NuNaturals Sugar Free Products Part of a Healthier Daily Routine + a Giveaway!

I received a sampling of NuNaturals products at no cost. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

A few years ago I discovered NuNaturals products.  In that time they’ve added more products, added new flavors, and helped me to live healthier.  I’ve never been a fan of sugar substitutes. They all tasted funny to me.  NuNaturals is different.  Probably my favorite products still are the NuStevia liquids. They come in a variety of flavors (and unflavored) and are alcohol free.

I love my coffee but I’d drink 2 or 3 cups a day and I just had to have my flavored creamer. Flavored creamer, of course, has lots of sugar and some fat in it.  Not exactly the healthiest.  When I started trying to make changes to have  healthier diet, that’s one thing I knew I could change.  The NuNaturals Vanilla Alcohol Free Liquid NuStevia was a great substitute. I was able to drink my coffee black or with a splash of unsweetened almond milk then a few drops of the liquid NuStevia.  Tastes so good without the sugar.

The sugar free cocoa syrup is another favorite of my family.  I make chocolate milk for the kids with it and they don’t know the difference between that and regular chocolate syrup.  They put it on their ice cream too.  So if you’ve been looking for a sugar free topping to put on your sugar free ice cream the sugar free cocoa syrup is it.  A great way to give kids the flavor they love without the sugar!

I’ve introduced NuNaturals products to my diabetic friends too and they love it.  NuNaturals products taste great and help you make healthier choices when sweetening your every day items.  I love to put the the Lemon, vanilla, or orange liquid alcohol free NuStevia in my plain greek yogurt for a healthier and tasty protein snack. The cocoa syrup is great for that too!  A good choice for those doing the 21 Day Fix like me.

Check out some of my recipe posts using NuNatural Products:

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Breakfast Recipe: Gluten-Free Vanilla Ginger Pancakes is offering 15% off site wide for Luv Saving Money readers using code: BLG1217 expires December 31, 2017


4 Luv Saving Money reader will win a NuNaturals prize pack that includes:

– 1 bottle of Vanilla Alcohol free liquid NuStevia

– 1 bottle of sugar free cocoa syrup

– 1 package of NuNaturals cocoa powder

– 50 ct package of NuStevia No-Carbs Stevia packets

– + 1 surprise bonus item

Total value of each prize pack is $70!

NuNaturals Summer 2017 Giveaway

Enter to Win $150 To Spend On Evgie Wall Decals

This post is brought to you by EvgieNev. All opinions are my own.

Are you expecting a baby? Or is it just time to change up the decorations in your child’s room? You are going to love all of these designs from EvgieNev!

EvgieNev makes it easy to order beautiful AND removable wall decals! They are easy to apply, and to remove when you are ready for a new look. Your kids will love them. It could be exactly what you ned to finish your nursery!

EvgieNev can also do custom decals of pretty much whatever you can think of! They can adjust colors, sizes – if you can image it they can do it!

All the elements come separately and can be arrange any way you’d like. You can even order custom colors. And a FREE testing decal is included.

The vinyl decals from EvgieNev are made of top-quality matte vinyl. Perfect to decorate and add your personal touch to any space or switch themes in child’s room.

Check out their reviews – they do an amazing job and I know you are going to love them!

Here are a few our our favorite designs!

Amazing Ocean Friends

It’s like you are on an underwater adventure! Unbelievable Sea Creatures with Submarine Monkeys, Cats Scuba Divers and Sunken Pirate Ship!

Adorable Teddy Bears

The cutest Teddies in the World. Not just plush toys sitting quietly around, they are trendy and curious animals doing all kinds of tricks enlightening your nursery room: climbing a tree, flying on a balloon, resting up high on a branch, playing hide and seek.

TeePee camp Wall Decals

Stunning Pioneer Time wall decals theme featuring First Nation playing camp with TeePee, Canoe, friendly Black Bear, Campfire and Eagle, set on natural landscape and surrounded by Mountains, Clouds and Stars, this is a very warm illustrative setup promoting empathy and imagination of play time while highlighting Indigenous People history and spirit!

Sugarloaf Mountain with Animals of South America

Armadillo family, Blue Macaw and Anteater with Monkeys and Jaguar in our new Children Nursery Wall Decals setup in Rio-De-Janeiro, South America surrounding.

Arctic and Antarctic Animals and Polar Friends

Polar Friends is new amazing addition to their collection of Children Wall Decals for nursery illustrating Penguins having fun and Polar Mama Bear with Cub and two famous Whales, on the background of ocean with icebergs and mountains.

Tropical Nursery with Exotic Rain-forests and Animals Baby Nursery

Spectacular nursery Wall Decals scene highlighting Tropical Animals of the Exotic Rain-Forest, one of the most popular set it is handmade using Top-Quality Matte Vinyl and perfect to decorate and add your personal touches to any space or room.

Custom Flag Name Outer Space Wall Decals

Mind-blowing Outer Space wall decals theme featuring Custom Flag Name with space-walking Anstronauts, spaceship, aliens, asteroids and dots to create constellations. Elements come separately and can be arrange any way you’d like.


More Reasons to Shop at

  • 100% SATISFACTION – If it turns you don’t love your decal you may ship it back, and they will refund your money.
  • FREE test decal for you to practice on and EASY Step-by-step detailed instructions.
  • They can adjust the decal size larger or smaller and add additional colors. Contact them for pricing.
  • They offer custom designs. If you have an idea in mind of a custom design, let them know.

So now that you have seen some of the awesome new decals being offered right now at EvgieNev are you ready for a chance to win a set of your own? Enter using the form below for your chance to win $150 to spend on decals from EvgieNev! Good luck!

Dates: Ends July 27, 2017 at 1159pm EST.

Open Worldwide (please note if you are outside of the US or Canada you will have to pay the difference in shipping.)

Mother of All Baby Showers is Coming to Pittsburgh, PA and You’re Invited!

I will be receiving complimentary admission and swag for this post. No other compensation has been received. Any opinions expressed are my own

The nation’s largest adult-only night out for new and expecting parents is coming to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh!   The Mother of All Baby Showers (MOABS) will take place Thursday July 27, 2017 from 6 pm – 9 pm at the UPMC Club Level at Heinz Field!

This event is about pregnancy, parenting, and growing a family. With information for expecting parents up to parents of preschoolers.  I myself am not expecting but I am the parent of a preschooler.  I’ve never been to an MOABS event before but it sounds like an awesome time.

Things to do at MOABS:


  1. Meet other local parents
  2. Attend parenting education session that cover: prenatal & postnatal care, car seat safety, baby gear, nursery design, and more.
  3. “Try It Before You Buy It” area: interact for local and national maternity, juvenile, and family focused brands. 
  4.  Enjoy Tasty Treats from Local Vendors
  5. Enjoy mini-spa sessions
  6. Giveaways valued at over $20,000

The Mother of All Baby Showers is expected to attract over 500 attendees.  It will feature more than 50 local and national companies include: Baby K’tan, Chicco, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Britax, Babies R’ Us, Pediatric Alliance, Lark Adventurewear, and so many others.

2017 is the FIRST year MOABS is coming to Pittsburgh!  Get your tickets now and join us for the Mother Of All Baby Showers on July 27, 2017 at the UPMC Club Level at Heinz Field from 6 PM – 9 PM.

General Admission tickets are $15 and VIP admission is $60. VIP admission is limited to 150 people.  VIP admission includes a Baby K’tan diaper bag, MOABS swag bag, and early admission at 6:00 PM. BUT did you see the banner in this post?  Luv Saving Money readers can get FREE general admission tickets or 50% off VIP tickets with the code in the banner!  You must still go through the link and reserve your general admission tickets.  Deal expires July 10, 2017 so get them while you can!

 Get your tickets for MOABS here!

My husband and I will be there!  I’d love to meet some Luv Saving Money readers!

Once you’ve grabbed your tickets RSVP to the event on the MOABS facebook page  and invite your friends!

NEOCELL Natural Supplements: New Products New Flavors

I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

I’ve been a fan of NEOCELL natural supplements for years now. The main reason, because they work. But the products are also researched, high quality products, with great customer service. I always feel comfortable contacting the company if I have a question about their products or if I’m not sure what product is right for me. Their answer is always timely and pleasant. One of my fave products is the NEOCELL Beauty Bursts. I visited the site and saw they have Joint Bursts now that contain Collagen 2, Turmeric Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid. Well I just had to try that.

I’ve personally been reading into Turmeric. I’ve been reading about how it can help with inflammation in the body which was interesting to me since I have ulcerative colitis and IBS. Another issue I learned with Ulcerative Colitis the longer I deal with it, is that it can manifest itself into the joint and feel almost like arthritis.  I figured, hey it can’t hurt to give the Neocell joint bursts a try.

The burst supplements are a chewy, flavorful little rectangle that taste great. Sort of reminds me of a starburst.  The tropical tang flavor of the Joint Bursts was very pleasant. Made me look forward to my daily dose.

It didn’t even dawn on me until I had been taking the Neocell Joint Bursts supplement for a couple weeks that the squats, lunges, and squatting I’ve been doing wasn’t uncomfortable in my knees anymore.  A month ago, I didn’t look forward to my leg exercises. It just wasn’t comfortable in my joints.  Normally I’d have to power through 10 of each, uncomfortable with each knee bend. I just did 20 last night, and I probably could have done more.

NEOCELL had contacted me to tell me about their new Ceramides Skin Hydrator too.  Clinically tested ceramides increase skin moisture by 36% and skin smoothness by up to 34% in 15 days.  Given my continued positive experience with NEOCELL products I said “Heck yea I want smoother more moisturized skin!” Especially with these skin-baring summer months.

Just 2 capsules a day is all you need to take.  I noticed after taking it for about 3 weeks that I didn’t seem to need to use my lotion as much.  My skin felt softer to touch.  So I’d say this one was a winner too.

NEOCELL products are non-gmo and gluten free.  The Joint Bursts are also soy free.

Take a look at NEOCELL product catalog to see the full line of NEOCELL products. You can also visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to find NEOCELL products in a store near you.  You can also find NEOCELL products on amazon

You can also find NEOCELL on the following social media:

Twitter: @NeoCellHealth


Instagram: Neocell


1 Luv Saving Money reader will win a Neocell prize pack

US only


Almondina Toastees: Tasty Snack, No Guilt

I received samples of the following products at no cost in order to complete are review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I’m trying to make better choices with what I’m eating. We all know most of the stuff that tastes really good is not so good for us. So when I come across a delicious treat that doesn’t make me feel like I have to run a few miles after I eat it, well I’m pretty darn excited.

Almondina Toastees are “The Delicious Cookies without the Guilt”.  Each kinds has a crunchy subtly delicious flavor that makes it feel like your cheating on your diet but you’re really not.

Almondina comes in:

Cranberry Almond

Sesame Almond

Coconut Orange

Lemon Poppyseed


I loved having a few with my morning coffee, putting a couple in my greek yogurt, pairing them with a healthy yogurt or peanut butter dip, or just eating them when I needed a snack to satisfy my sweet tooth without ruining my healthy choices.

Just look at all the flavor and texture packed into this Almondina Toastees Cranberry Almond cookie snack!

I love that I can find them locally at the Giant Eagle near my home! At only $3.99 a bag their a more affordable healthier option at the grocery store.

Toastees are being carried coast-to-coast by stores including all Sprouts Markets, Bed Bath & Beyond, Publix, Giant Eagle, Lowe’s Foods, Fairway Markets, Kroger Michigan, Amazon,  and others.


1 Luv Saving Money reader will win an Almondina Toastess prize pack

Open to US continental 48 states only. Cannot win if you’ve won an Almondina prize in the past.

Almondina Toastees