WILLOW 25th Anniversary Edition on BluRay

It’s so weird that this would come through my email.  For whatever reason I took a trip down memory lane with some movies I used to love as a kid like Labyrinth, Batteries Not Included, and a few others.  One of them I remember was WILLOW.  I was actually telling the kids about it.  Now I see that they are FOX is putting out a 25th anniversary edition.  I watched the trailer they sent over and realized how much I’d forgotten about the movie.

Do you remember this movie too?

The dvd won’t be available until March 12, 2013 with a pre-order date of February 13, 2013.  This movie is rated PG and is a good movie for families to watch together.   I can’t wait!
***I did not receive any compensation for this post***

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