Holiday Gift Guide: Friends, The Complete Series Blu-Ray Box set

Warner Bros. pictures is announcing the release of Friends: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Box set.  It becomes available Nov. 13th.

I don’t know about you but I used to LOVE Friends.  I’ve probably seen every episode and some of them multiple times.  I can remember Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat” and Ross’s pet Marcel.  I used to really like Chandler.  He might have been my favorite friend.  At one point, I also had “the Rachel” haircut.

Check out this Friends clip below.  Do you remember some of this?  You can check back for even more clips.

If you have a family member or friend who was into the Friends series like I was, the Friend Complete Series box set would be a fun gift idea and great for those cold winters.  I could picture myself sitting down with a cup of hot cocoa and having a Friends marathon.

Warner Bros. also has a super fun trivia app.  Let’s test your Friends knowledge.

And of course because Warner Bros. is so cool they’re going to offer a neat little giveaway here on  

1 Luv Saving Money reader will win 2 oversize coffee mugs (like the ones used at the Central Perk) and a door frame just like the one on Monica’s door!
US only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Any opinions expressed are my own.**

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Coupon Coup Giveaway Nov. 1 -15 $100 Walmart gc, coupons, and more

Welcome to the Coupon Coup Giveaway, hosted by Stay a Stay at Home Mom with cohosts Zoes Printable Coupons, Sisters Saving Cents, Military Wives Saving, and Mamal Diane Keeping it Simple. One of the best ways families can save money all year long is to utilize coupons. Now, for the uninitiated, you’re probably thinking its just not worth it to spend Sunday morning clipping a coupon to save a quarter off a tube of toothpaste you don’t even like! But there is so much more to couponing than that! By properly using coupons, most families can save 20-90% off their food, paper products, and toiletries bill, and take home bags of freebies each month. This fantastic giveaway aims at helping you learn how to do it! One lucky winner will receive:

  1. Couponing: The Extreme Video Course
  2. 6-mo Membership to SavingsAngel
  3. Coupon Clutch from Grandma’s Little Lilly
  4. Create Your Own Coupon Binder
  5. 40 Recent Coupon Inserts from Coupon Connection Idaho
  6. $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card

Additionally FIVE First Prize winners will receive a copy of Couponing: The Extreme Video Course.


Couponing: The Extreme Video Course Have you ever wondered how the couponers on TV are able to fill three grocery carts full of food and toiletries and pay a penny? Well, part of that is Hollywood entertainment, but most of it is possible. Couponing: The Extreme Video Course will show you how to regularly save 20-90% off your food and toiletries bill. The Coupon Coup Giveaway winner will receive a copy of Couponing: The Extreme Video Course (accessed online) AND FIVE lucky runner-up winners will also receive a copy! Plus, all giveaway participants are eligible to receive $5 off Couponing: The Extreme Video Course while the giveaway is going on. Simply enter this code at checkout:


(NOTE: If you purchase Couponing: The Extreme Video Course and are one of the winners, you’ll receive a refund. No need to worry about buying the course and then winning it anyway 🙂 Couponing: The Extreme Video Course

6-Month Membership to SavingsAngelSavingsAngel helps busy moms dramatically cut their grocery bills. Create your own customized shopping list from hundreds of weekly matchup deals. Search for specific products or coupons. Get email alerts for deals on products you use at your favorite stores. Get personalized help for couponing beginners and great tips for experts. Long-time members agree the small monthly fee is worth the extra savings of money and time. A generous friend-to-friend referral program makes it easy to get your membership for free. The winner of the Coupon Coup Giveaway gets a 6month membership to SavingsAngel absolutely free!

Coupon Clutch For smaller couponing trips, restaurants and entertainment, and even specialty store organization, a coupon clutch is critical! Grandma’s Little Lilly, an etsy store, makes beautiful, functional coupon clutches, and has graciously offered the winner of the Coupon Coup Giveaway the clutch of her choice from Grandma’s etsy store here.

Coupon Binder Every good couponer worth her salt has a coupon binder. The winner of this giveaway will receive the materials needed to make her own customized coupon binder (instructions here) including:

Coupon Inserts Probably the most important component of couponing is the actual coupon inserts themselves! You cannot buy coupon inserts, but there are several services out there including Coupon Connection Idaho that will save them for you and send them to you for free. (You just pay a small fee to cover administrative costs and labor associated with gathering them.) Coupon Connection Idaho is providing the winner with 40 recent coupon inserts.

$100 Walmart Gift Card
To get their couponing off to the right start, the winner will get a $100 Walmart gift card to help pay for groceries. If the winning bidder would prefer, $100 Paypal cash can be substituted. Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. Luv Saving Money is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

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National Oatmeal Day giveaway from AVEENO

Did you know that Monday October 29 is National Oatmeal Day?  I didn’t until the folks over at AVEENO told me.  AVEENO is rather excited about national oatmeal day.  Why? Well, oats are a lead ingredients in a good number of AVEENO products.  AVEENO had done extensive research on the benefits of the oat and it’s used as an ingredient in many things other than skincare including food, medicine, and even beverages!
Here is just a few ways that oats are used in our daily lives:

Because AVEENO is so excited about their friend the oat they wanna celebrate by offering 2 Luv Saving Money readers an AVEENO oat themed prize pack!

2 Luv Saving Money readers will win a prize pack that contains the following 
AVEENO products that use oats as a key ingredient:

— Daily Moisturizing Lotion
–Daily Moisturizing Body Wash
–Skin Relief Lotion
–Skin Relief Body Wash


a Rafflecopter giveaway

***I am an AVEENO ambassador for 2012.  I periodically receive AVEENO products and other compensation throughout the year from AVEENO.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.***

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Purex Plus Oxi and Zout Stain Remover : Includes a sweepstakes and giveaway

Purex is introducing another stain fighting detergent to their already great line of products.  The new Triple Action Purex Plus Oxi with Zout Stain Remover.  It’s such a powerful stain fighter that you can even use it to pretreat stains.  Just pour a little onto stain on fabric, rub together, and let sit for 5 minutes before putting in your washing machine.

Purex Plus Oxi with Zout Stain Remover is safe of for all washing machines including he.  It has a hypoallergenic formula with a light fresh scent.  
I was trying to decide what I wanted to use this detergent on first.  Then I walked into my older boys’ bedroom.  It smelled like a locker room in there!  I immediately had them take all their dirty laundry to the basement and had them strip their beds.  I washed everything with it.  The clothes and bed linens came out clean and smelling fresh.  
To celebrate the introduction of Purex’s newest detergent they’re having a sweepstakes.  The grand prize is $1000!  Who couldn’t use that this time of year?  But there’s more good news.  There will be 250 additional winners that will win $25.  Hey that’s pretty cool right?  You can enter here:

3 Luv Saving Money readers will win a coupon for a FREE bottle of
Purex Plus Oxi with Zout Stain Removers
US only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***I received the above mentioned product at no cost in order to write this post. I did not receive any other monetary compensation but do have a chance to win a gift card for sweepstakes traffic. ***

$1.00 off Purex Linen & Lilies 50oz Detergent

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BROOKIE COOKIE Creme Pies Yum! review and giveawa

BROOKIE COOKIE is a cookie brand that’s fairly new.  The original BROOKIE COOKIE product looked like a cookie but tasted like a brownie.  Since the original BROOKIE COOKIE the company itself had added a number of tasty gourmet products to the line up.  They are made in Brooklyn, NY but can be shipped all over the US by ordering on their website .

One of their products that I had the pleasure of trying is the BROOKIE COOKIE Creme Pie.

The Creme Pie consists of two BROOKIE COOKIE double chocolate cookies with vanilla creme between them.  Just looking at the product itself you can see the texture of the cookies.  Not too thick, not too thin.  The cookies are more of a crunchy cookie compared to, say, a soft bake or chewy cookie.  I took a bite out  of the creme pie.  The vanilla cream was very smooth and didn’t overwhelm the whole pie.  The crunch of the cookie with the texture of the smooth vanilla creme added to the pleasure eating this delicious treat.

The chocolate taste was amazing.  I’ll be honest, I only got one and I intended to split it with my youngest who was occupied with the TV.  He didn’t even know I had it.  After I took a bite I thought, Ok sorry there is no way I’m sharing this.  You can sort of see the rougher texture of the cookie in the above picture.  Very very tasty.

I also wanted to share that their BROOKIE COOKIES are natural gourmet products.  No harsh additives or preservatives, cage free eggs are used, only unbleached flour and no food colorings or dyes.  They  have nice gift boxes too to make these a fun an appreciated treat for Halloween or the upcoming holidays.

Besides the website, you can also find BROOKIE COOKIE on facebook:
and on twitter: @thbrookiecookie

Ok did I make you hungry yet?  Wanna chance to try the BROOKIE COOKIE Creme Pie for yourself?


2 Luv Saving Money readers will get their own Brookie Cookie Creme Pie to try
US only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*** I received the above mentioned/pictured sample at no cost in order to complete a review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own. Prize is sponsored by The BROOKIE COOKIE***

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