Dermalogica Review offers a variety of products to fit your skin care needs.  From top name brands, to earth friendly products they offer a skin care product for you.

Just one of many brands that offers is Dermalogica.  I had the opportunity to try out 3 of the products from Dermalogica’s Age Smart line.

I’m only 30 something but as I’ve mentioned before I do have some fine line by the corners of my eyes, deeper ones between my eye brows and some subtle laugh lines.  I like to try to nip things in the bud before they get out of hand.

The Dermalogica Super Rich Repair is a cream that is meant to be applied both morning and night.  It works well for dry, dehydrated skin.  The fall is coming and my skin is already feeling the effects.  My skin tend to dry out in the fall and winter to the point that it gets itchy.  This cream made my skin soft and dewy like.  It contains peptides that are supposed to help simulate collagen production, improve elasticity, and tone.

The next product was the Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex.  This product is meant to be used before bed.  It is a cream that helps combat signs of aging around the eyes with a retinol treatment.  It’s a medium consistency creams that absorbs well around the eye.

The last product I tried was the Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum.  This antiaging product was different than most other products I’ve used.  It is a clear serum, thin and feels almost like baby oil.  It can be applied directly to the skin after cleansing or can be applied over top of your night cream.  You only need  few drops.  This worked well in combination with the Super Rich Repair I wrote about above.

The products mentioned above can be found on

***I received deluxe size samples of each product in order to complete a review.  I completed this review in partnership with Fringe Media.***

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Shoplet review: Zebra Pens offers a large variety of office supplies.  Everything from stocking your office lunch room to supplies for your own desk at home.  I had the pleasure of trying just one of the thousands of products they offer.

Zebra Pens was founded in 1982. This year (2012) they introduced their Z-Mulsion with emulsion ink.  It’s made with a combo of oil, water, and pigment to bring you the smoothest writing experience.  It’s formula is patent pending.

I received a nice selection of pens (and a mechanical pencil and a highlighter) in a nice pen binder from Zebra Pens. I also got the cute little stuffed zebra you see in the picture. Between my boys and I we tried out all the samples they sent us.  I received 2 pens with the Z-Mulsion ink.  The Z-Mulsion 10 and the Z-Mulsion EX Ballpoint pen.   They were both red ink pen samples I received.  Writing with these pens was quite smooth.  The ink came out smooth and even.  I didn’t have to press hard to get a legible word out.

Another fave in the pack I received was the Z-Grip Max Ballpoint Retractable Pen.  It had an aqua color ink I though it was pretty and used it when sending out some of my correspondence for this blog.   Each pen I used was comfortable to grip and wrote well.  My boys tried their hand at some Zebra Pens artwork with a few of them.

My son was trying to draw a picture of a Zebra next to the Zebra Pens logo he drew.

Both of my boys took turns doing their homework just so they could try out the Zebra M-301 0.5 mechanical pen.  One thing I liked about this mechanical pencil is the metal shaft and metal clip.  Make it much more durable than a traditional mechanical pen.  Seems like it could take some wear and tear from my boys.

***I received the above pictured products at no cost in order to complete this review as part of the blogger program for Zebra pens.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.***

Sign up for Free Stuff, Fun Sites, Contest and More feed review: Mortal Kombat Scorpion is the most popular online costumes shop and has been around since 1999.  They sell costumes for kids, adults, and even pet.  You can buy costumes all year round, 24/7 on  They don’t just sell costumes though, they also sell creepy decor to make sure your places is the scariest house on the block.

Want more reasons to get your costume from  They have a 110% price guarantee. They want to offer the best price on costumes.  If you find the same costume for less on another site, after verifying, they will refund your money 110%

You can also get free shipping on orders over $50, just use code TROLL50.  There’s also a code available to save $15 on orders of $75 or more with code: GHASTLY

When it came time to choose a costume, I let my oldest son pick this time.  He chose the Mortal Kombat Scorpion Adult Costume.  I had no idea Mortal Kombat was still around but apparently my boys know the characters and everything.  He couldn’t wait until we got his costume.  He didn’t have to wait long though.  As soon as he came home from school .

Here is what the costume looks like on the model on the site

Then here is my oldest son with the costume on, he’s trying to do a Mortal Kombat stance.  Personally I think my Scorpion is cuter but shh don’t tell him I said I mean tough, yea tough.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost October and Halloween is only about a month away.  I like to get all our costumes early and avoid the rush.

***I received the above mentioned costume at no cost in order to complete a review for  I did not receive any other compensation for this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own.***

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Toy Coupons, 13 to be exact spiderman, playskool, and more

A bunch of printable toy coupons have just been released.  These would be great to save a few dollars to start your Christmas shopping.  So here you go

$3.00 off SPIDER-MAN HERO FX mask


$3.00 off IRON MAN TRI-POWER Repulsor


$5.00 off MY BABY ALIVE Doll

$3.00 off PLAY-DOH Playsets


$5.00 off SESAME STREET playset


$5.00 off MY LITTLE PONY Princess

$5.00 off KOOSH SOLAR RECON Ball Launcher

$5.00 off SPIDER-MAN STUNT CITY Playset

$5.00 off TORNADO TOWER Playset

What’s on the kiddos list for Christmas this year?  I know my older boys already started their lists

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On In Beauty Review

On In Beauty is a skincare combo that work both inside and out to help keep your skin looking younger.  The On In Beauty regimen contains both a skin cream and a dietary supplement.  The key ingredient in On In Beauty is Lutien.

If you’re like I was your thinking, “What is Lutien?”  Lutien is a natural antioxidant that comes from marigolds.  It protects skin against sun damage and oxidative stresses which are causes for skin aging.  It protects skin from UVA and UVB light rays.

There was a clinical study that was done that showed that women who to a 10 mg Lutein supplement daily and used a topical cream that also contained Lutien, the following were the results
50% increase in skin lipids (healthy oils in the skin that are needed for skin texture and tone)
60% increase in skin hydration and elasticity
600% increase in UV protection

Ok now that we’ve been through all the details and technical stuff, I wanted to tell you.  I agreed to do the review for this product.  I didn’t immediately realize about the dietary supplement portion.  Being that I am 3 months pregnant I wanted to check with my doctor to make sure it would be ok for me to go ahead and actually use this product.  My doctor researched it a bit and told me she felt it was fine for me to take while pregnant.  Of course I would encourage anyone else to ask their healthcare professional before taking any type of dietary supplement just in case.

The cream part had a very light floral scent.  Just barely  noticeable.  It absorbed into my skin quickly.  I normally have to use a facial moisturizer especially now that we’re getting into the cooler months.  The cream was actually moisturizing enough for my skin.  It did not feel heavy or greasy.

The dietary supplement portion was a rounded pill with a flat rim around it.  Fairly easy to swallow.  There was no scent to this product.

After just a few days of use, my skin did not feel as dry as it normally does.  In my opinion, my skin seemed a little more vibrant.  Not sure if it was the regimen or the pregnancy that did that :-).  I have some deeper wrinkles between my eye brows that didn’t really make much change during the 30 day use of the product.  The finer lines near my mouth (my laugh lines) did seem less evident.

On In Beauty is available at a 15% off discount at here:

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