Nobody’s Baby But Mine Book Tour & Giveaway

Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Gloria Silk Genre: Contemporary Romance

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Gloria Silk this is a gripping, romantic and sensuous novel of marriage, fidelity, fertility and the power of love. “Gripping, romantic, sensuous and astute.” “New women’s fiction that touches all of our emotions,fulfills our yearnings, and opens up new possibilities.” Can Rachel and James find their way back into each other’s hearts after tasting temptation and facing devastating news? How strong is love in the face of reality? The seven year marriage between Rachel and her adoring patient saint of a husband has grown from great to blessed. But after years of failing to get pregnant all Rachel craves is a baby. Her marriage to James is perfect…until she bumps into her sexy ex-lover, Brandon. Her desperate thought of wondering if he can get her pregnant makes Rachel realize that something has to change. After having more fertility tests she meets a beautiful pregnant career woman. It seems destined, and as they bond the young woman offers Rachel a gift that will change all their lives. But has Rachel pushed her suddenly aloof husband away? Is it really his pressure at work or is he keeping something from her? Can they ever become a happy family, or is it too little too late? And where does Brandon come into all this when she discovers her husband’s biggest betrayal? Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

USA Today Bestselling author, Gloria Silk, loves writing sensuous, uplifting and unforgettable romance and women’s fiction. Her powerful stories are filled with passion without cultural borders, which will take you to various exotic locales around the world. Her books focus on the many facets of romantic relationships with strong and complex family bonds. Born in Russia, her love of travel was ingrained within her from a very young age, as she has lived in various parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. Some of her favorite visited places are Austria, France, the Middle East, Hawaii and Hong Kong. Her next planned excursion is to Australia and New Zealand. England (where she was brought up) holds a very special place in her heart with all its history and lush, green landscapes. Her background in English literature, writing and psychology help her create well-rounded, unique characters. After spending many years in London, England where she met and married her own loving hero, she now lives – and happily writes – in Toronto, Canada. For a very special reward of a custom book gift set go to * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Pinterest * Amazon * Goodreads

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Callan’s Damaged Love Story Book Tour & Giveaway

Callan’s Damaged Love Story Damaged Hearts Book 1 (Also July in The Calendar Men Series) by Sonya Jesus Genre: Contemporary Romance

I don’t do love. Or hearts. Or anything that can get broken… I’m already broken enough. If you’re looking for the perfect guy, with imperfect actions and an undamaged heart…Stop! Keep scrolling…because I’m not effing good at being good. I’m not boyfriend material. I fill my loveless heart with sex-filled nights and distance myself from any type of commitment—while I still have the power to. Soon, I’ll relinquish my freedom to adulthood and take over Cohen Enterprises, but until then, I own my independence. I breathe bad decisions, blink away my flaws, and enjoy the detached life I’ll never have again. At least I try to. My guilt-free mornings and shameless nights abruptly stop when I make my next mistake with my brother’s girlfriend. Now, I can’t stop thinking about Delilah. She triggered my heart alive, and I’m torn between the girl I might be falling for and the only person I respect. Add to GoodreadsAmazon US * Amazon CA * Amazon UK * Amazon AU

Sonya ́s a science nerd who decided to give into her creative fictional side in order to balance out the non-fictional scientific side of her PhD. She doesn ́t have much free time, but she spends it enjoying her family and friends, watching Netflix and playing with her dogs. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

I’m all out of wishes, and the only things shooting are my thoughts. Like bullets, my own words hit me,
weakening the stubborn denial and revealing the one thing I feared.
Fuck, I tell the stars. One night is not enough.
I glance down at Dee. Her dark hair is spread out over my chest, the soft hum of her breath tickles my
skin, and I’m pretty sure a little drool has dried on my abs.
I memorize the moment. Like I memorized the last five or six hours where we introduced our bodies to
each other, warding off the truth with sex. We both avoided the inevitable and tiptoed around the idea of
error—never fully admitting the truth: what we were doing was wrong.
I brush my fingers over Dee’s soft locks, stirring her awake. She tilts her head, so she can see into my
eyes. We watch each other, searching the crevices of our irises for the same promise our breaths
chased before.
We both sigh and look away. The only thing we can promise each other now, is to never talk about this
“You were one of the rules,” she says softly.
“I figured as much.” Their adventure, into whatever the fuck they were doing, drew the line at me.
“We can’t…” She reminds me of her choice. She’d rather have Jace than me.
I’m not the better man.
The better man would’ve never slept with his brother’s girlfriend.

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The Child of Happiness Book Tour & Giveaway

The Child of Happiness by S.V. Cobets Genre: Poetry

Edited version This collection of poetry is a summary of my selected poems that I wrote for many years. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. In this collection of poetry are collected all of my feelings that I want to share with you through verse. “The Child of Happiness, by S.V. Cobets, is a beautiful poetry collection that reaches deep into the soul. Though the author’s native language is Croatian and not English, the emotional depth of each poem comes across clearly and will be relatable across cultures. Sensual and light with themes of nature & love, yet also tinged with feelings of sadness and darker themes of heartache, pain, loss, & the casualties of war – there were many poems that spoke to my heart.” -Amazon Reviewer Goodreads * Amazon

Stjepan Varesevac-Cobets was born on 12 September 1965 in Split, Croatia. He lives and works in Kastel Sucurac, where he finished his elementary and secondary schooling. At a very young age, he started reading and loved it because, through books, he traveled to places he could never visit in person. As a child, he loved fairy tales and adventure but later discovered other genres. When he found a Jules Verne book in the library, he became fascinated by science fiction. He has been writing poetry for fifteen years and has started writing science fiction. Lately, he has also written children’s fairy tales and fables. He has published, in Croatia, “An Opened Heart” in 2002, “The Sleepy Way” in 2005, and “Love” in 2006. On Amazon he has published the poetry collections “The Child of Happiness” in 2015, science fiction novel “Godeena” in 2015, the science fiction short story “Butterfly” in 2016, the poetry collection “When the moon takes over the dream: Love Poetry” in 2016, and in 2017 the poetry collection “The Flaming Horses: Collection of poetry”. He also translated his new Sci-Fi novel “The Dream of the Forest”. Facebook * Twitter * Amazon * Goodreads

The sun and the roses,
A piece of the sky.
I can’t give you more
Although you need much more.
I’m giving you a tear,
A soft kiss,
Some warmth of my soul,
And a look in the distance.
Give me some hope
And a little wish
And tell my heart
That you care.

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To Love an Earl Book Tour & Giveaway

To Love an Earl Mayfair Book 3 by J R Salisbury Genre: Historical Romance

One of the worst snow storms in over a decade hits England. What’s the worst that could happen? Lady Jane Blackmont finds herself stranded at the Earl of Norwood’s estate. Not looking for love of any fashion, she finds herself falling for a neighbor and one of her brother’s friends. The Earl of Norwood rescues the young woman after her carriage careens off the road. Right in front of his estate. Norwood’s been unlucky in love, but finds himself intrigued with the smart and talented Lady Jane. Does he dare open himself up to love? Life is about to hand the pair more than most young couples have to deal with in a life time. Lady Jane shows Norwood she’s up to the challenge. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo

I’ve always been a creative individual. Writing is just a facet of that creativity… My careers in public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing, artist management, modeling and special event planning all elevated my passion for writing, not to mention gave me a treasure trove for story lines. I write women’s fiction; contemporary romance (as Jamie Salisbury) and historical romance (as JR Salisbury) which is ever evolving. I am fortunate enough that writing (and marketing of said product(s)) is my full-time job, although I always have one or two other projects going at the same time. I now live in a suburb of Atlanta. Some of my other interests include photography, equestrianism, reading, and of course, travel. I sincerely hope my writing will entertain, enlighten, and inspire others to pick up the pen and pursue their own dreams. I love to be contacted by readers, writers, and history buffs. Website * Facebook * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * Amazon * Goodreads

“Why did my brother pick now for one of his reckless parties?” Lady Jane Blackmont asked.
“You know he needs no reason for what he does,” Sara said.
“He’s a duke, my lady. He needs no reason. The rest of the world is supposed to kowtow to his whims.”
“Apparently I’m supposed to play hostess for him. Why he had to pick now is beyond me. Surely he knows
there’s a storm brewing.” Jane’s stomach churned as the carriage kept on. “What are we to do if we don’t find a
coaching inn? Or worse yet, get stuck on the side of the road?”
“I’m sure none of that will happen. We’ll reach Blackmont Crest before you know it,” her maid said.
“Thanks for your reassurance.”
What should have been a four hour carriage ride had turned into seven. Dusk was fast approaching, and they
needed to get off the roads.
She pulled back the curtains that had been closed to keep the cold out. “We’re almost there,” she said.
“How long will we be here?” Sara inquired.
“A fortnight, Henry said.”
Jane had never been away in this sort of weather. Her father would have never allowed it. He was gone, the
dukedom left to her older brother, who thought everyone’s life revolved around him.
“Do you know who’s going to be at this house party?” Sara asked.
“His usual friends I’m sure. His letter stated he’d run into an old friend from Eton recently. I don’t remember
his name, nor do I care. All of Henry’s friend’s are rogues in some fashion.”
“You never have been one to say no to His Grace, my lady.”
Henry was one of her weak spots. He knew it and took full advantage of it now that there was only the two of
them. Their parents had been killed in a freak carriage accident five years earlier, leaving Henry with the
dukedom and Jane his faithful sister. Until he found a woman to marry, he needed someone to keep some edge
of sanity to his ways. At least until he found his duchess to marry. If that’d ever happen.
“I know, but until he finds a wife, someone needs to see he doesn’t go to hell.”
“There must be some ladies of fine breeding attending if he’s asking you to attend,” Jane said.
“Who will be attending with their parents, I would hope.”
“His Grace would never invite you to one of his stag parties,” Sara mused.
Jane released a nervous laugh. “He’ll not hear the end of it if he ever invites me to one of those.”
Jane was about to close the curtain when one of the horses spooked. The carriage careened over the road. Ice
had set in. Could the driver regain control of the team before something awful happened? She tried to breathe
and forget how her parents had died. It couldn’t happen to her. Jane looked across at Sara, whose face had
gone stark white. She was scared beyond words as the carriage swayed, tumbling and landing on its side. She
was the last person Jane saw before everything went black.

Jane didn’t think she’d fainted. She looked around. Everything was covered in white snow, but the white was
looking black as night. She felt in front of her and thought she felt the skirt of the dress Sara had been wearing.
It was silent. Everything was silent. No sound of the horses or the coachman. They were situated on the side of
the carriage, that much she knew. The door was above her. She needed to get out and get out quickly.
She managed to stand, and with fumbling hands, she managed to get the door open. Now how would she get
herself out? She heard nothing except the sound of Sara’s breathing.
“Sara! Sara! Are you all right?”
“Yes, my lady. I think I am fine,” came the faint reply.
“Do you think you can help lift me up?”
She heard rustling of fabric as her maid tried to reposition herself. “We’re going to freeze to death if we don’t
get out of here,” Sara wailed.
“Which is why I need you to help me up. I’m sure William is chasing the team.”
As Sara began lifting Jane up through the door of the carriage, Jane noticed a large man standing in silhouette.
He had dismounted his stallion and was shaking his head.
“What happened, my lady?”
“I’m not sure. The last thing I remember is one of the horses being spooked and the carriage sliding across the

“Are you hurt?” he asked.
“I don’t believe so. My maid is still inside. We need to get her out.”
He shook his head. “You ladies have no business being out alone in weather like this.”
“If you must know, we were on our way to my brother’s estate.”
“Who’s your brother, if I might ask?” he rumbled.
“Henry Blackmont, the Duke of Blackmont.”
“Henry’s your brother? Well, don’t fret. You’re not but a few miles from his estate. Though in this storm, you
ladies will be better off coming with me. I’m Norwood. My place is just down this road.”
Jane stood and stared at him in the falling snow. “Norwood. The Earl of Norwood? I remember you.”
“My man and I will help your maid out of the carriage. We’ll get you to Norwood Manor. You can spend the
night. My man will try and find your man and team, though in this snow, I doubt they’ll go far.”
Jane pondered her limited options. She knew she had no choice but to go with the earl. “Thank you, my lord,”
Jane replied.
“As for the carriage, I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be done until this storm subsides.”
“Can you get word to my brother? I would hate for him to worry needlessly.”
“I’ll see it is done, though it might have to wait until morning.”
She stared at him thoughtfully. It’d been years since she’d seen him. His face was almost unrecognizable. With
a hint of a beard, his jaw was chiseled. The beard, she surmised, made him look rugged.
Annoyed and cold, she helped him as he sprung Sara free from the carnage. She remembered why she never
cared for him. He was an arrogant arse. Arrogant, condescending, and sanctimonious. That’s what he was.
What was it about young men who claimed their titles? They were all the same. Her brother, Norwood. It was
enough to make her want to scream.
He brought his stallion around and picked her up effortlessly. He deposited her in front of his saddle.
“Is there anything you need?” he asked.
“My trunks, but I doubt that’s possible right now.”
“Once your team and man have been found, they’ll figure a way to get them to my home.”
She looked down at him in the fading light of the day. Prominent cheekbones, lush lashes, and full lips she
hadn’t noticed caught her breath. He was the most handsome, beautiful man she could recall ever meeting.
He mounted the beast, swinging his leg over the saddle. “Are you ready?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be, I suppose.”

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