Funny Old Navy savings shopping trip

I had planned on going to Old Navy yesterday (Saturday July 31). The purpose of going was to start the boys back to school clothes shopping.  I love Old Navy because they always have some kind of good deal going on.  I found out about the “$2 layering cami sale”.  Old Navy’s website said you either had to have the coupon or tell the cashier the phrase “cami4me”.  You were allowed to get up to 5 at $2 a piece.

I didn’t make it to Old Navy until about 7pm that evening.  I was really hoping I could still get in on the $2 layering cami deal ( i love cami’s: frugalista tip–cami’s can add new looks to your wardrobe. wear them by themselves, under a button down shirt with a few button open, under a v-neck shirt when your trying to stay covered, lot and lots of looks) Anywho, we went straight to the boys jeans first. The boys jeans were on sale for $10!  Love it, I didn’t even realize the jeans were on for such a good sale.  I grabbed up 2 pair for each of the boys. 

Then I went looking for the layering cami’s.  I didn’t see any signs up about them. I saw some that were right in the door so I though maybe those would be it.  I only grabbed two since the price was $12.50 a piece and didn’t plan on paying that much if they weren’t the right ones.  I asked an associate.  She said, “no i don’t think those are it. I’m not even sure if there’s any left.” She was very nice and took me over to a small table with the layering camies.  Still no sign to indicate they were the right ones. She said “I think these are it but I’m not sure.  You’ll have to ask the cashier when you go up there”.  I only grabbed two of these since if I missed out on the deal I didn’t have a pile of camies to leave for the poor girl to put away. 

Once we finished shopping we went to the register. I didn’t have the coupon but remembered the ad saying. I wanted to be sure they were the right ones before I said the phrase.  I asked the cashier if they were the $2 camies advertised.  She kind of got flustered and said “uh, um, I’m not sure, let me check, uh I think you have to have a coupon or something” So I said “the online ad said if I say “cami4me” they would be $2″ the girl had an instant look of relief and said “Oh good you know that code!  It’s like this big secret and we aren’t supposed to sell them at that price unless you know the code or have the coupon”.  Then she told me “you know you get 5 for the $2”  I knew what she meant and asked her if she would mind if I went over and grabbed 3 more.

As I was going over the camies the manager came up to me red faced and said “Just so there’s no confusion, you can get up to 5 camies at the $2 a piece.  I’m sorry about that, i think she misunderstood the sale”.  I told her it was ok, i had read the ad and was aware they were $2 a piece.  When I got back to the register the cashier so also red faced and said “i’m so sorry, I misundertood the sale” I told her it was ok, i knew what the sale was. 

I’ve seen the sales before where you have to mention a code word but I’ve never experienced them such sticklers for the code.  I felt bad for the girl but was very happy with my savings. I walked out of Old Navy with 4 pairs of boys jeans and 5 layering camis and only paid $50!

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Smartknit Kids Back to School Giveway has a great back to school giveaway right now. Here is the grand prize list right from

1 Grand Prize worth over $500 will be awarded:

3 Pair SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks
1 Amazon Kindle
6 Month Subscription to NetFlix
$100 Costco Card
20 Coloring Books
10 Kids’ Reading Books
Supply of Purell Hand Sanitizers
5 Clorox Wipe Packages
250 Crayons
30 Pencils
15 Lightbulbs
15 Kids’ Toothbrushes
6 Containers of Tang

Stop by and enter for yourself. Up to 4 entries: Back to School Giveaway

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I recently found about is a website that works along the idea of netflix or gamefly. The difference is, it’s all educational games for your little ones educational game systems. They rent out games for: Leapster,, Didj, V.motion, Clickstart, baby, V.Flash, and Little Leaps.

I wish I would have had this when my kids had a a few years ago. My kids would see new games and say “mom can we get that one!” I’d buy it only for them to be bored with it in a month or two.  Or another issue was I’d buy it and it just wasn’t what I thought it would be. While the games for most of these educational systems are relatively inexpensive, is an easy way for your kids to try them. One thing I like about is, if your little one really likes the game, you can use their “love it” feature which allows you to buy the game at a reduced price. If they don’t like the game, just send it back and they will send you the next game in the “your game” list.

There are several packages to choose from:

1 game at a time for $9.99/mo
2 games at a time for $14.99/mo
3 games at a time for $19.99/mo
4 games at a time for $24.99/mo

The multiple packages are great for families with several children that have say, the personal Leapsters, and they each want their own game.

You get to keep the game for as long as you want. Keep it for a week or a year. just pay the monthly subscription fee of the package you choose. Don’t forget that you can take advantage of the “love it” feature to buy it at a reduced cost if your little one just can’t part with the game.

Shipping is FREE. Both to and from. When you receive your game(s) you will also be sent and prepaid return mailer to send it back when you’re ready. also offers gift certificates. is offering my readers a coupon code for 1 FREE month of 1 game at a time $9.99 package OR the code can be used for $9.99 towards the package of your choice. Promo Code: d1cbdd
Code expires 8/31/10

GIVEAWAY: is offering 5 lucky readers a free 3-month membership of 1 game at a time. 

 MANDATORY ENTRY:   Visit and tell me which game you think your little one would like to try first. 
This must be completed before any bonus entries will count. Don’t forget to leave an email address that I can contact you at if you win!

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Giveaway will end Aug 10 at 10 pm EST.  Winners will be drawn via

***I did not receive any monetary or product compensation for this post.  This is a promotional post.  Any opinions expressed are my own.  Prizes are sponsored by***

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Family Dollar Kidgets Clothing Line Review

While entering a recent Sweeptakes on about 2 months ago, I noticed an ad for Kidgets clothing. I clicked on the ad. What cute clothes for such a fantastic price!

I contacted Family Dollar and they were so gracious as to let me review some clothes from the Kidget clothing line.   I got a couple outfits for my youngest son and some for my niece so you could see how cute the clothes are for both boys and girls.

The prices for the Kidgets clothes range from $4-$8 for an outfit.  I don’t know about you, but when all my kids were babies and changing sizes every three months, I just couldn’t see spending a lot of money on clothes.  I’m a fan of Family Dollar anyway.  I had so much fun picking out these outfits.  Here are a few outfits I picked out for my youngest son. I looked in a couple local Family Dollars. It seems the Kidget Line only goes up to size 6. My two older boys are in bigger sizes.  They do have clothes in Bugle Boy brand for the older kids that are in really cool styles. 

The above pictured outfit is after 2 washes.  It did not shrink or fade. It was a preppy little summer outfit. size 18 months

This is another outfit I bought.  I bought it so it will fit him next summer.  This is a 24 month outfit. (If you’re wondering the tag says $5, go ahead and enlarge it and see for yourself)

Then I bought a few outfits for my niece and my sister sent my some pictures of her modeling the outfits I bought her.  I got her one outfit that fits now and one a little bigger:

My son has worn his little preppy outfit 4 times since purchase so far.  As most 13 month olds are, he’s into everything in his clothes.  Trying to climb steps, crawling on the floor, creeping on furniture, and these clothes held up well to the everyday wear and tear.  They did not fade after several washes. 

The green outfit on my niece came with the short and 2 coordinating shirts.  I just got her to take the pictures for me and send them.  I love the way these clothes look and fit on the kids. 

The Family Dollar Kidgets clothing line is a real bargain for children.  You may want to consider Kidgets clothes when back to school shopping for your little one or when looking for a cute outfit for a child.  Family Dollar also offers the Bugle Boy clothing line for the older ones.

Review Summary:  At only $4-$8 per outfit the Kidgets clothing line is a cute clothing line that will fit into anyone’s budget.  It’s also a great price to be able to give it a try for yourselves.  I found the Kidgets clothing line to be of good quality to hold up to every day wear and tear, particularly for my son who is 13 months old.

Vist the Website:

It’s worth visiting Family Dollar’s website periodically too.  Right now they have coupons posted on their website: Family Dollar Coupons

Also there is a “Spree for Three Sweepstakes” from Family Dollar and Poise: SpreeforThree Sweeps
Grand Prize is a girls weekend, 13 first prizes are a new digital camera, and 113 2nd prizes are a 4 GB pink ipod shuffle.

***I was provided with a Family Dollar gift card to purchase clothing from the Kidgets clothing line.  I was under no obligation to give a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own***

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Winners and a coupon code for

Winners for the Bacon Hot Sauce Giveaway were:

Measmom  number 107 drawn by

CrystalH  number 60 drawn by

Winner of the gc giveaway:

mimilovesall8   lucky number 4 drawn via

As promised to help you with your back to school shopping. is offering coupon code: ANGIE
use the coupon code at checkout for 10% off your order. No minimum order. Coupon good until Oct. 1, 2010

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