Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil So Many Uses

I received this product in order to complete an honest review.  Any opinions expressed are my own.  This post does contain affiliate links. 

As a mom of 4 with busy kids (one being a toddler) there’s big messages, germs galore, bumps and boo boo’s, and all kinds of stuff that goes along with having kids.  I realize that some of my cleaning products weren’t what I wanted to have around my kids, especially a toddler.  Yes I keep my cleaning supplies up high in a cupboard but it’s not just that. The chemicals and harsh fumes that can come from things like bleach and ammonia that you really don’t want to be inhaling regardless of how many germs they kill.  Then you look at first aid things and you see stuff on them like “if swallowed call the poison control center” and you’re like “um, then why do I even want to put it on my kids cut?

I had been using more natural cleaning products. I love using water and vinegar solutions but when I heard about ALL the things Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil could be used for…safely…I was happy to give it a go.

apothecary tea tree oil

I know when I thought of tea tree oil I’d think of the shampoos and some skin products that have tea tree oil in them.  Tea Tree oil is known for helping with things like itchy scalp, acne, and skin irritations.  What i didn’t know what that it could also be used for cleaning, pain, and first aid.  This generous size 4 oz bottle come with a free ebook with recipes and uses for all kinds applications.

The bottle warns you that it has a potent scent.  They weren’t lying.  It’s very strong but it is 100% pure.  In most cases you won’t but using straight from the bottle you’ll be mixing or diluting with other ingredients.  For instance, one of the things I HAD to try from the ebook was the recipe for an all purpose cleaner.  I’m not going to type out the recipe here because it’s available in the ebook but you just take a clean spray bottle and mix tea tree oil, water, vinegar and there’s your cleaner.  As I stated  before I have definitely used water and vinegar for cleaning but this Tea Tree Oil really pics the cleaning effectiveness up a notch.  My kids have sticky messes every where.  With a few sprays of the solution it wiped away all that mess: the sloppy joes we had for dinner, the melted and dried ice cream, the spilled apple juice, everything.

apothecary tea tree oil cleaner

Please don’t mind the messy counter I’m mixing it on.  That was actually job #1 to test the tea tree oil cleaner on.  And I did, and it worked great. Spilled juice, dried grape jelly, with just a few sprays and wipes it was gone.  The dropper I used is one I have reserved in my cleaning cupboard strictly for mixing my cleaning solutions like this.

Another thing I read in the ebook was how to make homemade dryer sheets using Apothecary tea tree oil.  Then I remembered, I use the wool dryer balls for my clothes.  I remember when I got those it said you can add essential oils and things right to the dryer balls. So I thought, well if I could use Tea Tree Oil for homemade dryer sheets, and I can add things to the dryer balls, why not use a drop on a few dryer balls and see how that helps with my laundry? So I did.

Blog 016

The next thing on my list to try is the recipe for a dry itchy scalp treatment (which I deal with) the recipe calls for dried lavender which I do not have at the moment so I’ll have to get me some, or grow me some.   I also want to try the topical pain ointment.  And for the spring and summer months they have recipes for insect bites and sunburn treatments.  Really this stuff seems like it could be used for so many things.

I’m enjoying trying out the different ways to use the Apothecary Tea Tree Oil.  You can purchase it on Amazon:



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LaKOTA Natural Pain Relief

I received the below mentioned/pictured products in order to complete an honest review.  No other compensation has been received.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

There’s no shortage of pain meds that are available on the market today.  Regular strength, extra strength, night time, this brand, that brand.  Everyone seems to have their go to pain medication that they use.  There are even some natural pain medications out there.  If you’ve been considering trying natural pain medications you should check out Lakota.

Lakota uses traditional medicine with natural ingredients. Using natural ingredients like white willow bark, yucca root, and devil’s claw.  They make a whole line of natural pain medications for arthritis, back, whole body, and even for dogs.  It’s available in capsules and roll-on gels.

Lakota review

Prior to this review, I had never heard of or tried any product from Lakota.  This box came at the absolute best time, or worst time depending on how you want to look at it.  I would swear I have arthritis already even though I’m only 34.  Each year it seems to get worse too.  I have a hard time getting off the floor, my knees pop sometimes, and more recently when the weather started getting that cooler fall feeling my ankles, knees, fingers, and wrists started getting stiff and even sore. It wouldn’t be a far stretch since my younger sister has already be told by her doctor she has arthritis and my dad has it as well.  At night, I really notice it.  I’m a side sleeper but I find myself switching sides often as my shoulders and elbows ache if I’m on them too long.

One of the first products I pulled out of the box to try was the Lakota extra strength arthritis.  I’ve never taken any kind of pain medicine specific for arthritis before.  I took a dose in the am, then again in the pm as the bottle states.  I realized my joints felt more fluid and I did notice a reduction in the joint soreness I was having.  These capsules were a light weight capsule that were easy to swallow.

lakota xstrength arthritis

This past week, my oldest son came home from football practice and said his left lower back was sore.  He asked me if I could put some of the Lakota back pain roll-on relief on his back.  The roll-on pain relief comes in a bottle similar to a roll-on deodorant. This made it easy to apply the pain reliever where we needed it.

Lakota back rollon

Initially my son said he didn’t feel anything but after a few minutes he said it burned a bit then after a little while longer got cold.  He felt it for about half an hour after putting it on.  He said it did actually make his back feel better for a while.  Unfortunately later on that night my son was helping me clean up the house.  He bent over to roll up the vacuum cord and had such terrible pain in his back that he couldn’t even stand up straight.  I had to take him to the ER because I wasn’t sure what was going on. Long story short they said he sprained his back.  We were in the ER until 1:30 in the morning so of course I wasn’t able to fill the prescription pain medicine script they gave me.  In the mean time I had him try the triple action back pain capsules.  My son is 5′ 7″ and outweighs me.  He normally has to take adult doses of medication.

Unfortunately with the amount of pain my son was having in his back, he said the Lakota triple action back pain capsules didn’t help much with that.  Being that he needed prescription strength pain medication to help with the pain I don’t even know that an over the counter like Tylenol would have worked either.

Last night I tried the Lakota arthritis roll-on since the capsules had been working so well for me.  My left lower back had been aching all day. I put some of the arthritis roll on on just the left side of my lower back. Initially I didn’t feel any sensation at all.  I layed down in bed for the night and started feeling a burning sensation.  Not burning like a muscle rub burning but an actually burning almost like a fire burn feeling.  It intensified a bit then it started itching.  I thought, oh now I bet I’m allergic to this. It itched me all night long.  I got up this morning and looked in the mirror as I was getting dressed and saw a dark pink patch on my back where I had applied the Lakota arthritis roll-on.

Lakota rash


This was the only product I tried that I had any issues with.  I think I may be allergic to the Lakota arthritis roll-on.  It would probably be a good idea to spot test the topical products in a small area for the future.

You can check out the full line of Lakota natural medicine products on their website lakotaherbs.com you can also find Lakota on Facebook

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Which Lakota product would you like to try?

Conscious Box an Earth Friendly monthly box subscription

Conscious Box is a monthly box subscription service that gives you earth friendly products from ethical, sustainable, and honest companies.  There are companies out there that say their product is green when in reality it might not be.  Conscious Box only offers you tree earth-friendly products.  They also support jobs in the US and only work with companies that give fair wages to their employees. 
Conscious Box offers products for cleaning, snacking, health, home and garden, and beauty.  You can buy products directly from their site as another option to the monthly box subscription.  Conscious Box also makes a great gift.  There are some cool boxes coming up like the Earth Day box.  
If you check out Conscious Box website you can see lots of reviews and comments from happy customers.  While you’re there sign up for a free account on Conscious Box and you can earn points towards discounts on your fave earth friendly products.  
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Waxelene, petroleum jelly alternative

Waxelene is the petroleum jelly altnerative.  It contains no petroleum, only natural and organic ingredients.  It can moisturize, protect, and smooth skin just like petroleum jelly only naturally.  Waxelene can provide a waterproof barrier making it a safe and natural choice things like preventing diaper rash, chaffing, and dry or cracked skin.  Waxelene won’t clog pores and is a great moisturizer for dry skin.

Waxelene is made from organic soybean oil, beeswax, organic rosemary oil, and natural vitamin E.  No artificial ingredients.  Packaged in a glass jar and made in the USA.

When I tried this product I had a lot of things I wanted to do with it to really put it to the test.  Would it really work like petroleum jelly?  The first thing I did was apply it to my dry lips.  I loved the feel of the product on my lips.  You couldn’t visually see that I had it on but it made my lips feel so smooth.  The feeling lasted for hours too.

The next thing I tried was to apply it to my knuckles  and other areas on my hand that tends to dry out.  I have to wash my hands often at work and my hands dry out pretty easy.  This product felt great on my hands.  Sometimes when I apply a petroleum based product to my hands it makes my hands feel greasy.  This product did not give my hands that greasy feeling.

Then during one of my youngest son’s diaper changes, I decided to give it a try.  The product applied smoothly to his gentle skin. It seemed to work well as a wetness barrier.

I think I’m going to have my hubby give this a try.  His work uniform often rubs and he has to apply some type of barrier to his skin.  I think this might work out well for him.  The product also says you can use it for things like make up removal as well.  I’m gonna have to try that myself.

I like the way Waxelene works. I love that it’s a natural product and made right here in the US.  This is definitely a product I will be using again.

You can purchase Waxelene directly from their website: https://waxelene.com/store
or find a retail location near you: https://waxelene.com/retail_locations

You can find Waxelene on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/waxelene
and on twitter: @waxelene

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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