Make perfect Thanksgiving Gravy has lots of great recipes and how to videos. Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or muddling through there are recipes and videos for everyone.  There latest series of videos shows how to make Thanksgiving favorites like roast turkey and sausage stuffing and double layer pumpkin pie. 

You can watch the video for how to make the perfect gravy here:

There are also videos for how to carve a turkey for those who are trying to do your first thanksgiving dinner, thanksgiving appetizers and lots more.   There are many other recipes too for everyday meals, appetizers, desserts and simple meal ideas.

While you’re there enter the Holiday Sweepstakes to win $2,500..

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What We Won Wednesday — New and Improved

 I know it’s not Wednesday yet but since I changed it up a bit I wanted to make sure people had time to write up a post if they were interested in participating.  I’d love to hear about your wins!

What We Won Wednesday is a weekly post to share your wins in the last week.   The idea of What We Won Wednesday is:

1. To share and congratulate each other on our joy of winning.
2.  Encourage others 
3.  Show that people really do win giveaways and sweepstakes if you enter.
4.  Give some exposure to sites that are offering sweepstakes and giveaways

Your wins can be from anywhere.  Whatever you’d like to share.  They can be blog giveaways, national sweepstakes, lottery ticket wins, 50/50, basket party,  Fantasy Football, etc etc.

If you won online and remember what site you won from or the name of the company feel free to include it.  It would be nice to see where people are winning from.  You can post your own wins on your blog, myspace, facebook, wherever then link them up in the linky below so we can hop around and congratulate and marvel at the prizes.  OR if you don’t want to you can simply leave a comment in this post. 

This is a weekly post so don’t forget to share weekly and link up.  I’d love it if you would Retweet, Stumble, Digg, Buzz, facebook, blog, or share this in any other way you’d like but it’s not required.

My wins for the last week:

1.  4 soap samples from Madame Koiteh’s shop from Audrey’s Giveaways Blog:

2.  A copy of the book Sin Undone from Savey Spender

3.  $5 Starbucks gc from Take Two Reviews:

4.  Good Clean Fun Natural Bath Products from Happy Mothering blog:

Link your up below or you can continue to participate the other way and just leave a comment: 

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What We Won Wednesday—4th week

Yep, it’s that time again.  And we want to know what you won in the last week.  It could be a win from a blog giveaway, twitter party, national sweepstakes, scratch off ticket, 50/50 or whatever you want to share.  If you remember where you won it, share that too if you can.

The idea is of this is to:

1.  Encourage other to enter giveaways/sweeps/etc.
2.  Congratulate and share in each others joy
3.  Show that people really do win

I love to hear about your wins and i’m sure other do to. 

My wins in the last week:

1.  GLEE Gum pack from: :
2.  Copy of “The Disappearing Spoon” from (The book fairy reviews)
3.  $25 Chocomize gc from

Also I had actually won it a while ago but I finally got my coupons for the year supply of SILK soymilk I won during their national “Green Caps” sweepstakes.  They do it every year. There’s a grand prize and Instant win prizes online.  The years supply of SILK soymilk was actually and Instant win prize.

So ok I shared, now it’s your turn.

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