also a chance that people
can choose something that is tacky.
The type of vinyl art that people should get should depend on the room and the owner’s preference.


For people who feel like they do not have the creativity required to choose the right decal,
they can always consult an interior designer or they can get inspiration
from different magazines and television shows.


Even if vinyl art is temporary, people should choose designs that will complement the entire room.
This does not give them a reason to just waste their money on decals that they
will not use because it is not the right design.


Vinyl wall art decals can make any space look great. It adds the personal to touch to a room that people
are always looking for. These tips may seem like additional work, but it is definitely worth doing
if people are looking to use the best decals available to them.

Blogging and Professionalism

Every once in a while I’m motivated to blog about something due to an experience.  This is one of those posts.

Working in a hospital, we are obligated to be professional.  Being professional has a lot of different perspectives and ideas.  One business’s professional standards may be different from another.  By this I mean dress codes, appearance of employees, appropriate conversations etc.  An example of this could be tattoos.  If you work in a tattoo parlor, bar, design maybe this is acceptable in terms of a business environment and employees.  (Please I have nothing against tattoos but I know many businesses have dress code rules on this matter).  Where I work, you are not allowed to have visible tattoos.  If you have them on your forearms, for example, you are required to wear long sleeves to cover them.

What about with blogging?  For some, your blog is your business, or at least, you hope it one day will be.  For others, it may just be an outlet.  There could possibly be a hundred reasons people keep a blog.  If you’re blog is a business (or hopeful one) professionalism is necessary to obtain and keep your clients.  I think most bloggers are aware of that and do follow through with that.  Where some bloggers kind of forget sometimes is in forums  or sites off-blog.

Myself, I am active on several forums, product review sites, social sites, etc.  I always link up my blog where it’s acceptable to do so. In this way your name is attached to your brand (blog). I was recently on a site.  I won’t say where (for the purpose of this post it’s not important).  There was an on-going conversation amongst some bloggers.  The conversation was less than professional.  It was a site where companies are too. When blogging is your business you need to be aware of your surroundings.  In this particular setting not only is it not good for the bloggers who are involved in the conversation but it also takes credentials away from the bloggers who are trying to maintain  an appropriate business environment. 

Yes there are times that we need to vent. Maybe you have an issue with another blogger.  Maybe you didn’t like a comment somebody left on a particular subject.  Whatever it is, if you can’t let it go than go to that person directly.  By email, by twitter DM, facebook IM, just privately not posted all over a public forum.  Approach them respectfully.  Sometimes what you hear is not the whole truth or was misinterpreted.  Think about how you would like to be treated and approached.  I think that is the bottom line to professionalism.

I’m not perfect. I’ve said and done things I regret.  If you type something out online, there’s always the delete button.

Here is my blogging professionalism thoughts.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts and your own tips:

1.  Be honest.

2.  If you hope that a particular person or group doesn’t read what you posted, then don’t post it.

3.  Give credit where credit is due.

4.  If you have a problem with someone online go to them directly. Don’t announce it publicly.

5.  If you don’t like a product, site, comment etc approach respectfully.  You may not know the whole story. If someone were to approach you, how would you want them to approach you about it?

6.  Consider your audience.

7.  My own personal rule and works in many settings: stay away from conversations regarding political affiliation, religion, and sex unless the situation requires you to do so.  If it does, give only need to know information. Of course this will vary greatly.  If your blog is about your church, political news, your family values, and so on, then go for it.

8.  When you’re angry take a break.  Walk away from your computer.  Step out of the room.  Whatever it takes for however long it takes before you write.  Give yourself time to cool off and think about how you should really approach something.  OR if you should write something.

9.  Spelling, punctuation, and proof reading.  Yea I know, like I’m the one who should be saying this.  I re-read my own posts all the time and think “ah you goof that’s supposed to by my not me.” I know this is an area I need to work on

10.  Stay true to your blog–Me, I refuse to do paid posts on over-priced products or services.  I’ll do a review but I’m gonna tell the truth (see #1).  You can send me a $200 face cream but I’m gonna tell my readers it’s too expensive unless it zaps every wrinkle and you never have to buy another bottle.  (In that case, sign up as a rep because then it’s a good value lol)

I know there’s probably a few i missed.  I know there’s a few I need to work on myself.  Please feel free to comment with your tips.

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