L’oreal USA Consumer Testing Panel (got a great free product)

I like to sign up for company panels.  One reason is because I like to feel like I can put my opinion on  new product, I like to keep up to date on the up and coming, and of course the chance to try free products.
One panel that I’ve been a member of is the L’Oreal USA Consumer Testing Panel.  I don’t get many surveys from them.  I do complete the ones I get.  I think I’ve received 1 or 2 products to try but nothing major.

Today though, I got home from work and found a small package in the mail for me.  I opened it up and found a jar of facial cream and a letter explaining that for every 5 informational surveys you complete with them they send you 1 free luxury brand product for free as a thank you.  I was not aware of this and the product was a generous size.  It was “Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream”  I was not familiar with the brand so I did a little research.  I found out after searching a few sites that the size jar I received (50 mL or 1.7 oz)  sells for $48 and is found at places like Nordstrom:  Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream at Nordstrom
Amazon also has it:  Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Cream 50 mL at Amazon

So wow, It’s worth being a part of the panel


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What are some of the Sweetest Things your spouse/SO has said to you lately?

This is a little off topic but I was thinking about this today.  Or, I guess thinking about what my husband said to me. I needed to borrow his SUV yesterday to pick up a bike for one of my kids.  My car doesn’t have much room.  He reluctantly let me borrow it and he took my car to work.  He came home from work last night.  He said “it was kind of refreshing driving your car to work today, would you mind if I took it tomorrow?”  I was a little shocked by the request since he was reluctant to trade for the day in the first place.  (Also he has a fairly new suv with all the bells and whistles and my car is old and has no bells and whistles).  I said “Why?” He didnt’ want to answer me at first so I just told him “I don’t care go ahead”.  He sat there for a minute and said “I liked taking your car it smells like you.  I like that especially when I’m driving to work”

I was not expecting that answer but it made me happy.  So now your turn, What is the last sweet thing your spouse/significant other said to you?  This is meant to be fun and maybe even get us thinking about our partners.  And please nothing to graphic lol.  🙂

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Free Books for Bloggers

I became a member of booksneeze.com.  I had received my first book and reviewed it.  If you read my blog you know that I’m always looking for a way to get something for free or at a bargain price.  I don’t mind if I have to work for it a little bit. I started wondering, are there any other programs like booksneeze.com out there?  Completing some searches I found a few.  I’ll share them with you, because, well, that’s what my blog is about.  Letting you know about Good Freebies, Fun sites to visit, Sweepstakes I find, review of products that fit a budget and whatever else might save you money.

Christian books

I review for BookSneeze

Litfuse Group
  Join the Flock! LitFuse Publicity Group blogger

Waterbrook Multnomah 
Christian books

Christian books

Harper Collins First Look Program (temporarily not available)
You don’t have to be a blogger to be involved in this one.  I did this one for a while and received many very good mainstream books from them.  You can choose your genres that you’re interested in.  I reviewed books like:  Football Hero by Tom Green (very good even if you’re not into football, i think I cried once or twice), Ever by Gail Carson Levine, Seeker #1: The Quest Begins by Erin Hunter and many others.  The message on the First look page says they are on Hiatus while they “create and even better book program”

As I find more I’ll list them.  I’m also looking for main stream publishing companies that have blogger book review programs that aren’t necessarily christian books.

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Book Review: Mind Your Own Mortgage

In a January blog post I mentioned my new year’s resolution was to pay down my debt. I’m still working on. My husband and I have both been reading financial books. As a member of Booksneeze.com I found “Mind Your Own Mortgage” by Robert J. Bernabe. 

This book guides you through a money saving process of researching, obtaining, refinancing (if ever) and paying down a mortgage.   I was relieved to find clear descriptions of financing terms.  Robert Bernabe goes on to explain further the reasoning behind his advice and what the alternatives are.  He refers frequently to a website in the book to obtain tools to better help your mortgage process.  Robert Bernabe is a christian author and occasionally refers to christian beliefs in the financial process.

This book changes many people’s ideas of how to shop for a mortgage.  I, myself, learned a few things. I found myself saying “oh my gosh that’s true, I never thought of that”.

If I did have disappointment in that book it’s that I wish there were more information regarding paying off a mortgage.  There is of course some information regarding this late in the book.  Another, detail I would like to point out is that this is not a book to sit and read easily on your lunch break etc.  In order to understand effectively the information you will need to access the website to refer to forms and other tools Mr. Bernabe refers to.

If you are someone who is considering starting your first mortgage, buying another house, or refinancing I would certainly recommend this book.  I wish I would have read this book when my husband and I were house shopping.  This book requires you to actively participate to get the full benefit. It is apparent that Robert Bernabe is well versed in the ways of the mortgage industry and feel this book would be of great benefit to the home buyer or someone looking to refinance.

***I received a free copy of this book from www.booksneeze.com to review on my blog.***

Mind Your Own Mortgage: The Wise Homeowner's Guide to Choosing, Managing, and Paying Off Your Mortgage

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Make these popular jewelry pieces yoursefl

I was looking at new posts from blogs I follow on my dashboard. I came across this post from http://craftedition.blogspot.com/
to make your own stamped washer necklace.

I’ve seen similar necklaces around for sale several different places. I thought it would be nice to get one customized with all of my kids’ names on it. Now with this post I can make my own.

She tells you where to get the supplies and for convenience even made up little kits to buy with all the hardware you need so you can make your own. How great is that! Follow the link below to see what I’m talking about.


ORIGINAL blog post with even more pics: http://notsoidlehands.blogspot.com/2010/04/jumpin-on-bandwagon-late-againwith_14.html

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