is opening the beauty vault, all products will be up to 50% off!

On March 16th, 17th, and 18th and will be opening their beauty vault again.  All products in the vault will be up to 50% off!  The last time that they “opened the beauty vault” they sold out of over 3,200 products in 2 days!

So I wanted to post this to make sure you had a heads up.  On March 16th you can go to this link here to get to the beauty vault:

Just for kicks, what products do you hope will be in the beauty vault to buy 50% off?

Many brands are included like Too Faced, Stila, Clinique, Clarins, and many more

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::SQUEAL:: Urban Decay will be on Hautlook again!

If you’ve read my post for a while you’ll know I’m a fan of Urban Decay cosmetics. It’s a top quality cosmetic brand with edgy and vibrant colors.  They even offer vegan options.  This makeup is so me. What I don’t like about it is the normal price. So, I scout sales, deals, coupons, and free shipping offers which aren’t very often..

Back in December Urban Decay was offered on Hautlook for $2 per piece!!! Unheard of, cheaper than your cheapest brand at the local drugstore.  But alas, I was strapped with Christmas shopping and felt guilty spending any money on myself. 

It’s ok though, Hautelook is making it up to me.  Urban Decay will be on Hautelook again 3/31.  I’ve marked my calendar.  I have a feeling it’s going to sell out fast this time.  A lot of people on their facebook page have been talking about it.  You can bet I’ll be there with my virtual shopping cart full if it’s $2 a pop again. 

Hautelook is a daily deal site. You’ll need to be a member to take advantage of this sale.  It’s free to sign up though.  Do it now, not the day of the Urban Decay sale if you want it so you can get in, get your loot and pat yourself on the back for being such a savvy beauty shopper.  You can sign up HERE if you’re not a member yet.

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Funny Old Navy savings shopping trip

I had planned on going to Old Navy yesterday (Saturday July 31). The purpose of going was to start the boys back to school clothes shopping.  I love Old Navy because they always have some kind of good deal going on.  I found out about the “$2 layering cami sale”.  Old Navy’s website said you either had to have the coupon or tell the cashier the phrase “cami4me”.  You were allowed to get up to 5 at $2 a piece.

I didn’t make it to Old Navy until about 7pm that evening.  I was really hoping I could still get in on the $2 layering cami deal ( i love cami’s: frugalista tip–cami’s can add new looks to your wardrobe. wear them by themselves, under a button down shirt with a few button open, under a v-neck shirt when your trying to stay covered, lot and lots of looks) Anywho, we went straight to the boys jeans first. The boys jeans were on sale for $10!  Love it, I didn’t even realize the jeans were on for such a good sale.  I grabbed up 2 pair for each of the boys. 

Then I went looking for the layering cami’s.  I didn’t see any signs up about them. I saw some that were right in the door so I though maybe those would be it.  I only grabbed two since the price was $12.50 a piece and didn’t plan on paying that much if they weren’t the right ones.  I asked an associate.  She said, “no i don’t think those are it. I’m not even sure if there’s any left.” She was very nice and took me over to a small table with the layering camies.  Still no sign to indicate they were the right ones. She said “I think these are it but I’m not sure.  You’ll have to ask the cashier when you go up there”.  I only grabbed two of these since if I missed out on the deal I didn’t have a pile of camies to leave for the poor girl to put away. 

Once we finished shopping we went to the register. I didn’t have the coupon but remembered the ad saying. I wanted to be sure they were the right ones before I said the phrase.  I asked the cashier if they were the $2 camies advertised.  She kind of got flustered and said “uh, um, I’m not sure, let me check, uh I think you have to have a coupon or something” So I said “the online ad said if I say “cami4me” they would be $2″ the girl had an instant look of relief and said “Oh good you know that code!  It’s like this big secret and we aren’t supposed to sell them at that price unless you know the code or have the coupon”.  Then she told me “you know you get 5 for the $2”  I knew what she meant and asked her if she would mind if I went over and grabbed 3 more.

As I was going over the camies the manager came up to me red faced and said “Just so there’s no confusion, you can get up to 5 camies at the $2 a piece.  I’m sorry about that, i think she misunderstood the sale”.  I told her it was ok, i had read the ad and was aware they were $2 a piece.  When I got back to the register the cashier so also red faced and said “i’m so sorry, I misundertood the sale” I told her it was ok, i knew what the sale was. 

I’ve seen the sales before where you have to mention a code word but I’ve never experienced them such sticklers for the code.  I felt bad for the girl but was very happy with my savings. I walked out of Old Navy with 4 pairs of boys jeans and 5 layering camis and only paid $50!

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Children’s Place Monster Sale 50% select styles

I LOVE The Children Place. I think they have great prices and nice clothes anyway but I especially love it when they have sales. They have their Monster Sale going on with 50% select styles.
Look for the “Monster Sale” banner towards the bottom of the main page.  They have sunglasses for kids for $1.50, $2 flip flops, jean shorts for $7.25 (for big boys) and more.

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