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A Nifti Way To Get the Price You Want – Luv Saving Money

A Nifti Way To Get the Price You Want

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Disclosure: is providing the prize and providing me with compensation through affiliate links found in this post as well as other avenues in association with this post.  As always the opinions expressed above are my honest thoughts, ideas,and insights.

I’m very excited to be working with  Nifti is a free site that is going to save you some money on the items you want.  I’m thinking this site will be great to add the kids and hubby’s Christmas list items to and by it at the price I want.

When browsing any site: Target, Amazon, Toys R US, Best Buy, virtually anywhere and you see an item that you want to track the price on you can either copy the url and and use the “add product” button in your Nifti account or add the handy Nifti button to your tool bar.  You set the price you’d like to pay for the item you want.  Nifti keeps track of prices on the item and let’s you know when the product you want hits the price you want or when it’s on sale.  Great idea right?  You can even organize them in collections.  I’m thinking I could have a virtual Christmas list for each kid and hubby of things I want to watch.

I added a few things to my Nifti list to watch.  Some things I’ve been wanting for the baby as well as a couple gift ideas for the kids.

I set a price I’d be willing to pay and see what happens.  Think about the time this would save you on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year!!

As I mentioned using and signing up for Nifti is completely free.  Why not?  This will be such a time saver for us frugal people.
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Author: Angie

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  1. Nathan, CEO of Nifti here.

    So exciting to see everyone discovering Nifti! We’re trying to build something so simple and easy that you can’t help but smile when you use it.

    What do you like most about Nifti? How can we make saving time and money even easier?

    Let me know in the comments 🙂

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