Free Coffee From Seattle’s Best If You Work Black Friday

Seattle’s Best coffee is doing it again.  If you work Black Friday you can sign up to receive free coffee.  I work in a hospital and almost always work Black Friday so I signed up for sure. They did this last year too.  I signed up and I believe it was a small vacuum foil bag I received.

If you are on Bellafind (which is free) you can earn points for taking advantage of this freebie: points you can use towards a free gift card.  If you are not on Bellafind or don’t want to be you can go here to get your free sample:


FREE Sell Off happening Right NOW!

I don’t know how I missed this especially since I sign up for their newsletters but they are currently having a “Free Sell off” on  A new item every 30 minutes! I have gotten free items from them before.  I’ve always received them, sometimes it takes several weeks to over a month to receive the item but I’ve always received them.  This past half hour it looks like they had a headset with microphone for free but it’s sold out and it was only 3 minutes into the sell off for the half hour. Soo, as you might expect the free stuff is going FAST!!  Looks like you got to be there right at the half hour change.  I took a screen shot of the page so you could see what I’m talking about.

Just FYI I don’t get anything for this, it’s not a referral thing or affiliate thing.  Just saw this awesome event and thought Luv Saving Money readers would like to know about it.

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Free 1 yr subscription to Ladies’ Home Journal

**This post does contain affiliate links, regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites**

Get 1 yr subscription to Ladies’ Home Journal sponsored by  Just click on the magazine cover below.

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Free Sample of Airborne

It’s that time of year, everyone is getting sick.  Whether it’s a cold, flu, or something else you wanna protect yourself.  Airbone is giving 4 free samples when you request them.  Just click the banner below. Only one sample request per household.  When you click the banner it will take you to their facebook page where there is a sample request form to fill out.  You’ll get a sample of 4 different Airborne products.  I did this myself as well.

***This post does contain an affiliate link.  Regardless I only post legitimate offers.***
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