Three Jays Crafts Etsy shop review

Three Jays Crafts on Etsy offers handmade glass pendants and magnets in a variety of colors and shapes.  Adelina is the shop owner and can also do custom orders.

I had a hard time choosing my favorite color and shape from the shop but in the end I ended up choosing a round pendant in a light orange.  I thought it would be a great color for fall.  I love simple statement jewelry.  The glass pendants can be worn with anything.    The simple-to-hook lobster claw clasp made it easy to put my necklace on myself.

When I first got the magnet, the actual magnet part on the back seemed small.  I though surely these are strictly decorative magnets.  But to my surprise it held up quite well.  I have mine pinning up my boys’ school lunch calendar.

The prices on Three Jays Crafts are reasonable as well.  I was impressed with the shipping cost too.  No arm and leg here. To ship my pendant with matching magnets was only $3.  She also gives you a break on the shipping costs when you order more than one item. When I went back to her shop I saw she added some super cute Halloween magnets.  I had to order a set for myself and one for a “secret pal” gift we do at work.  I can’t wait to get them.  Shipping was only $3 for each but because I ordered 2 sets the 2nd sets shipped for just a dollar more.

My necklace and matching magnet shipped quickly.  I received it just a few days after I ordered it.  It came packaged nicely in an organza bag.  If you place an order, let her know sent you.

***The items I reviewed I purchased myself.  This is a charitable post.  No compensation was received.***

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Halloween Money Savers from Sophia of Trading Cradles

 I received this article from Sophia of Trading Cradles and have permission to publish this post.  It has some nice little tips to keep the cost down on Halloween.

5 Ways for Parents to Cut Halloween Costs and Double the Fun!

Halloween can get expensive! In fact, experts claim that in 2009, on average Americans spent over $55 per person on Halloween. If you have a family of four, you know that things can ad up fast! Knowing that everyone is watching their budget these days, wanted to give 5 suggestions on how to make your Halloween half as expensive and twice as much fun!

1. Sell Your Old Costumes

What better way to pay for this year’s Halloween then by selling last year’s costume? Did you know that Saturday October 9th is National Costume Swap Day? Visit our hip online marketplace for parents at to sell old costumes and buy gently used ones. Posting a costume won’t take more than 30 seconds and the site is completely free!

2. Make Your Own Costume

Do you have a little more time on your hands? Do you like to get crafty? What we loved about this article is that it had 20 great DIY Halloween costume ideas with pictures of each costume to go along with the instructions. Take a look!

3. Give Creative Treats

There will be plenty of candy in circulation, so let’s give the dentists a break in November. Think different. Here’s a truly green way to celebrate Halloween: Give the gift of seeds that can grow into beautiful flowers. Just buy a few packs at your local nursery, separate the seeds, wrap them and give them out like little presents. It’s educational and affordable! You can surprise the trick or treaters by giving them spare change that’s been lying around the house. To make it even more fun hide a dollar bill or something special in a couple baggies and tell the kids before they pick one.

4. Make Your Own Candy Bags

As kids, we used pillowcases and the same orange pumpkin every year. The folks at ehow have some good ideas on how to create an awesome trick-or-treat bag for all your Halloween goodies.

5. Spooky Decorations

Get your kids to help with this one. Sometimes the preparation can be as much fun as Halloween night. And, if you make your house feel fun and spooky kids will enjoy themselves that much more. Here are some cool ideas from Country Living. One of our favorite ideas here is how they put costumes on the family pictures!

Remember to take photos and enter them into the Trading Cradles Halloween Costume Contest! It’s easy and you could win a $50 gift certificate that will help you save for the next holiday! To learn more about the contest visit

Create good memories with your kids, and when they grow up they can carry on the traditions that you have taught to them with their own families! Don’t forget to brush your teeth…

Trading Cradles, LLC

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Around about July, my kids start telling me what they want to be for Halloween.  They usually change their minds about a bazillion times until I have to pin them down to make a decision.  This year I decided to pin them down sooner.  Getting costumes for 3 boys usually gives me a headache.  “I want that one, no wait I want that one, wait I’m going to look at this one again?”

Last year I ordered my oldest son’s costume online.  Sooo much better.  They could click through the costumes and decide that way.  We started looking through They had a nice selection of boys costumes.  There are categories to easily find what you’re looking for. It was also nice to see that I could forego sifting through the girls costumes as well since they have a boys Halloween costumes link too.

 My 2 older boys are really into Star Wars right now so of course they wanted to look at the Star Wars costumes.  Right away my oldest was looking at the Child Boba Fett Costume.

He kept going back and forth as to which one he wanted to be.  He looked through all the other boys Halloween costumes as well.  One of my favorites was the Zombie Skate Punk costume for only $28.99.  My oldest considered it but went right back to the Child Boba Fett Costume.  I let my kids decide what they want to be each year then it’s up to me to figure out the most budget friendly way to do it.  ( I’m no Martha Stewart so it usually means just finding the best deals).

So my oldest decided that, yes he did in fact want to be Boba Fett for Halloween this year.  I gave him a warning that once we got it, that’s what he was going to be.  That means no changing.  He agreed.  We got the costume from really fast.  He just had to try it on:

What a show off lol.  He’s happy with his costume.  The prices are great.  The shipping is fast. I really can’t believe the deals on the costumes for the types of costumes they have.   I feel better knowing one costume is taking care of.  Now only 2 more to go.

Browse through and tell me what you think your kids would like to be.

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