Finding the Right Insurance and Fitting it In Your Budget

**This is a sponsored post.  I am not an expert on insurance.  If you need advice on insurance I would recommend contacting your insurance agent**

Insurance, not my favorite subject, mostly because it can be so complicated.  Some insurances you have to have like car insurance, some insurances you should have like medical insurance, then there’s others you’d like to have like maybe a supplemental insurance of some type.  
First off let me say that I’m an NOT an expert on insurance.  If you need advice on insurance I would suggest you talk to an insurance agent.  That being said, here’s my tips for testing the cheap rate coverage water.  
We all want to save money when it comes to insurance but sometimes the cheapest isn’t always the best.  You want to make sure you have the right coverage for you and your family.  I can say, at least in the state of PA, a lot of banks want you to have full-coverage on your vehicle to take out a loan.  A way of protecting their investment.  If you don’t have to finance your vehicle ask yourself if you can really afford to just have liability insurance.  Do you have a sizeable amount in savings should you get into an accident?  Don’t just think about if you have to repair your car.  What if you had to replace your car or had your own medical expenses to deal with from an accident.  If you choose full coverage, are you able to cover the deductible? Is there enough coverage for your family?  When you talk to an insurance agent, let them know you’re on a budget and ask questions when it comes to the coverage.  
When it come to other types of insurance think about what you really need.  Do you really need flood insurance for your house?  Check into the area, is it a flood prone area?  When was the last incidence of flooding? Also remember that flood insurance could be considered in the case of your pipes breaking and flooding your basement or something along those lines.  Check out the cost of the insurance verses what it would be to repair it on your own. 
When it comes to supplemental insurance like AFLAC for example  Sure they’re nice to have but do you really need a cancer policy?  I can tell you I do have a cancer policy but I have a lot of cancer in my family.  Both my mother and grandmother had breast cancer, my paternal grandfather had lung cancer, and I had 2 cousins with leukemia.  For me it’s an investment and it does fit into my budget.  I feel better knowing it’s there in case something would happen. 
So again my best advice:
–Ask yourself do I really need it?
–If you need it, how much do you need?
–Ask your insurance agent questions, make sure they understand your budget
–Ask yourself, how much can you financially afford should the worst happen in the particular situation your looking at insurance for.  
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Hey College bound students, save money on your textbooks and earn money for the ones you have

**This is a sponsored post.  Regardless I only do posts for trusted sites**

There’s no doubt about it, college is expensive. None the less it’s a dream that a lot of people have or have had that can better your life if you work hard and find the right career. There’s a lot of expenses associated with higher learning including the textbooks you have to have.  Some of the them are down right ridiculous as far as the price goes to get a book you NEED to have.

There is a solution to this,  You can save 40-90% off bookstore prices.  You get free shipping both ways, and yes you can highlight in the textbooks.  You get flexible rental periods and they make a donation to OperationSmile with each textbook rented.

Here is a short video to tell you in simple terms how their service works.

They also have a new program called,  If you already bought textbooks there’s a solution for you too. allows you to rent your textbooks to other students.  You can make 2-4X more money than you would with a bookstore buy back program.  What college student couldn’t use some extra money?

I wish they would have had this when I was in college.  It would have been such a better option for me.  I remember one of my textbooks I HAD to have was $600!! Insane.

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Ebates birthday bash increased cash back up to 42% until 5/20

There are tons of stores on that are offering increased cash back to as high as 42% during the Ebates Birthday Bash which ends 5/20.  Here is just a sampling of the stores and the increase comparison but there are lots. 

Angie’s List went from 27% cash back to 42%
AVON from 3.5% up to 14%
Florsheim shoes from 3.5% to 14%
Old Navy from 2% to 14%
Funsational from 15% to 28% from 26% to 42%
Hanna Andersson from 2.5% to 14%

But there are lots more.  Don’t forget if you are new to Ebates, when you sign up for a new account  (whihch is free by the way) you can earn a free $10 gift card by spending your first $25 through Ebates within 30 days

Why use Ebates?  Well that’s easy.  You shop online anyway.  They have a big selection of your favorite stores to choose from.  Let’s say you were going to order some clothes for your kids from a sale at  Go through Ebates first and with the Birthday Bash you’ll ear 14% of your money back.  So to make it simple, if you spend $50 through during the birthday bash you’ll earn $7 back.  That’s money back in your pocket that you wouldn’t have if you went straight to without using Ebates.

I’m a big shopper online so I love Ebates.  There are tons of stores whether you need ink for your printer, want to order a magazine subscription, buying a wedding gift from someone’s target registry, etc.  The real question is, why wouldn’t you shop through Ebates?

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New York, there’s a fun website for you to find the activities you want

***This is a sponsored post***

I’m actually a bit envious that this website only covers New York City. I’d love to see this website expand for other areas.  But in the mean time, if you live around New York City or visit frequently, you’re gonna want to check this out. has all kind of activities, classes, etc. listed on their site and you can book them right on  I was looking through the list myself and saw that there was a gelato making class available.  Wow, I didn’t even know you could find such a thing, I’d love to do that!

If you’re not into gelato, that’s cool, there’s other things too like whitewater rafting, NYC Sailing Charters, Stand-Up Comedy, Sushi Making Class, and more.  Another fun one I found under the “adrenaline” section Clydesdale horseback ride and brewery tasting.  That sound like an amazing time.  How many people can say they road a Clydesdale?  I know I can’t.

The site is broken up into sections including a Mother’s Day special section, live shows, and more.

The also have a thing called the “Vimbly Handshake” if you have a bad experience they’ll try to remedy the situation, if you are unhappy with a vendor they’ll give you your money back.  So really you don’t have anything to lose by booking from them.  You book you have an awesome experience, then your good.  You book you have a bad experience it’s either fixed or you get your money back.

You can also find Vimbly on twitter: @GoVimbly
on facebook:
and on Google+:

If you’re not in the NYC area but have friends or family who are they have gift certificates available too.

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The Blog Workshop online blog conference, Ticket sales end May 10, finally one I can attend!

***I will receive a payment from any The Blog Workshop ticket sales generated from my links in the post as well as sponsored admission to the conference for this post.  ***

I have been blogging seriously for about 4 years now.  I will be the first to tell you that I feel there is still so much I need to know.  I’m eager for tips from trusted sources, I wanna know what is the best thing for my blog, I wanna know how to turn my blog into a my main career.  I see other moms attending blog conferences.  They look so exciting and full of useful knowledge.  Honestly though I have no idea, at this point in my life, how I could possibly ever attend one in person.

I’m a mom of 4 kids, one of which is a newborn and breastfeeding.  Then there’s the fact that I work outside of my home part-time and that fact that my hubby can work any time 24/7, 365.  He has to request off months in advance for a vacation or anything. He put in for my sister’s wedding in July and it’s looking like he’s not going to get that day off. I mean, he got mandated to come into work Christmas morning this past year!

I don’t have a ready supply of babysitters eager for the chance to watch my 4 kids.  Everyone in my family works, even my hubby’s grandmother (our kids great-grandmother).  So for me to take off for a blog conference somewhere is almost out of the question. Not to mention the cost of the conference, hotel room, airfare or gas money depending on where it is, money for food, etc. etc.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had the chance, I would definitely go, it’s just not been able to work out for me so far.

BUT I found a great conference I can attend ONLINE!  And some of the speakers, they’re companies I already work with!

And guess who’s going to this conference?  Yep, me!  The Blog Workshop is happening May 17-19, 2013 and ticket sales end May 10.  Here’s a video that talks about and introduces some of the speakers you can expect to hear from at the conference.  Keep watching because there is a short video from each speaker.  Here’s some hints: Izea, Blogfrog, and Sverve are just a few. 

The Blog Workshop is only $175 and there are payment plans and discounts available.  You can click here to register for The Blog Workshop.  Another great part about The Blog Workshop, 10% off all ticket sales will be donated to Wellspring Living and the Atlanta Day Shelter for Woman and Children.
Still have questions about The Blog Workshop? You can check out the Q&A here:
Wanna know what to expect at the conference?  Check out the agenda here:
Did I forget to mention the prizes?  Oh I did?  Let me get to that.  You might be able to see from the agenda that there is a pre-party May 16 as well as giveaways near the conclusion of the conference.  You can expect to have a chance at winning prizes like: video blogging equipment, ecommerce solutions from Cloudswipe, LLC packages from Legalzoom and more!
So register, come learn from and meet the speakers, have a chance at great prizes, and expand your blogging knowledge.  I know I’m looking forward to it! 

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