Entering contests. Do you do it? What have you won?

I was inspired to write this blog because I won a prize in a recent contest. Nothing major but I did win. I won a TAG reading system from the Wendy’s Learning Adventure Sweepstakes. I’ve won prizes in other contest before.

The biggest prize I think I ever won was roughly about 7 years ago. I used to be a huge fan of Mystic flavored spring waters. Does anyone else remember those? Anyway, they had a contest that I entered online. I had pretty much forgotten about the contest when I got a letter in the mail saying I had one 1st prize (NOT the grand prize unfortunately, grand prize was something like $10,000) But I digress. I had won a year’s supply of Mystic and a Mystic T-shirt.

The point of me telling you this is not to brag but make a point. I’m telling one of my coworkers about my recent win of the TAG reading system. She says “you’re so lucky I never win anything”. Lucky, no i don’t think so. I think the law of averages falls into place somewhere.

For anyone that knows even a little bit about me, I love to enter contests and I’m not afraid to get free samples (and tell people about them)

You’re odds increase the more you enter. Some contests allow you to enter daily, weekly, monthly or only once. There are many great sites out there that offer a list of great sweeps and contests. Some of the ones I enjoy using are:

www.mysavings.com this one is also a great free sample site

this site allow you to easily re-enter contests.

There are also other websites that offer great contests such as:

Personally I must enter 100s of contests a year. So if I win one or 2 things a year I’m really not THAT lucky. A lot of sites make it easy for you to re-enter as well. Google tool bar offer an autofill button on their bar. There is also something called “roboform” available online that i’ve heard many people use. I personally don’t but mostly because I like the google autofill. I’ve never won the big prize in a contest but I’m working on it 🙂

Also a little more rewarding is Online Instant Win contests or IWGs.
While it doesn’t seem to be that they are updating the main page of the site you can go into the forums and find many instant win games. Often there are lots of prizes being given away in these games and you’ll have better odds of winning something. I’ve won things like: free wendy’s frosty’s, a $50 amex gift card from Kraft, free m&ms for the mars halloween IWG they do, and more from contests like these.

Most online contests are free to enter. If the contests requires a code from a package purchase check the rules. Often times they will offer an alternative entry method or list a “free code” in the rules.

Also as a matter of courtesy. I don’t enter contests if I’m really not interested in the prize. For instance, I would never enter a contest for something like free sky diving lessons, or “spend the day with _______ football player ( i wouldn’t even know what to say) or something like that. Not for me, but I’m sure there are people out there that would truely enjoy that.

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Reece’s Rainbow

I only learned about this Reece’s Rainbow recently from a fellow blogger, Grissell. I took a look at the website and gladly posted the button on my blog. I found myself drawn to go back to the site. I felt as though I wanted to do more. I looked at the website and found myself in tears. All these poor children who need loving families and medical care.

Where I’m not in a position to be able to adopt, I wanted to be able to help someone who is in a position to do so. Reece’s rainbow website takes donations that are used to help adoptive families with the cost of international adoption. All of the children are special needs.


I made a small donation myself. Reading through the information the website is saying it can cost $25,000 for a family to adopt a special needs child internationally. If these children are not adopted at an early age they are sent away to institutions for the rest of their lives.

It breaks my heart to see the pictures of their sweet smiling faces. As a healthcare worker, I think, “this child could be helped with a few surgeries, or “in the right environment this child could do fairly well.”

Please consider making a donation to this wonderful organization. You’re donation could extend the life, quality and happiness of a child’s future and help place them in a loving home.


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St. Eve Kids’ Cozy giveaway

I’m so excited to be able to do another giveaway. I had received a free St. Eve’s Kids Cozy through a blogging promotion on http://www.twittermoms.com

The St. Eve’s cozies are a long cuddly blanket with sleeves. 100% polyester. So warm. I received to hot pink ones. I have 3 boys so that just wasn’t going to work for them but I decided to try it myself. It was so soft and warm. What am I doing with the other one I received. Well giving it away on my blog of course. You will receive (1) St. Eve’s kid cozy described as “one size fits all”. The Cozy from St. Eve kids is available at http://www.bonton.com/ and retails at $20.00.

To win you must be a follower of my blog, you must leave a comment on this blog post, and you must retweet my St. Eve kids cozy giveaway tweet. A winner will be selected Friday, Jan 29.


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Get Green Get Free Stuff…a win, win situation

I love the site: www.freestufftimes.com I find a lot of great free stuff on that site. This time I found out about “Recycle Bank”. www.recyclebank.com
Registration for Recycle Banks is free. The idea is you earn points by doing things like: curbside recycling, sending in old cell phones and ipods, and joining the Kashless community which is also free: http://kashless.org/signup Where you can post your used items for free that someone else may want. As opposed to throwing them away. You can also get free stuff.

Trade in your points for things like gift cards, cleaning products, discounts, and more. I just ordered a free Seventh Generation all purpose cleaner and a free Seventh Generation natural dish liquid. You get 100 points just for making a free account on “Recycle Bank”. I used that to get a free 6 month Pogo membership.

So you do green things and get points to get free stuff. Not bad huh?
Seventh Generation, Free & Clear All-Purpose Cleaner 32 Ounces
Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

***UPDATE Received my coupons today for free jar of Chick Chick Baby Food, 1 free seventh generation all purpose cleaner, and 1 fre Seventh Generation Dish Liquid

So excited to have got an email from Recycle bank to give me more info to share with you about recycle bank. I received this email from Melody Serafino with recyclebank and have provided most of the email for you all to read to learn more about recyclebank.

As you know, RecycleBank motivates people to become greener citizens and smarter consumers by rewarding them for recycling at home or taking greener actions. With a robust rewards program, there is an incentive for everyone for doing their part to make the world a bit greener.

In addition to our curbside recycling program – now servicing 25 states and growing– anyone, anywhere in the U.S. can sign up for a RecycleBank account and earn RecycleBank points for all kinds of greener actions like: reusing products through a free exchange on Kashless, recycling your MP3 players, laptops and cell phones, and joining eBay’s Green Team Community and working to use what already exists in the world today.

Here are some examples of how members can earn points:

· Getting a new sofa? Rather than putting the old one to the curb on trash day, post it on Kashless.org. Need a sofa, check the listings by state, city, mileage radius… and pick one up for free. RecycleBank will reward you for either side, because you saved landfill space. And, there are dozens of categories to share in this free exchange of goods!

· Today you can send in your old cell phones, laptops, and iPod/MP3 players and earn RecycleBank points for keeping them out of the landfill. Starting in April, we’ll be accepting 20 different types of electronic waste! Visit www.RecycleBank.com/earn/electronics to see how to download a postage paid label for e-waste.

· Ever realize how green eBay is? It’s the ultimate source of that second of the three “R”s in the familiar environmental saying: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Join the eBay Green Team community through RecycleBank and you’ll earn 50 more points! Soon, you’ll even be able to use use your points for eBay transactions and make reuse even easier and more appealing!

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I want to get my blog going so…Giveaway time!

I love blogging. I do it for fun. It’s my online outlet for ideas, my opinions, and yes my complaints. I’d love to see more people follow my blog and my twitter. I’ve decided that I’m going to do a giveaway. Here is the terms:

1. Follow my blog
2. Leave at least 1 comment on at least 1 of my blog posts
3. Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/angiewith3
4. And after you’re following me Retweet my blog giveaway tweet

A random follower who completed all requirements will get to choose a free 12.5 oz diamond jar or traditional candle of your scent choice from my site: www.angiescandles.info

I do follow back on Twitter and if you have a blog leave your link in the comment you leave and I will check out your blog as well.

I will choose a random winner on Jan 15, 2010

In the mean time feel free to check out the candles. You can use “My Diamond Creek” gadget on the right and start thinking about what scent you’ll choose if you win. OR with so many scents, sizes and styles to choose from you may want to buy now. Be sure to check out the Winter Special. It’s a great deal! With so many scents to choose from it’ll be a tough decision.

And the winner is…..Charity….I will contact you so you can pick out your choice of either a 12.5 oz diamond jar or traditional jar candle!

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