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What are you doing to go green?

I have to admit. Up until about 5 years ago I didn’t make a valiant effort to go green. In fact I was even entirely sure what it meant. Now, a lot of companies are making it easier for you to go green.

Annie Chun soup bowls for example, Their soup bowl containers are made from cornstarch so they are biodegradable. (their soups are delish too!)
Seventh Generation is another company that all their products are environmentally friendly. Buying products like these can not only help the environment but maybe encourage more companies to do so.

My kids learn about helping the environment in school. Our community building has recycle bins you can drop your items for free for cardboard, newspapers and plastic. I’m still pushing for a community recycle collection. Until then my son reminds me to recycle and help take our recyclables to the bins.

Think about reusing your empty packaging or give it to someone who may use them. I use empty jelly jars for my soy candle making. My kids school takes the empty plastic baby food containers to sort items, painting, and other classroom needs. Search the web for cute kids craft projects to do with empty coffee cans, toilet paper rolls, empty baby food jars, and more.

For more ideas check out:

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getting high style clothing at a good price

I’m always looking for a good deal. It’s like a game for me. One way I’ve found to get good quality clothing for a fraction of the cost is to buy at the end of the season. For instance, a store is getting ready for their winter merchandise so they put their summer clothes on clearance. I buy them out of season for my kids and just buy them a size or 2 bigger. I have 3 boys and I’ve gotten pretty good at estimating their size for next year. Buying things like jeans, khaki shorts, polo shirts is easy too because they are classic and don’t go out of style.

I also use store reward programs. If it’s free to sign up i’m there. So even if I don’t accumulate enough rewards it didn’t cost me anything extra AND I have a tendency to lean toward the stores I have a rewards program with when i’m planning on a purchase.

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Got My stuff from christiania crowns!

I got my free stuff from Christiania Crowns vodka website. Check it out above. I still have one more package coming with my free vodka gift set. This was so easy it’ crazy. You get 25 “crowns” just for signing up which is good immediately for a free pen or pin. It’s not hard to earn more crowns though and then trade them in for something even better in their “crown store”. That’s what I did…a few amex gift cards, business cards, they even sent me a free tank and underwear.

You have to be invited to the site so here’s my personal invite link to you:

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Christiania Crowns

Christiania is a vodka company. The smoothest vodka in the world to be exact. Anyway, they have a website with an invite-only community. Join the community free and get 25 crowns just for joining. You can trade them in immediately for a free christiania pen or pin. OR collect more crowns by completing activities online and off. Trade all your crowns in for things like: Christiania crown merchandise, gift cards, free vodka, vacations and more.

I’ve had fun on the website just meeting new people. What the heck…it’s free!

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Earn free stuff by spreading the word about Christiania Vodka 21+ yrs of age

**I earn points for referrals that I can use in the store.  No other compensation has been received**

This offer is still available

I think I may have posted this a long time ago but it’s worth bringing up again. I’m a member of Christiania Crowns community.  It’s basically a social site to promote Christiania Vodka.  You have to be 21 years of age or older to join and participate in the community.

You earn “crowns” or points in the community by referring people to the site, entering and winning contests on the site, getting your local bar to stock christiania vodka and more.  You get 20 crowns for every direct person you refer and 10 crowns for people they refer to the site.  Get 500 crowns for getting your local bar to offer Christiania vodka. Enter the cocktail contest and earn points if your recipe wins. Lots of other ways to earn crowns.

What can you use the crowns for ?  Trade them in in the “Crown Store” for American Express gift cards, Christiania shirts, gas cards, even trips if you get enough.

It’s free to join and participate but you MUST BE 21 or OLDER.

I joined back when the site first opened.  I had the sheer luck of posting in just the right place I guess and ended up with a lot of free amex gift cards.

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