Don’t Forget About Trick or Treat! Get Your Candy Now!

I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.  

Our local trick or treat is October 31 as well as many of the other neighboring towns.  It’s hard to believe that trick or treat is less than 2 weeks away!  With that being said I’ve been prepping for my 2 youngest’s halloween goodie bags to hand out at school, making bags up for my nieces, and of course, trick or treat handouts.

Oriental Trading has everything I need for all of these things.  I like to have some practical things in their treat bags as well as some sweet and fun treats.

This is part of the Halloween stash:


Ok you have to see this. I just thought this was the cutest thing for my 4 year old daughter to hand out to her K4 class. Unicorn Poop! Yea it’s just rainbow colored mini-marshmallows but how cute right?  Being 4 yrs old my daughter thinks it’s hilarious.  Plus she like marshmallows.

My youngest son on the other hand loves his spicy and sour candies.  The 90 piece War Heads candy pucker party bag has a mixture of War Head candies I didn’t even know existed! My son thinks it’s cool and is so excited about handing those out at his school Halloween party.

I admit it, the tootsie roll soft chews are for me. Something about those chewy, flavorful, fruity candies that satisfy my sweet tooth.  Yea I’ll put some in the bags for my kids and nieces treat bags too but you can bet I’ll have a stash at my desk.


You can find all kinds of Halloween trick-or-treat hand outs at Oriental Trading including teal pumpkin safe treats.

Read this post about why light up and glow-in-the dark Halloween items are both fun and practical.

The Zombie Gnomes Started My Halloween Oriental Trading Tradition

I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

Ive been using Oriental Trading for most of my Halloween decorations for the last several years.  I’ll tell you what got me hooked…it was the zombie gnomes for my garden.  Yep I was so proud of my little gardens when we moved to our new home about 2 years ago.  I just couldn’t neglect them in the fall.  I was searching for zombie gnomes for the garden and I found them at Oriental Trading.  They keep adding more.  I buy 1 or two each year.  I’m up to about 5 zombie gnomes now.  This one is the newest edition.

What I like about my zombie gnomes from Oriental Trading is they’re sturdy. They’re not going to get blown over easily. This one I liked because of the details. Did you notice the zombie mouse and the hole through the zombie’s middle? How about the spiders in her hair?

Another thing I started collecting was the creepy framed holographic prints.  This one is “Aunt Hazel”  last year I got one and a family member looked at it and said “Oh Angie who is this in this pictures?” and then realized what it was and she jumped lol.  Love them.


The newest addition I have is who we have been referring to as “Skully”. I’ve been having a little too much fun with Skully.  He’s life size, posable skeleton, and not so scary for the kids.  Right now Scully is hanging out on the front porch. He my fall evening coffee drinking buddy.  Of course, he doesn’t care much for coffee.

Skully is holding a bowl of Halloween candy rings I also got from Oriental Trading. Not sure if these will be party of the little ones Halloween hand outs for school or part of my treat bags I’m making up for my kids and nieces. Cute, fun, not messy, individually packaged.

It’s like opening a door to a Halloween portable when you go to Oriental Trading’s site. Find just about anything you need: treats, decorations, Halloween party supplies, costumes, crafts, just so many items.

Best Halloween Costume Deals With Coupons and Cash Back

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Why are Halloween costumes so expensive. If we’re lucky, we really like and wear them more than one season, or even luckier if we don’t grow out of them.  Sure you can hand costumes down with kids but Barney is not really the cool costumes this year or…the last 10 yrs.  Anywho, I’ve found coupons and took the liberty of searching the cash back sites for the best cash back and coupon combo deals available for popular Halloween costume sites!

  • Wholesale Halloween Costumes currently has a coupon for 10% off and free shipping on orders over $29 with code: WHTEN1  combine this with 8% cash back from BeFrugal and you get yourself a good deal.  Added bonus, if you’re new to BeFrugal you’ll also get a $10 bonus in your account!   They have costumes on sale that the code still applies to.  I just got my son an adult size  batman costume for $35 shipped plus 8% cash back !  This costume is $39.99 on many of the other sites

  • Spirit Halloween Store has a coupon for 20% off your order and free shipping over $75 with code: FAN17S  top that off with a double cash back special from TopCashBack of 13% cash back for new customers or 10% cash back for existing customers and you can find a heck of a deal!



  • Costume Express is offering 25% off costumes with code: GO25 unfortunately I can’t find cash back on this site but if I do I’ll add it.


  • Costume SuperCenter has 30% off costumes valued at $20 or more and free shipping on orders of $59+ with code: WEB  BeFrugal has the highest cash back offer right now with 11% cash back at Costume SuperCenter.


  • right now when you visit their site they have a “spin the wheel of fortune” promo where you can get 1 – 5% off costumes on their site.  I got 5% when I tried.  TopCashBack and GivingAssistant are both offering 10% cash back at right now.  Extra Bonus: If you’re new to Giving Assistant you’ll also get $5 bonus in your account!



  • BuyCostumes is offering 20% off sitewide with code GO20  GivingAssistant comes in with a huge cash back win on this one surpassing the other cash back sites by far with 13% cash back!


  • Hallowen Express has a promo when you visit the site for a spin to win.  Spin the wheel for  a discount.  I got 15% when I spun the wheel. Both TopCashBack and BeFrugal and GivingAssistant blow other sites out of the water with a whopping 15% cash back!



Looking for a particular site I don’t have listed yet?  Leave a comment and I’ll do the work for you!

Need a Halloween Costume? Oriental Trading has a Nice Selection!

I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

We have been getting out costumes from Oriental Trading for a few years now.  The selection is nice, the price is right, the customers service is friendly, and they have costumes for everyone in the family.

My youngest son thought he knew what he wanted to be for Halloween until he saw all the choices Oriental Trading had in our budget.  It took a while for him to decided but he finally decided on the boys S.W.A.T costume.

This boys’ costume came with the vest and fingerless gloves. All we have to add is black pants and a black shirt!

My daughter knew she wanted to be the pink power ranger.  They had a cute deluxe pink power ranger costume that she knew she wanted immediately.  They were both so happy with their costumes from Oriental Trading.  They had so many choices for girls’ costumes too!

The kids love their costumes. They even got into character and struck some poses for me!  Making these great costumes to keep around for dress up play.

Beat the Halloween rush and get your costumes now!  You know how it goes, closer to Halloween costumes sell out and you have to wait for shipping.  Don’t get stuck!

Affordable Wigs and Ponytail Extensions from Divatress

This post is sponsored by Divatress.

I can’t do hair to save my life.  Even my ponytails are sloppy.  Can’t help it. I usually just brush it out and leave it or throw it in a ponytail and move on with life.  There are times though I wish I could really make my hair look great.  Special date nights with the hubby, professional meetings, etc.  I also go through periods where I want long hair then I’ll get tired of it, cut it off, like it for a month or so then want my long hair back.

Divatress can help with all that.  They offer everything from full wigs to clip ins to ponytail extensions.

I’m looking at some of the beautiful products hey have to offer. The buns really caught my eye. They’d be perfect for those professional meetings I was referring too. I think it would be an easy way to style your hair for dance recitals or interviews too!  The best part is, they prices are so affordable so you could really buy a couple different looks without breaking the bank.

Divatress even let’s you choose between real human hair, synthetic, or even hair extensions for mature women.

A lot of them are so affordable you could get one to wear for a party or special event if you really wanted to make an impression.  I’m not allowed to dye my hair “unnatural” colors per my place of work’s uniform policy. But sometimes I’d like to have a little hot pink or purple in my hair. Divatress has some fun options for that as well.