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Free Sample of Nectresse Zero Calorie Sweetener

**This post does contain affiliate links.  Regardless I only post legitimate offers**

For whatever reason this sample is only available for femails 25-54, but if you happen to fall into that category you can get a free sample of Nectresse Zero Calorie Sweetener.


Remember by suggestions when signing up for samples on any site.  Use a designated email address that you use strictly for requesting samples and entering sweepstakes. It helps cut down on promotional emails in your main email account.  If you read the info under the sample request form it tells you that you may receive offers from them in the future.  Just sayin’

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Free Sample of Airborne

It’s that time of year, everyone is getting sick.  Whether it’s a cold, flu, or something else you wanna protect yourself.  Airbone is giving 4 free samples when you request them.  Just click the banner below. Only one sample request per household.  When you click the banner it will take you to their facebook page where there is a sample request form to fill out.  You’ll get a sample of 4 different Airborne products.  I did this myself as well.

***This post does contain an affiliate link.  Regardless I only post legitimate offers.***
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Vaseline is on a Misson to Rescue Dry Skin (samples available)

Vaseline Intensive Rescue is on a mission to rescue dry skin.

Winter is a harsh time for skin. Did you know that 77% of woman say that their skin is so dry it makes them uncomfortable? Half of those woman say they think about their dry skin on a daily basis.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue is on a mission to help dry skin sufferers have one million good days of skin before the end of winter. Follow the Dry Skin Patrol on Facebook and watch some of the harsh winter elements they expose their skin to. Plus, get a code for watching to enter to win one of four exciting winter vacations.

The Dry Skin Patrol is composed of Wendy Malick one of the star of Hot In Cleveland, celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu, and 3 real woman bloggers Kailani, Kari, and Michelle.  So great to see real woman bloggers involved in this campaign!

When you visit Vaseline Intensive Rescue Facebook page you can see clips from the tour, interact with the Dry Skin Patrol, and even send samples of Vaseline Intensive Rescue to your friends and family.

If you want some tips on how to help your dry skin, you can visit:

I can’t wait to try Vaseline Intensive Rescue.  I’m one of those 77% that say that their dry skin makes them uncomfortable.  My skin gets itchy, rough, and at times almost scaly on my legs. My hands crack too. (I know, lovely mental picture right?)   The dry heat in the house doesn’t help my cause.  I’ve have a limited selection of products that actually work for my skin so I’m eager to try this.

***I was contacting by RocketXL to help spread the word about the Dry Skin Patrol and Vaseline Intensive Rescue.  I will receive a full-size bottle of Vaseline Intensive Rescue for my efforts.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.***

L’oreal USA Consumer Testing Panel (got a great free product)

I like to sign up for company panels.  One reason is because I like to feel like I can put my opinion on  new product, I like to keep up to date on the up and coming, and of course the chance to try free products.
One panel that I’ve been a member of is the L’Oreal USA Consumer Testing Panel.  I don’t get many surveys from them.  I do complete the ones I get.  I think I’ve received 1 or 2 products to try but nothing major.

Today though, I got home from work and found a small package in the mail for me.  I opened it up and found a jar of facial cream and a letter explaining that for every 5 informational surveys you complete with them they send you 1 free luxury brand product for free as a thank you.  I was not aware of this and the product was a generous size.  It was “Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream”  I was not familiar with the brand so I did a little research.  I found out after searching a few sites that the size jar I received (50 mL or 1.7 oz)  sells for $48 and is found at places like Nordstrom:  Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream at Nordstrom
Amazon also has it:  Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream 50 mL at Amazon

So wow, It’s worth being a part of the panel

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