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Earth month starts today: new learn and earn from recyclebank plus contest

Earth month starts today. Recyclebank is celebrating by increasing awareness with the new “Green Your Home” contest. Learn how to green your home room by room with 20 different activities throughout the month. By participating you have the opportunity to win over 100 prizes with the grand prize being an $18,000 green kitchen makeover.

Start today with a learn and earn opportunity worth 25 points.

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Glue Dots Summer Bonding Project

The first time I ever used Glue Dots was when I used to lead an activity group on one of the Pediatric floors of the hospital I work at. I wish I would have heard of them sooner than that. They have so many uses. and Glue Dots had a “Summer Bonding” Project. I jumped on the chance to participate in this one. I received a great pack from Glue Dots, I get to participate in some “bonding” time with my kids, and have a chance to win an American Express gift card. Why wouldn’t I? This is the Link to the Summer Bonding Project Discussion Page on Dots Summer Bonding Project Discussion Page

Here is the great pack I received from and Glue Dot:

I didn’t realize there were different kinds of Glue Dots.  I received a mini Glue Dots roller and sheets, removable Glue Dots roller and sheets and Craft Glue Dots roller and sheets.

For anyone that doesn’t know what Glue Dots are, they are small, thin, clear sticky circles (sticky all around) that can be used for many different craft projects in place of tape or sometimes glue. 

As a personal project I really wanted to try the Craft Glue Dots to stick my wicks in the jar of my candles when making them.

It did stick and I was happy with that.  Unfortunately when I poured the hot wax in the adhesion gave and it left my wick floating helplessly in the wax.  Note to self, Glue Dots don’t work with heat products… least not hot wax projects.

I tried the removable Glue Dots to hand up my kids artwork above my desk.  I have ugly old paneling in my dining room.  I used about 3 of the removable glue dots to stick a small construction paper sized project my son did on the wall.  It fell off within 10 minutes.  I had to use about 8 to make it really stay but it did end up working.

Lastly, I let my kids use the mini Glue Dots and Craft Glue Dots.  They wanted to make an anniversary card for their one Aunt and Uncle.

                                                        And the finished works of art

You can check out Glue Dots on Facebook too:  Glue Dots Facebook Page

***I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Glue Dots blogging contest to be eligible to receive a $30 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.****

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I want to get my blog going so…Giveaway time!

I love blogging. I do it for fun. It’s my online outlet for ideas, my opinions, and yes my complaints. I’d love to see more people follow my blog and my twitter. I’ve decided that I’m going to do a giveaway. Here is the terms:

1. Follow my blog
2. Leave at least 1 comment on at least 1 of my blog posts
3. Follow me on twitter:
4. And after you’re following me Retweet my blog giveaway tweet

A random follower who completed all requirements will get to choose a free 12.5 oz diamond jar or traditional candle of your scent choice from my site:

I do follow back on Twitter and if you have a blog leave your link in the comment you leave and I will check out your blog as well.

I will choose a random winner on Jan 15, 2010

In the mean time feel free to check out the candles. You can use “My Diamond Creek” gadget on the right and start thinking about what scent you’ll choose if you win. OR with so many scents, sizes and styles to choose from you may want to buy now. Be sure to check out the Winter Special. It’s a great deal! With so many scents to choose from it’ll be a tough decision.

And the winner is…..Charity….I will contact you so you can pick out your choice of either a 12.5 oz diamond jar or traditional jar candle!

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How do you get your kids to sleep at night? and is sponsoring a blogger contest. Answer teh question: What are your five tips & tricks for getting your kids to bed on time and getting them to stay in bed?

I’ve rarely had a problem getting my kids to sleep at night. I’ve stuck to the same ritual since I was able to start them on a regular bedtime.

1. Start them off early around 1 1/2 to two years old.

2. Decide on a bedtime and stick to it as much as possible. My kids bedtime is 8 pm except weekends and special days it’s 9pm. (2 of my boys are 5 and 7).

3. Make it a soothing routine for bed. Take a bath/shower, then brush teeth then it’s story time so there’s kind of reward for completing the things they have to.

4. If you have to change the routine for a night or 2 (for example staying up for new year’s eve) let them know what time it is and why they got to stay up for example: IT’s new year’e eve so you get to stay up until midnight which is really late but it’s a treat for the holiday”

5. Cut off any junk food such as soda and sugary snacks at least 2 hours before bedtime. This will help them to sleep better.

Most importantly stick to the routine as much as possible. My kids never give me trouble about going to bed because I’ve done the same routine for several years. As they get older you can adjust as you see fit.

Don’t forget to check out and If I win the blogging contest one of my lucky readers will also win.

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